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Chapter Eighteen

Matt gently laid her on the soft bed and stepped back as he heard a slight moan escape from her lips. His eyes couldn't help but sweep over the pale figure as his fingers gently stroked the delicate skin of her cheek. For some unknown reason that he couldn't quite put his finger on, he felt some kind of connection to her. But his face hardened as he stepped back with the memory of his dead brother lurking around in his mind. His eyes turned to ice as he withdrew his hand from her cheek.

What am I doing? She's the reason Daficus is dead! I need to get out of here. This girl seems to be effecting me with her power. And I'll be damned if she puts a spell over me, he thought as he opened the door. With one last glance over his shoulder at the unconscious girl, he slammed the door and stalked away.

It was sometime later that Sora began to shift uncomfortably as her eyelids slowly fluttered open. The darkness of the room was overwhelming at first, but soon her eyes became well adjusted. Her head turned to the side and to her surprise, she saw a lamp on a night table. She reached over and turned the lamp on. She looked around the room in confusion, but soon realized where she was…it was the same cell she was kept in by Daficus.

"Ohh noo…" she groaned as she fell backwards on her bed. Her eyes closed tightly as she whispered, "Now what am I suppose to do?"

"Absolutely nothing," a voice intruded.

Sora's eyes shot open as she sat up in bed and gasped out loud. Her eyes scanned the room for the person behind the voice. "Who said that?" she asked as she swung her feet over the side of the bed. And before she could get up, she felt a warm breath on her neck, making her tense up.

"I did," he whispered into her ear.

Sora's eyes widened at recognition of the voice. She immediately jumped off the bed and turned around. Her wide eyes stared at him. "M-Matt?"

His eyes narrowed into slits as he got off the bed and caused Sora to take a step back.

Oh man…those bastards down there sure did a number on him. She gulped slightly as she studied his face. He now had his head bent in such a way that some of his hair crept over his eyes. She shivered slightly and took another step back. The way he was looking at her scraped at her nerves.

"What's the matter Sora? Scared I might kill you?" he asked as he brushed his hair out of his eyes.

As soon as he made direct eye contact with her, she turned her gaze to the floor. "Scared? How could I be?" she then turned back to look directly into his eyes as he took a few steps towards her until a foot of air separated the two figures. "I know you wouldn't kill me," she said confidently as she continued to gaze into his icy eyes.

"Is that so?" he taunted as he reached out and put his hands on both of her shoulders. Matt then slowly began to dig his fingernails into her soft skin. He watched her face and was surprised when she didn't cry out with pain.

"Yes," she answered.

Matt then moved his hands off her shoulder and snaked his left arm around her body, pulling her to him. His eyes held a mischievous glint to them as he smirked at her.

Sora couldn't help but feel nervous with the way he was looking at her and holding her. She put her arms out in an attempt to push him away but it failed as she felt his hand pressing against her back even more. "Matt…what are you doing?" Instead of answering her he put his other arm around her.


"I'm just testing out my new toy."

Sora's eyes couldn't help but widen. She stopped trying to push him away as she lifted her hand in one swift moment.

SLAP! The sound and the feel of the impact stunned Matt. His grip slackened as one hand touched his reddened cheek. What! I've just been slapped by this girl! And damn! She has one strong hand.

"I am not just some toy for your pleasure," she said in a defiant manner as the fire in her eyes seemed to flare up. Ugh! I can't believe him! How dare he call me a toy! The old Matt would never have done that…I hate this new Matt and I hate how he's so different, she thought as she pulled her body free from his loosened grip.

Matt soon got over the fact that he had been slapped by her as he stared back into the depths of the flaming fire in her eyes. He quickly raked his hand through his hair as he recovered by matching her fiery gaze with his icy eyes. "Oooo, such defiance," he said mockingly as he smirked at her. "I guess I'm just going to have to find a way to break that fiery spirit of yours." And with that last remark he leapt at Sora, knocking her flat on her back. He then pinned her arms above her head as his lips curved into a devious smirk. Matt's eyes seemed to gleam as he let his fangs show.

Sora could feel her heart beating a mile a minute as she shivered from the look in Matt's eyes. It was a hungry look that now replaced the ice in his eyes. In vain she tried to get free but his grip just got tighter.

Matt licked his fangs as he watched her eyes widen in horror. His fangs began to ache in anticipation as he could taste her fear on the tip of his tongue. And when he went to stare straight into the crimson depths of her eyes, he saw her turn her head away.

Oh no no no no no! This can't be happening! How could he have changed into the same thing as Daficus? I can't allow him to bite me…what if he drains so much of my blood that I die? Would Matt do that to me? She gulped as she remembered how much different he is now, compared to the Matt that she knows. Well I can't take that chance, she thought as she began to struggle and avoid his eyes.

Matt looked at her in great amusement. "Oh you poor little girl," he began in pity. "Your wasting your energy. So just give up and look at me." With that statement, he jerked her forward and then slammed her down. His eyes seemed to light up as he heard her sharp intake of breath.

