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Los Angeles - Rodeo Drive

-3:25 PM PST

Clover, Alex, and Sam were all sitting at one of the posh cafes there. They were taking a break from their clothes shopping here. Clover was wearing a short tan skirt, a red single strap shirt with a flower on the strap, and black striped sandals. Alex was wearing dark blue jeans, brown walking shoes, and a light green shirt. Sam was wearing a multicolored flower dress, with a brown jacket over it, and was wearing red-strapped shoes.

"You know, this has got to be the worst mission ever since we became 'Super Spies'." Clover lazily sucked her frappuccino through the straw. "I mean, I knew it was going to be bad with all the 'extra work and responsibility' as Jerry put it…" Clover made little quotation marks with her fingers when she got to the 'extra work and responsibility' part, mocking Jerry. "But this, this just plain stinks! I mean, at least give us a little clue about where they are going to strike next!"

"I know what you mean Clover." Sam waved a spoon over her cappuccino with extra foam as she thought about their current situation. "I mean I don't want the deaths of innocent civilians hanging over my head."

"Oh not just that Sammy! But the season is ending and I haven't done enough of my shopping because of those morons!" Clover exposed her brilliant deduction, causing both Sam and Alex to sweat drop at it.

"Well, it couldn't be as bad as facing a giant Mandy." Alex added as she lazily took a sipped of her latte (AN: This is a spoiler for a Season 4 episode thanks to an interview with the creator of Totally Spies. He didn't say anything super specific except Mandy gets turned into a giant by one of the villains! Didn't even give us the villain's name, though I have my theories if he was a returning character. Since this story is supposed to be set after Season 4, maybe even Season 5 if I keep things super vague, and they don't go to college by then, you might see this happen. And yes, it's always possible that they could be in college by Season 4. But barring that, this story should last till then).

Clover frowned as she remembered that event. "Thanks Alex, I was so trying to forget that!" Then something clicked inside of Clover's head. "You know, if this continues, we may need more help from more spies. You know, Dean? The other Super Spy?"

Sam glared at Clover. "Uh hem! Jerry sent Dean on another important mission. Besides, we should be more concerned about finishing this as quickly as possible before more people are hurt, or worse, killed!"

"Of course, you're only saying that since you already have a hotty with you!" Clover glared back at Sam.

"Yeah…about that…" Sam blushed a bit, looked away then quickly turned angry. "And besides! That's not the points!"

"Guys! Can we just finish our drinks?" Alex looked at Sam, then Clover who was both fuming at each other. "Wait, speaking of which, we're not going to just sit here while they get ready are we?" Alex asked with a bit more force then she intended. Although she wasn't in the mode to go 'criminal hunting' at the moment, she was well aware that this case was far from over. And until they get them all, they still have to worry about more innocent lives being killed. Something none of them wanted over their heads.

Sam got back to Alex. "No! We're not just going to just sit here…but…until we have a better handle on what their next move is, we can't really do anything either." Sam frowned at the prospect.

"Like I said, I wish they would give us a clue or something." Then Clover thought of something and was ready to tell her 'brilliant' plan to her friends/co-spies. "Hey! Why not all of us head to New York! While we search for those thugs, we could check out all the stores on Fifth Avenue! Heck, we can check out Bloomingdale's or Macy's there!"

"Uh Clover…" Alex narrowed her eyes in bewilderment. "We have a Bloomingdale's and Macy's here."

"Yeah! So?" Clover looked at her two friends. "They're not in New York are they? The LARGEST Bloomies and Macy's! Hello?"

Sam and Alex both sweat dropped. Although they both hated to admit it, but this may not be the worst idea to them. If this kept up, going to New York to, not as a shopping spree that Clover obviously had in mind, but searching for clues there just might be what they would have to do.

Suddenly, Sam's phone rang.

Sam quickly took it out, and answered it. "Hello?"

"Sam! Long time no talk!" Scott said in a cheery voice on the other end of the line.

"Scott! Yeah, ummm…" Sam turned away from her two friends who were obviously listening in. "I…I was stuck doing other things."

"Sam hasn't called Scott in a while?" Clover whispered to Alex.

"Apparently." Alex whispered back.

"You don't think something happened do you?" Clover whispered to Alex again.

"I don't know." Alex whispered back.

"Ah hem!" Sam glared at her two friends.

Alex and Clover were both shocked, stood upright, and waved back at Sam with an embarrassed smile.

Sam returned her attention to her cell. "So uh, Scott, what's up?"

