Chapter Twelve—The Beginning of the New World

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The sun glinted off the metal and sand, reflecting the harsh afternoon. Everything was still, quiet, peaceful.

The almost skeletal remains of the Realgam Tower protruded from the sands like an ancient fossil, the fossil of a monster long dead, a monster whose demise was so terrible, that it changed the landscape around it forever.

The wind stirred, whipping up sand, displacing it, throwing it from one place to another. It was a typical day on the continent of Orre.. hot, windy, dry.


"We've searched several times now... that's to be expected."

"No trace of any of them.. no traces of anything but ruined machinery and twisted metal."

"I guess we should report back."

"Yeah, but I bet they won't be pleased that we didn't find anything."

"Hey, this is is the search party... nothing to report. This has been the final sweep of the area, nothing is here, come get us already, it's hot as hell out here."

Static came from the communication device... then nothing.

"What'd he say?"

"Said that they're coming to get us, we're done for the day."

"Good. I can't wait to get back."

"Me too. This searching is ridiculous anyway. Nothing else could have survived.."

"Yeah, I heard the explosion was insane. You were lucky."

"Really lucky. If we hadn't been dismissed—you know, before they descended to that floor in the first place... we probably would have died or something."

"True, true... but none of us died.. somehow. Do you know what even happened?"

"Nah, they keep information like that to themselves. I don't think that's ever going to get out..."

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway... the whole thing went well for us in the end."

A helicopter was heard overhead.

"They're here, at last! Let's go, man, it's scorching out here."

'Don't forget, there's a meeting planned. Probably going to happen when we get back."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"

"Who was that?"

"The search party. Their report was the same as yesterday. Nothing was found."

"No bodies? Human? Pokemon?"


"That's impossible though. The data from above clearly states that everyone else went down the the tower. Everyone else."

"Then I guess their data is wrong."

"Yeah, maybe. Whatever though, this is only a minor project."

'Well, we'll report back with our data, the scans show nothing, the search party has found nothing."

"Okay, then we'll do that. Then, there's a meeting for all Cipher. Let's be on time for once!"

"It's only a few minutes to the meeting, guys, are we all prepared?" asked Ein, before pausing to answer a communication. "What? Oh. Nothing? Alright then."

"So it's as I thought, nothing was found," Dakim said, looking across the room.

Venus sat on the couch, brushing her Delcatty's fur gently. "Who cares. We're alive, no?"

"That's the thing. How are we alive? I was pretty sure that was it!" exclaimed Miror B, throwing his hands into the air. "We've asked, but they still won't tell us anything."

"That was mysterious, I must say. I mean... becoming fully engulfed by fire that appeared out of nowhere... then—poof, we're back here!"

"I'm not complaining."

"No one's complaining Venus, but it just doesn't make sense."

"Isn't today's meeting to explain everything? And to finalize our plans for wrapping up this takeover?"

"Yes. They said they'd be down shortly. Our final attack on the remaining cities is coming up, this meeting is important."

"I don't know why it had to be delayed so long... I mean, why search the tower? Our enemies had to have died, no?" Dakim asked, looking hopeful. "They should have.."

'We lived, didn't we?"

"That doesn't mean they did."

"Well, we'll know soon enough. Whatever happened..."

The Cipher peons filed into the room then, joining the Admins in front of the blank presentation screen.

"Hey, you need to get up. Naps are wonderful, but the meeting is in just a few minutes. I'm sure they're all waiting for us."

Char grumbled something obscene, before rising from the bed. "Yeah, I know."

Nascour stood at the side of the bed. "They all want to know what happened."

"Are we even sure what happened? I mean, you were unconscious, and I was in a state of panic."

"You told me that Ho-Oh saved us... and we know that Ho-Oh was the source of their power."

"We don't know where Ho-Oh is though. Or... Yuya."

"No one saw anything, but I can assure you that Ho-Oh is alive. Legendary Pokemon don't just... die like normal ones do."

Char saw that the sentence was painful for Nascour to say. "I'm sorry."

"Xia wanted to protect me to the end, it seems."

"I know you'll never have Xia back, but... I'm glad for what she did. If she hadn't taken that attack for you, you'd be the dead one."

"I saw... I saw her melt away, Char. I saw my pokemon evaporate!"

"I know, I know—relax. Xia died for a noble cause. She saved the ruler of the region!"

Nascour forced a smile. "What about yourself? If I'm a King, what does that make you, my Queen?"

"More like the other way around.."

The two laughed for a second, before it was quiet once more.

"Sometimes I still worry." Nascour said solemnly.

"I know what you mean. Evice.. Gonzap... all of our enemies... they just, disappeared," Char said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Almost as strange as how we all appeared back at this mansion unharmed."

"Yeah, except we know how we got here. We don't know anything about how they got away."

"Very true... they could be alive somewhere, somehow. We'll have to keep our guard up, even in victory."

"Then we'll be sure to do that. I won't let this slip from our hands, not ever. I remember the promise I made to you, Nascour. Orre is ours, it will stay ours."

"You're so determined. I always admired that."

"I always admired you," Char said leaning forward, reaching out and pulling Nascour to him, pulling him downward, his lips to his own.

They kissed for a short while, they both knew they were needed downstairs—but they decided that, the meeting could wait just a bit.

Upon breaking the kiss, Char swung over the edge of the bed, standing directly in front of Nascour. Nascour pulled him close.

"You've made both of our dreams come true, Char. Let's go, let's address Cipher."

Char nodded into Nascour's chest.

"I love you." Nascour said, hugging Char tightly before releasing him.

"I love you too." Char said, taking Nascour's hand. "We'll go downstairs together."

The gathered Admins and peons, not to mention the countless other Cipher who were watching on video screen from their stations, gave their best cheer and applause when their two bosses came down the stairs together. Both were smiling. Today was the day.

"Fellow Cipher!" Nascour announced, walking over to the projection screen which came on at his command.

Char sat down in the closest chair.

As Nascour began to explain to the crowd, his mind wandered. He barely heard the questions raised about Ho-Oh. He barely heard the calm answers Nascour provided, he completely missed the lecture on the new battle strategy. He'd heard it all before anyway.

His eyes drifted out the window. The sandy continent of Orre had been conquered, for the most part. Cipher had prevailed at long last.

But just then, Char's eyes caught something faint, in the distance... it was... a rainbow?

In all his life, he'd never, ever seen a rainbow.. he didn't even know what that meant.

Deciding however, that it didn't matter, Char allowed his mind to drift away again. His old life was officially over. His new life, his new world, was beginning now.

End Chapter Twelve