"Never," she whispered as she stopped trying to get free. Her eyes closed shut as she felt his hand move her face. She could feel her body tensing as she gulped. What is he doing? I hate not being able to see but I have no choice, she thought.

Matt's eyes narrowed in impatience. "Look at me!" When her eyes didn't open he let out a frustrated grunt. Damn her! I need her to look at me…hmmmm…

Sora didn't think it was possible but she could feel her body tense even more as she felt his eyes penetrating her. All right Sora…that's it, just don't look into his eyes, she told herself. Without warning she felt his hand traveling up her thigh and as his hand neared the hem of her top, she gasped as she felt his hand on the bare skin. Her eyes immediately shot open.

Matt stopped his actions as he withdrew his hand, sending her a triumphant look. Ha! I've got you now…

Oh no! I-I can't turn my eyes away…it's happening again! It feels like my whole body is frozen…

Matt then released her arms and while keeping eye contact with her, he picked her up gently as he carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently and then lied down on his side with his elbow propping his head up.

Sora felt his hand gently caress her cheek. She wasn't sure of what he was doing to her. Why is he acting like this? I thought he wanted to kill me…

"Oh Sora Sora Sora, so beautiful and so completely under my control." He smiled at her as he lightly pushed a strand of her red hair out of her face.

She felt his fingertips upon her lips as butterflies danced in her stomach. She was confused as she saw the soft gaze he was giving her. Is he going to do what I think he is?

"You bet I am," he answered a low seductive tone. His hot breath tickled her skin, sending slight shivers up and down her back. Matt couldn't help but smile at the effect he was having on her. He drew his fangs back in and bent down to meet her enticing lips.

Sora felt her eyes close as their lips met. Part of her wanted to pull away while the other part just relished the touch of his lips that sent small waves of electricity pulsing through her. As his lips gently swept over hers, she began to get lost in the feeling. She felt his hands move to her slender waist. Why is he doing this to me? she asked herself. One minute he's so cruel but now…he's so gentle...

Matt didn't know what was going on but for some reason, he felt a familiar wave of electricity run through him as he began to deepen the kiss. He smiled into the kiss as he heard her moan into his mouth. Her lips…they're so heavenly and soft…

She felt his body move onto hers as one of his hands left her waist and began to travel over her thigh. She knew this wasn't her Matt but this kiss felt like old times. Mmmm…just like I remembered…maybe there still is his old self in him. Ohh Matt…

He slowly broke the kiss and pulled away from her. He then lowered his lips onto her neck, soliciting a moan of pleasure. His heart raced as he drew his fangs out. And in one painless movement, his teeth entered her neck.

She could feel herself becoming dizzier by the second. I feel so weak…what's going on?

As he felt her go limp, he quickly withdrew his fangs so as not to completely drain her of energy and blood. His hand wiped his mouth as he gazed down at the unconscious girl. Her blood…the sweetest I've ever tasted, but her lips…their absolutely addictive. What is it about this girl that stops me from killing her? Why did I stop so fast? I could've killed her but I didn't. Man, she really is doing a number on me, he thought as he got off of her.

Matt walked into his vast bedroom and headed straight for the bathroom. He carelessly swung the bathroom door opened and turned on the light. Both of his hands traveled to the opposite ends of the sink. His eyes traveled to the pale reflection that stared back at him as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Immediately a picture of Sora flashed through his mind. What is it about her that has me like this? Why can't I bring myself to kill her? The bathroom began to disappear as he thought of her soft pale skin, her silky red locks, her passionate crimson eyes, luscious ruby lips, and that personality…

His eyes shot open as if he was suddenly burnt. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind from thinking of Sora. Matt turned on the water and splashed it on his face. As he turned the faucet off, he relished in the cool refreshing feeling that the water had on his skin. He stared at his reflection and tried to clear his mind, so it would be free from thoughts and visions of her. As his reflection faded from the mirror, a blood red sea of smoke filled the mirror. And through that sea of red emerged two glowing eyes of a sinister emerald color.

"Hello Father."

"Greetings Yamato."

"I wanted to personally thank you for that fresh dosage of digi-spirits. I am certainly benefiting from their stolen life-forces but I must confess that it is not enough. You must gather more Digimon for me if I am to come to the surface."

"I know, and I'm trying," Matt replied.

"Well try harder! Do you understand?" he bellowed.

"Yes Father," Matt said as he nodded.

"Oh and Yamato? One more thing. Kill those Digidestined before they interfere with us again! Last time they interfered, Daficus was murdered. And don't you forget that! You must avenge his death and kill the Digidestined of Love! Especially torture and kill her! Make her suffer for what she has done," he said with venom. And with that last statement, the eyes and smoke in the mirror vanished without a trace, leaving Matt to stare blankly back into the face of his reflection.

The blank look left his face, only to be replaced by a horrified look. As his icy blue eyes stared back at his pale reflection his mind began to spin with thoughts. Kill, Matt thought. I suppose that would be no problem except for one thing…or should I say someone…

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