"I was wondering Sam…" Scott cheery voice sounded again. "Are you free tomorrow night?"

"Tomorrow?" Sam's eyes widened. "Why I…no! I mean YES! I don't have any plans!"

"Good! Ummm…" Scott stuttered on the other end. "You don't mind if we, hang out together tomorrow do you? Maybe at, the Mel's Diner near my house?"

"Hang…out?" Sam blinked in amazement. "You don't mean…a date do you?"

"Uh hehehe!" Scott laughed to cover up his embarrassment. "Yeah."

"I'm…" Sam blinked. "I…would love to!"

Clover and Alex were both jumping up and down behind Sam.

"Great!" Scott excitedly replied. "See you there!"

"Okay!" Sam smiled then turned back to him. "Hehehe. I thought you'd be used to asking a girl on a date by now!"

There was a short gasp before Scott responded. "Well, umm, you see…hehehe, I'm actually, kind of shy around girls."

"Wow. I never thought that about you!" Sam asked truly surprised.

"Yeah." Scott seemed embarrassed by his admission. "Well, I guess that never goes away huh? Well, see you tomorrow Sam! Bye!"

"Bye Scott!" Sam closed her cell phone and sighed.

"Way to go Sam!" Alex patted Sam from behind.

"Alright!" Clover also patted Sam on the back. "Now little miss Mandy won't sink her claws in YOUR Scott!"

"Hehehe." Sam looked down with a worried expression. "I guess…"

Alex and Clover both looked at each other, then back at Sam.

"Sam? Is there something wrong?" Alex asked concerned.

Sam looked up at her two friends. "Um, maybe. Um, remember when I took pictures of the documents that Ryan guy gave to Scott with the X-ray camera?"

Clover and Alex both nodded.

"Well…" Sam looked away a bit. "I…fumbled the camera a bit when he almost discover me taking those pictures, and umm…I took one of his closet…"

Clover grinned. "What? You discovered he wears boxers with bunnies on them?"

Alex giggled at Clover's attempt to lighten the mode. Although… "Hey! What's wrong with bunnies?"

"Hello!" Clover looked at Alex and frowned. "Sam wants a manly man! Not someone who secretly wears cute stuff!"

"Oh please!" Alex fumed. "Guys who secretly wear cute stuff are manly! Umm…yeah!"

"No! It has nothing to do with his boxers. It was…" Sam paused and looked down again.

Alex and Clover both look at each other then back at Sam.

"What Sam?" Clover asked with concern in her voice. "Is he wearing woman's clothes or something?"

"Whoa!" Alex replied after hearing Clover's remark. "If that was the case Sammy, I can totally see why you would be worried! That's just beyond weird!"

"No! Not that!" Sam replied more forceful. "I mean, NO! He doesn't wear woman's clothing! Just…" There was a short uncomfortable pause causing both Alex and Clover more concern. Suddenly, Sam's expression changed to a more cheery one. "Forget it! It's not that big of a deal."

"Huh?" Alex and Clover both said in unison.

"I'm worrying over nothing. Besides, I'll talk to Scott about it later!" Sam got up and picked up her bags. "We should all go home!"

"Sure thing Sammy! I'm done with shopping for today anyways!" Clover cheerfully waved back at Sam who walked up ahead towards her car. As she was walking away a bit, Clover turned to Alex with a more stern expression. "Something spooked Sammy about Scott. We need to find out what it was."

"But how are we going to do that Clover?" Alex asked.

"We're going to break into Scott's house!" Clover answered with a sneaky expression on her face.

Alex blinked surprised. "Break in? Why?"

"Hey!" Clover put an arm around Alex's neck. "We have to make sure that our friend Sam isn't hurt by this Scott guy right? So, we're going to check out what Sam saw in those pictures that got her so spooked!"

Alex looked at Clover questioningly. "Um, Clover, wouldn't it be easier to just look at the pictures Sam made?"

Clover blinked, as she never thought of that. "Um, well…" Then she thought about where Sam would hide them, or if she even still has them. "Well, first, you try finding stuff in Sam's room!"

"Good point." Alex replied as she remembered being in Sam's room. Despite all of Sam's idea of being clean and neat, that somehow doesn't translate to her own bedroom.

"Besides, pictures might not tell the whole story." Clover winked at Alex. "For all we know, Sam was got freaked by something completely different!"

"Yeah! Especially with those X-ray pictures!" Alex responded. Although in her view, the X-ray camera really hasn't let herself down. Still, she guesses that going there and seeing whatever was in his closet in person was still better.

