A New World (the continuation of, Prelude to A New World—please read that story first)

Chapter One

Char stood out on the balcony of the highest level of Nascour's mansion. Shining Sneasel stood next to him.

It had only been a month since he had "shinified" his Sneasel using Nascour's Shining Machine.

Only a month since he first willingly slept with him.

Things had been looking up for Char. He recently, felt—as if he had a place in this world, on this sandy continent of Orre.

And his place.. was soon-to-be king.

The mansion was located some place north of Mt. Battle, as the large mountain loomed to the south, like a guardian.

Sneasel's ears twitched. Char knew that meant that someone was coming. Char knew who it was.

Before he could react, arms slid around his waist. He leaned into the embrace, feeling lips against his neck.

"Mmm. Char. How are you? How's Sneasel? You're constantly out here on the balcony, love.", Nascour said, voice warm.

"I'm fine. How about you Sneasel?", Char asked of his friend.

"Sneasel!", cried the small pokemon, happy.

"And about the balcony," Char noted, "It's quite nice out here. The view is amazing. Especially since one day this will be ours."

"Yes.", Nascour said, holding Char slackly in his arms. "We'll build a world of Shining Pokemon, where we have all control. A society where we make all the rules."

Char nodded. That was what he had wanted all along.

The two stood, Char in Nascour's arms, just thinking, just breathing. And then, a sound. Like loud chiming, the doorbell of the mansion-castle was ringing.

"Who's that?", Char asked, leaning back and arching his neck upwards, to look at Nascour's face.

"Our guests. Come now, let's greet them!"

Taking Char's hand, Nascour led him down the many stairs to the doorway.

"Our guests were so excited when I told them I had a new love..", Nascour said beaming.

"What do they think of me?", asked Char.

"I don't know, they haven't met you yet! Let's open the door and find out."

Grabbing the doorknob, Nascour turned it, and flung the door open. Char was standing behind him, trying to see over his hair.

"Miror B, Dakim, Ein, Venus!", cried Nascour, happy to see them.

Char froze. The Cipher admins! What would they think of him?

"Master Nascour!", they collectively chimed, happy to see their old boss.

"Please, please, call me Nascour! We're all friends!"

Venus immediately stepped in. "Classy place you've got here! I like it! But come on—where's your boyfriend? Is he cute?"

"He's right here.", said Nascour, stepping aside, revealing Char.

Venus's jaw dropped. Along with the jaw of all the other Admins.

Char just smiled. "Hi?"

"Oh my god, Nascour! Him? While I don't doubt that he's handsome, isn't he the, you know... enemy?"

"Enemy? No, if you remember, Char was once a Cipher like we are now. And he's returned. Isn't that right?"

"As long as Cipher swears to treat their pokemon properly, I'm with them! Taking over the world is fine with me.", Char announced.

"Wow, you've really changed for the better!", said Venus, "But seriously, how are we going to take over the world without any pokemon, Nascour? You and your boyfriend here have the only pokemon!"

"Yeah!', shouted Miror B. "I miss my Ludicolo! Who's going to dance with me?"

"And I need the strength of my Golem back! We used to spar!", said Dakim.

"And my Lanturn was so perfect for me!", Ein added.

"And my precious, lovely, beautiful little snuggly Delcatty!", squealed Venus. "All our pokemon are gone! Confiscated by the evil police!"

"Yes, yes, you all need pokemon. And that's why I've called you here! Because I know exactly where to get them.", Nascour said confidently.

"Ooh, sounds like a plan."

"Oh, it is a plan. And it will work. We'll have all the pokemon we need."

"What about minions?", asked Char. "The new Cipher can't succeed without peons."

"Yes, we can get those too, all in the same place!"

"Where? Where is this place?", asked Miror B, curious.

Nascour stepped out the door, pointing southward. "There, my friends! Mount Battle!"

Realizing that in fact, this could be done, the Admins and Char quieted down to listen to Nascour.

"I've rebuilt the Snag machine. And I've made it lighter and more portable than ever. The new, "Snag Gloves" that I've created can easily fit any hand and still transform any pokeball into a Snag Ball. We're going to go up to Mt. Battle. Each of us will take a different set of areas. We give the trainers the ultimatum. Join us, or say good bye to any pokemon you have out. They say no—Snag their pokemon. And if you want a specific pokemon, don't even ask. Just take. And since I managed to steal about 100 Master Balls in my lifetime, I think now would be a good time to use them, no?", Nascour said, smiling.

"Oh Nascour!", said Venus, overly dramatic. "You are a genius!"

"I know, I know.. I'll make a Cipher ten thousand times better than Evice's. And all through the creation of Shining Pokemon!", gloated Nascour, delighted.

'So, when do we leave?", asked Ein. "Mt. Battle has just opened."

"Then now would be the perfect time. Xia can take us over there."

"Xia?", asked Dakim.

"My Shining Metagross. Xia! Come here please!", Nascour called.

A rumbling was heard inside the house, and then, from a large side door, floated a silvery Metagross, with a slight blue tint. A really beautiful pokemon—that was Xia.

"ARrrrr?", asked Xia, her deep Metagross voice resonating.

"Did you bring the box?", asked Nascour.

Xia revealed a box full of Snag Gloves and Master Balls.

"Good. Teleport us up to the barrier. And don't drop anyone!"

Xia filled the area with blue glow, for the second time in Char's life. Only this time, he did not cry.

He was elated.

It was finally, time.

When the glow faded, they were floating in mid-air, right in front of the barrier that separated Mt. Battle's battle areas from the rest of the world. The barrier was meant to keep those who didn't register from entering, and to keep outsiders from entering at a high-level, without fighting at the lower ones first.

The barrier, would soon be useless.

"We need to get in there. Xia, could you please—Psywave?"

Xia's eyes glowed deep purple, and waves of energy were emitted from them. The energy waves mingled with the energy waves of the barrier, creating a disturbance of some kind. Soon all the waves disappeared. And the barrier, was gone.

"That's one powerful Psywave!", noted Ein.

"This is the power of Shining Pokemon. And soon, you will have one too. Xia, fly us above the platforms. Don't let anyone see us."

They floated high above the platforms, invisible to the battlers below. Nascour quickly gave each a Snag Glove and several Master Balls.

"Ok, here's the thing, Xia will teleport you to the area you're going to take over. Snag some pokemon, and either recruit or disable anyone else. Especially the Area Leaders. Are the instructions clear?"

"We know what to do, Nascour, just Teleport us.", said Dakim, gruffly.

Xia glowed blue again, and the four Admins were gone.

"So, Char—I trust you won't be disappointed if I tell you we'll be splitting up? I'm going to go with Xia and take the higher levels. And you, I trust you can handle the King?"

"There is no trainer I can't defeat."

"Fine then, go and do well."

"I will."

"Oh, and Char? Before you go..."

Nascour leaned in and kissed Char. "I love you. Good luck."

Char smiled, and blue glow surrounded him. Soon, he was at the bottom of the stairs of the final platform of Mt. Battle.

Racing up the stairs, Snag Glove in place, he immediately locked eyes with the final trainer.

He did not flinch. "I am Somek, King of Mt. Battle. The Last, Area Leader. Are you prepared for battle?"

Char smiled evilly.

It was indeed, finally time.

End Chapter One