SO, some people have been asking me for a sequel to this story... and damned if I didn't actually consider it and give it a try! But I got no further than an isolated incident during Dim's school years. Dim has, unfortunately, turned into a Mary Sue... I apologize in advance ;w;

"Congratulations!" said the elementary school announcer from his stand on the podium. "You've all managed to achieve the grade inflated, expectation-lowered, standard minimum requirements set by the government to allow you under-educated spoot-heads to graduate... Aren't you proud of yourselves?"

*polite clapping*

"Oh, that's right!" The principal smiled and shook his head in a 'silly me' way. "None of you know what the word 'graduate' means! Saving that for college now are they? Sorry... ANYWAY, why don't we hear a few words from your only fellow classmate that can actually do her math homework without using her toes! Please welcome... DIM MEMBRANE!"

Dim smiled and pressed the button on her remote control that turned on the stereo with the applause recording she had created for the occasion. The magnified sound of the raucus cheers and clapping broke several windows.

The raven headed girl stood up to her full 3 and a half feet height and climbed onto the empty orange crate provided to help her see over the podium.

"Greetings, filthy classmates!" she smiled. "You have managed to recognize my superiority and now seek my words of wisdom to enlighten your empty minds! Good for you!"

"Isn't she great?" Zim gloated to Dib, who was sitting next to him in the auditorium. "Such oratory skills! Such charm and charisma! She is unquestionably the daughter of ZIM!"

"Mmm..." Dib mumbled noncommittally.

"DIM!" the principal said. "Why don't you share with us what you plan to be when you grow up and shame the unambitious goals of all these future gas-station attendants?"

"Thank you, school authority figure, I shall!" Dim adjusted the microphone and grinned hugely at her audience. "I want to make my parents proud of me, so I shall do my best to bring about world peace, just like my mother taught me is right!" She waved to her human parent, "Hi, Mommy!"

Dib smiled awkwardly and gave a light wave back.

"I plan to do this," Dim continued, "By CONQUERING this planet and becoming its just and benevolent UNQUESTIONED RULER, and FORCE everyone to co-exist peacefully or I will use my MIGHTY ARMIES OF DOOM to bring about PAIN and harmony to their sad existence! Daddy said he'd let me borrow his giant laser weasels until I become old enough to... Oops!" Dim blushed prettily and covered her mouth of razor sharp teeth with a dainty green hand. "I wasn't supposed to say that much... now I'll have to erase your memories from the last 10 minutes."

Dim brought out a very large laser cannon vaguely resembling a camera and donned a pair of protective goggles. "Don't worry about feeling any pain! Stupidity is a natural anesthetic! Say cheese!"

Her classmates smiled and complied while her parents dove for cover. "CHEEEEEEEESE!"

The radioactive blast from the cannon blew everyone out of their chairs, out the previously broken windows, while some found themselves sticking to the wall. Dim removed her goggles and replaced the cannon back into her PAK. "In closing, I'd like to recommend that you all get spayed so your stupidness doesn't spread to other galaxies. For now, you may continue existing. Carry on!"

Jumping down from her place on the podium, Dim caught sight of her parents timidly peeking out from their hiding places under their chairs, somehow fully dressed in anti-hazard suits.

"Mother! Father!" Dim ran up and caught them in a double hug, unaffected by the residue radiation on their suits as she'd learned by way of experimentation that she was immune to many different natural toxins (maybe because of her mixed genes?) including water. "Did you like my speech? Wasn't I AMAZING?"

"Well..." Dib removed his gas mask. "Your heart was in the right place at least."

"Dim doesn't have a 'heart' Dib-smell!" Zim corrected him as he took off his own mask.

Dib shrugged. "Her squiggly-spooch then. Whatever. You know what I mean!"

"Hey, hey!" Dim waved her hands frantically in front of her parents. "You two promised me iced-creamed-corn after this, remember?" She grabbed hold of either parent's hand and began dragging them towards the exit. "Let's go! I want the kind with bacon bits in it!"

Zim leaned over and whispered into Dib's ear, "I told you we let her hang out with Gir too much!"

"You wanna play with her instead?" Dib whispered back.

Zim suddenly recalled the time he walked in on one of Dim's surgery sessions in which she was replacing Gir's limbs with those of an annoying toy poodle that yapped and did back-flips non-stop until its batteries ran out. Gir was, of course, cluelessly elated about the situation. "Yipe-yipe!" he greeted his master when he saw him. "Yipe-yipe, yipe-yipe, yipe-"

Zim shuddered as he recalled the experience, but refused to admit he might be wrong about something. An idea occurred to him and he leered suggestively at his mate, "Maybe she just needs a baby sister to play with...?"

Dib blushed furiously and glared at him, "Don't you DARE! I am NEVER going through that again, you hear me? Don't touch me!"

Dim was oblivious to their conversation, humming happily with thoughts of delishus creamed corn goodness dancing in her head as she pulled her parents along behind her.