Sam stopped as she noticed that Alex and Clover weren't following her. She turned and looked at them. "Hey girls? Are you coming or what?"

Clover waved at Sam. "We're coming Sam! We're just making sure all of it is here! Certainly don't want to leave behind my new designer boots!"

"Okay!" Sam smiled as she waited for her two friends.

"When should we do this?" Alex whispered to Clover.

"When? Why tomorrow when Sam and Scott are on their date of course!" Clover winked at Alex. Clover got all of her bags and started to walk towards Sam. "Yup! All here!" She said to Sam.

Alex did the same. "Yup! All our stuff is here!"

-The Next Day…

Girl's Villa – Sam's Room

-5:54 PM PST

Sam was trying on a few dresses. "You don't think this is a little too flashy for our first date is it?" The dress she was currently holding was a low cut red dress with a blue jacket to go with it.

Clover and Alex shook their head. Clover was wearing black pants and a gym jacket with a white blazer underneath it. Alex wore a yellow tank top with gym pants on, and running shoes on. She had a towel draped over her shoulders.

"Nope! That's perfect for this date!" Clover reassured Sam.

"Yeah!" Alex smiled. "I mean, that dress is just fine! Not to nice for those really fancy uptight places, and not to blah looking if you were going to like, McDonalds!"

"Well, Scott passed dating 101! NEVER take a date to some crappy fast food place!" Clover smirked. "Although fancier the better I'd say, Mel's Diner isn't bad either!"

"Hehehe. Yeah." Sam continued at herself in the mirror.

Suddenly, Clover's X-Powder rang. Clover took it out, to see who it was. She expected Jerry given that, well, he's almost always the one talking to them. However, this time it was someone different. "Oh hi Britney!"

Britney smiled through the X-Powder. "Hi girls! How has it been for the last few days?"

"Well, Sam here has a hot date tonight!" Clover smiled. "Can't say the same for us though."

"That's great! So, Scott finally asked Sam out?" Britney smiled.

"Yup!" Clover grinned as she eyed Sam, who was super nervous right now. "Other then a few butterflies, I'd say Sam is good to go!"

"I want to hear everything after tonight!" Britney said cheerfully.

Sam eyed the X-Powder and sighed.

"However," Britney's expression turned serious. "I did not call you guys about that…"

Clover frowned. "And I'm guessing you're not here to talk about the latest fashion trend." Clover watched Britney nod before she continued. "Well, if you're here about our mission…not good. The Tree Defenders, or whatever those tree huggers call themselves hasn't made a peep in days. It's as if they disappeared off the face of the Earth!"

"I was afraid of that." Britney frowned. "Not only do they have us to worry about, they also have the Whip as well."

"Speaking of, 'the Whip'…" Clover continued. "Any progress made there?"

Britney shook her head. "Nope. Other then she uses WOOHP technology, nothing I'm afraid. I can't even get any trace of evidence off of this dagger she left behind!"

"Well, keep looking! You're bound to find something!" Alex piped in. "Eventually, though we've been looking a lot too…"

Britney sighed. "Well, that's all I wanted to know. If you have anymore news, or clues, feel free to contact me!"

"Will do!" Sam said behind Clover.

"Bye!" Clover closed the X-Powder.

Sam straightened her dress out. "Well, I'm off to my date! Don't expect me to come home early." Sam winked at the girls.

"Sure thing Sam!" Clover winked back at Sam as she left the girl's villa. As Sam left the vicinity, Clover turned to Alex. "Come on Alex! Time to see what this Scott guy is like!"

Mel's Diner

-6:30 PM PST

Sam smiled as she looked into Scott's eyes.

Scott looked deep into Sam's eyes. He was wearing dark brown shoes, blue jeans, and deep red shirt with Che Guevara on it (AN: I wonder how many people who wear these T-shirt actually know what Che stood for? Or even WHO Che was?). "So, sorry about the group. Since the last time, they've been keeping low due to all the things that have been going on."

"Oh don't worry about it!" Sam sighed. "We can help the environment in our own little way."

"Yeah though…" Scott looked down. "It's just that…I really believe in this and it's so sad where we are right now."

"Yeah." Sam looked down in a show of compassion. "Umm…speaking of the group, how's Ryan taking it?"

"Ryan?" Scott sighed. "Okay I guess. But with all that has been going on, I'm sure he's not too happy about it either."

"Yeah." Sam sighed. Then she thought of something. "By the way, how did you and Ryan meet?"

