Kouga blinked, frozen on the spot for several long moments. The dead clay miko kissed his woman, shamelessly right in front of him and he couldn't deny the fact that it was hot, damn, damn hot.

"Uh…" His jaw fell open, other parts raised to attention – innocently ignoring the fact that he was naked and showing that fact to the whole world. "Kagome!"

Kagome had other problems than Kouga, her mates or Naraku's heartfelt joy about their display of unnatural affection, the Shadow was clawing to her mind, to her soul and the dead Miko pulled just on that part, ripping her to shreds. 'This hurts…"

'Keep fighting reincarnation…' Kikyo whispered into Kagome's mind. 'Keep fighting…"

Kagome balled her fists into the other Miko's cloths, ripping holes with her new clothes. The pictures in her mind cleared and the feeling of being a puppet mentally controlled to do what she had done to all the men came back. 'Keep fighting…'

"WILL YOU TWO STOP KISSING!" Inuyasha yelled, drawing his sword and gesturing with it. "MAKE THEM STOP RIGHT NOW NARAKU!"

Naraku smiled, watching the two woman, first he would free the soul of his lover, than he would unite with her and would kill them all in a final act of unbelievable, mind melting pleasure. "I won't… I won't Inuyasha…" He chuckled and several tentacles on his back started twitching and pulsing.

Shesshomarou wondered if it was all too un-demon Lord as to throw up right there, just a bit. He collected himself instead, grabbed for his evil sword and launched an attack, right at Naraku and his joyful tentacles. "THIS IS ENOUGH!"

Kouga snapped to attention from the attack, watched for a just a moment before he decided to take action as well and rushed forward to separate Miko and dead Miko.

"Oh you won't Wolf shit!" Inuyasha snarled and jumped the naked wolf.

Miroku and the others arrived on the clearing in time with a giant energy explosion, a rain of splintered wood and slain parts of Naraku raining down on them, than the dust cleared and they saw the whole ordeal sprawl out before them.

Inuyasha was rolling around in the grass with a completely naked Kouga, his full demon brother slashing away on Naraku who made almost pornographic noises over Kikyo and Kagome who were standing in the shadow of the trees and kissed down right dirty.

"Oh… my…" He quickly hid the fox away under his wide clothes.

"What's going on!" Shippou squeaked.

"Nothing!" The Demon slayer declared firmly. Well, really, the understatement of the century.

'keep fighting reincarnation, together we will purify her…' Kikyo had a firm grip on the demon soul now and she certainly wouldn't let go anymore. She wasn't sure why she did this, or even for whom she did this, certainly not for Inuyasha or Kagome, no, perhaps for herself or the other half of her soul.

'You can't… can't kill me!' The Shadow whined. 'Naraklu…. NARAKU help me!'

Kagome leaned in more, grabbed for anything she could reach, Kikyo pushing in more demanding. 'I won't give up my body! I won't give up what's left of me!'

Naraku didn't notice the struggle, to preoccupied by the blows the full demon Lord bombarded him with, Nor did he notice how Inuyasha pounced the wolf time after time again, fighting and biting to get the other male down and away from his mate.

Slayer and Monk had decided to stay out of it, not because they not wanted to help, but just because the absurdity of the picture and the fight itself seemed too paralysing to move. It was like a … strange spell that kept them in place and staring with wide open eyes.

Even the cat seemed to blush.

It looked truthfully absurd. "You know…" The monk leaned over to Sango. "A shame we don't have Kagome's Picture device at hand, you know, the one with the blinding lights…"

"Hentai!" Sango couldn't help herself and smacked him over the head.

Inuyasha was holding down the Wolf with his whole body, growling and snarling as Naraku raised into the air above them, the Demon Lord loudly growling on his trail, triumphantly laughing at the two Mikos and the aura swirling around them. "Just give up! Just give it all up and stop struggling… it's almost done…"

His tentacles twitched – those not cut of by Shesshomarou at least – and he felt so powerful that he wanted to burn the whole world ; right down to the moment in which a last, painful yowl came from his mate, the kiss of the two Mikos breaking with a burst of energy that was strong enough to blow all of them out of the sky.

Kagome came back to it first, laying completely naked under the god tree's green canopy, dust settling and energy flowing away; there was silence in her head no sign of the shadow left. She rubbed her brow with her hand and sat up, noticing the claws still present on her fingers…

"We purified her, but you can never return to be a human, reincarnation…" Kikyo stood above her looking down.

"You did help me!" Kagome blinked up at her. There was no real reason for Kikyo to help her, no reason at all. She could have gotten all that she ever wanted with just this kiss, Inuyasha, freedom, a ticket to hell, instead she had helped Kagome to destroy the shadow.


Kikyo looked down for a moment not able to answer, or not willing, she wasn't sure. "You will be demon, forever Kagome, your soul is demon now, no longer mine." She said than turned around observed the damage. "You are no longer my problem…"

Kagome watched her leave, snapping back to attention as it groaned not far from her. Naraku laid in a heap of flesh and chopped off tentacles, crawling together to form a sad looking creature. "NO…!" He whined. "NOOOO!"

She almost felt sorry for him, but just almost.

"This is not over!" He declared, raising into the air and vanishing in a sparkle of light. Shesshomarou raised from the debris of fallen trees and body parts only a moment later, watching his nemesis leave as well, and how his Mate stood there too– as beautiful as he had her in mind, and wasn't that declaration just scary if made by him.

Inuyasha groaned not far to his side, naked Wolf laying flat on him moving in a strange way, pervert. He grinned and raised to his legs, watching how his brother came to it fully than there was a disgusted yelp from the Hanyou and a loud growl.

Inuyasha pushed the wolf of him with a hard kick, leaving Kouga hurt and irritated for a moment, than something in the poor wolf's mind must have told him that his beautiful mistress was there to punish him and moaned like a good little puppy. "Punish me… Mistress?"

"Oh this is disgusting, you fucking wolf shit..!" Inuyasha screamed and of they went into a cloud of dust and flying fists again.

Sesshomarou laughed.


(this time within less than a year, I promise)