Scott raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm just…curious. That's all!" Sam innocently smiled. "Were you childhood friends or something?"

"Oh!" Scott looked away as if he was trying to think up his answer. "Well, no. We weren't. We met when I transferred to Beverly Hills High! Given that we had the same interest, we really hit it off."

Sam looked at him funny.

"Um…" Scott sweat dropped. "Not in, you know…" Scott looked at Sam and scratched his head. "Say, you've been avoiding me for a while. Don't tell me that was what you're worried about were you?"

"Oh no! I was just…" Sam tried to wave Scott away for the subject. Literally in this case where she was using her hand. "Curious! That's all! Um…" Sam looked around. "I know this is going to sound weird, especially on our first date and all and it should be you that I should be asking, but, since you two seemed to be best buds, and we probably going to see a lot of him…what else can you tell me about Ryan? I mean, I…well, don't want to get on his bad side or anything or accidentally create a rift between you two. And he is our group's leader and umm… I mean he's your friend, and maybe my friend so…"

"I understand!" Scott smiled. "I guess you're very thoughtful of everyone Sam!"

"Yeah! You could say that!" Sam smiled.

"Well, from what I know about him, he really likes the environment, which I guess you already knew! And he's a strict vegetarian! So bringing up meat around him? Bad idea!"

'He and Clover might hit it off well…if he wasn't a psychotic eco-terrorist!' Sam again smiled. "So, anything else so that, I don't offend him or anything?"

"Umm…well, he is a pretty reasonable guy so you don't have to worry too much!" Scott smiled back at her. "He's a great baseball player! If that means anything!"

'Funny. He never plays for any local baseball team that I know of. Wonder where Scott gets any of that?' Sam smiled again. "Thanks! Umm…oh! We really should get away from talking about someone else." Sam blushed. "Sorry. Umm…so, you like poetry right?" Sam's eyes seemed to sparkle.

"Yup!" Scott smiled. "I like many authors. Robert Frost, Langston Hughes…"

"Langston Hughes?" Sam smile brightened. "What are you favorite poems from him?"

Outside Scott's House

-6:40 PM PST

"Okay, weird much!" Clover was behind a bush on the other side of the street, using binoculars to look into Scott's house. She was wearing black gym suits with dark red stripes on the upper part. They obviously couldn't wear their normal sneaking clothes since, if anyone caught them, it would look TOO suspicious. Not that, spying on someone's house wasn't suspicious enough, but wearing their WOOHP spy suits would be a little much. This was especially true given whom they were seeing at the moment. "Since when does someone let his 'friend' party at your house when you're out on a date?"

Alex was thinking the same thing. She was wearing the same clothes as Clover, except instead of red stripes it was yellow stripes. "Yeah! Total bizarreness! But maybe we're jumping to conclusions too fast. Maybe that's his parents party?"

"Scott doesn't live with his parents remember?" Clover reminded Alex. Then something clicked in her mind. "Speaking of Scott's parents, what happened to them? Are they on vacation like our parents?"

Alex shrugged.

"Get down!" Clover dropped down into the bushes. She forced Alex down as well.

Ryan stepped out of Scott's house to take a smoke.

"Ew! Smoker!" Alex made a face. "I hate smokers!"

"Hey! What are you two doing back here?" A man standing behind Alex and Clover yelled behind them.

Clover and Alex were petrified.

"Well?" The burly man crossed his arms behind them.

"Um…" Knowing that staying quiet was going to look REAL bad for them; they both instantly stood up and looked at the man.

"Just checking something out!" Clover shakily replied.

"Spying?" The man cracked his knuckles.

"Eep!" Alex looked at the huge man. Suddenly, she had an idea. "Umm…yeah!"

"Alex!" Clover glared at Alex.

"Yeah! We were!" Alex crossed her arms trying to look tough. "You see, that house over there that we've been spying on, is our friend's boyfriend's house! We were just jogging along, minding our own business when we noticed something really strange happening in there! Especially since HE lives alone AND he's on a date with my friend RIGHT NOW!"

"Umm…" Clover was catching Alex's drift. "YEAH! We didn't exactly expect a party happening at his house when HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING ALONE!" She narrowed her eyes and poked the burly man. "We're here to make sure this isn't some sick game that he's playing!"

The burly man blinked in surprise after hearing this. Then he realized something. "Oh, so you're Scott's friend!"

Alex and Clover looked at each other. Then back at the man.

"Well, sort of." Alex replied.

"He's more our friend's boyfriend then our friend." Replied Clover.

"I understand your concern then!" The burly man smiled brightly. "But don't worry. He only let us uses the house while our problems settle down. You know the group?"

"That 'save the trees group' or something?" Alex answered. "Yeah?"

The man nodded. "Yup! That Scott guy is really something! Don't worry; we'll be gone before their done with their date. We don't want abuse his kindness. And you don't have to worry about your friend Sam either! Now if you excuse me…" The burly man left the two and headed towards Ryan.

Clover and Alex waved goodbye at the two. Both sighed in relief.

"That was too close to call." Alex said as she dropped to her nears glad that it was over. "Well, at least there's a reason…"

"I don't think we're out of the woods yet!" Clover looked back and noticed the man talking to the Ryan. After talking to him about something that neither girl could hear, both men reentered Scott's house. "And that still doesn't explain why Scott is allowing that crazed eco-freak the use of his home! Kindness my butt! Now I really want to know what Scott's hiding!"

"But we can't do it now! They're inside!" Alex whispered to Clover.

"We'll just have to do it another time." Clover narrowed her eyes. 'I hope this Scott guy is still cool! Because right now, I'm starting to have serious doubts about him!'


Outside Girl's Villa

-11:24 PM PST

"Well Scott, I guess this is it!" Sam blushed as Scott led her to her home.

"Yeah." Scott blushed as well. "It's been a fun evening."

"Yeah!" Sam smiled. "That was a great movie you took me to. I'm a huge Vince Vaughn fan!"

"I'm glad you liked it so…" Scott blushed and looked away from Sam.

"Umm…thanks for the wonderful night. I hope to do this again!" Sam leaned in close to Scott, surprised by their closeness. Then without warning, Sam kissed him on the lips.

Scott was surprised by the kiss. When they broke, blinked a few times in surprise. "Wow! I…wow!"

Sam opened her door. "Hope to do this soon Scott!" She winked as she entered her home.

"Yeah…um…I'll call you!" Scott watched as the door closed. "I'd say this was a great first date!"

Inside Girl's Villa

Sam yawned as she entered the house. Suddenly, her two friends flanked her.

"So, how was the date?" Clover deviously smiled as she blocked Sam's path. She was wearing pajamas with blue and white vertical stripes.

"Yeah! How was Scott?" Alex chimed in. She was wearing boxers and a t-shirt with a cartoon bear head logo on it.

Sam looked at the two and smiled brightly. "It was…wonderful!" Sam beamed. "I mean, he knows poetry, science…"

Clover and Alex frowned as they listened to Sam's date. 'Only Sam would think this qualified as a great date.'

"And he took me to a movie! It was just wonderful!" Sam sighed happily. "By the way, what have you two been doing?"

Alex looked down a bit. "Well, about Scott, we…" Suddenly, she found her mouth covered by Clover.

"We think that's wonderful Sam!" Clover smiled. " As for us, well, we just bummed around and watched movies all night! No biggy!"

Sam yawned again. "That's great. Well, I'm going to go to bed. I'm really tired right now."

"Sure thing Sam! See ya in the morning!" Clover waved back at her.

Alex looked at Clover. "Clover? Shouldn't we tell her about…"

"Later!" Clover chided. "We shouldn't ruin Sam's night! We don't want to burst Sam's bubble about Scott if he's still cool. Which we won't find out until we see what got Sam spooked."

Alex nodded to that. "Yeah. I see what you mean."

"Let's keep quiet and wait for tomorrow." Clover replied with a whisper. "Then we can check out what this Scott guy is really about!"


WOOHP Headquarters

Britney rested her head on the desk. She was inside one of the many lab rooms in WOOHP. There was a small desk light shinning on the desk. In front of her, was the dagger that she retrieved from the factory. She sighed. She was wearing her blue sneaking suit. "Why did I stay here all night? There is just nothing special about this dagger!" She slowly raised her head and looked up at the dagger. Suddenly, she sees a very thin thread. "Huh? What's this?" With the help with little pliers, she took the little thread from the dagger.

The thread turned out to be a piece of hair.

"Alright!" Britney smiled. "This is my first clue on the identity of the Whip!" Britney took the hair and placed it inside a machine to a DNA analysis. "Now let's see who this hair belongs to!" She waited eagerly for the results to show up. When they finally did…

Her eyes widened on who the hair belonged to.

"This must be some mistake!" Britney said out loud. "She can't be…she…" Suddenly, her mind started to put the puzzles together. "I have to tell Jerry this!"

-------End of Chapter 8

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