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Chapter 1: Now call me insane...

Is life really what it's cut out to be?

Can you really look at life and say, 'Hmm, hello Life, I am right now living because of you...' or some crap like that. Does that even make sense?

To me, it does. Oh yeah. And for the questions about life:

Why are we living in this place we call Earth?

What is life without ice cream?

Why do many fear the prospect of facing death when they're going to face it anyway?

What is the MEANING of life when one's ice cream is stolen?

Why is my ice cream dead but Eriol Hiiragizawa is still alive and breathing?

Why? Well, I'll tell you why...

Because the devil or demon (either one) is on his side.

Where oh where are my angels? And what point am I making by complaining about my ice cream and a boy?

As you know, these are all rhetorical questions. Well, time to find some answers so that I may clear everyone's mind...and mine.

One beautiful, crisp autumn day, I was walking home from school with my best friend (and cousin) Sakura Kinomoto. We decided to head to the new (popular) café which had opened just last week. As the brunette beside me chatted brightly about how she kicked Syaoran Li's ass in P.E (I don't know why a guy would be weaker than a girl, but then Sakura isn't exactly gentle...). Even though the Clow Card incident was over, and the Sakura Cards were officially...Sakura Cards, she and Syaoran just didn't know how to get along.

Sure the guy loved her, and I'm pretty sure she loved him back (it doesn't matter how many times she hotly denies it because I know my cousin very well) they always found a way to bicker and compete against each other. Honestly, I think it's just another way they flirt with the opposite sex. They may oppose to what I say, but hell, I know what I'm talking about. Most of the time, that is.

Since it was a Friday, there was a mob of high school students from our school crowding their way towards the new café. It seemed we were going to wait for a while. But Sakura, the ever-impatient one, frowned and grabbed my arm, saying, "I'm not waiting for all these people to go in! Come on, I need to go pee really bad! Let's go!"

And so, without waiting for an answer, she dragged me quite forcefully towards the café door, squeezing past people along the wall. I, being the easily over-whelmed person I am, could only see my dear cousin's head as we skipped by the brick wall, and didn't see the metal door opening. When I did, Sakura managed to step away from it and I ran into it.

All I can say is... OW. The handle caught my stomach and gave me a lovely bruise. It also happened to be high enough to crash into my...breast. Now, I'm not going to take time explaining how much it hurt, but...OW. "I'm so sorry..." I barely glanced at the person who just uttered the oh-so-caring apology and had opened the freaking door, causing my current pain.

It was Hiiragizawa from the junior class. The same grade as me. I heard he was quite popular, but now, seething through my pain, I didn't think anything of him except as a stupid bastard. I was in mortal pain. He was lucky Sakura was pulling me away and into the café, because he would have died from my angry (petite) hands.

"Stupid little arrogant piece of—" I started to say angrily, but Sakura gave me a confused look. She hadn't witnessed the door-opening scene. I gave her a grim smile and explained, "Someone opened the door as he was walking out and I ran into it." I touched my poor stomach and winced at the sore bruise. I wasn't nearly as angry as before, but I was still pissed enough to injure a certain someone...really badly. However, I can't stay that angry with someone, and even if I couldn't sleep on my stomach anymore, I wasn't going to complain anymore about it. Liar.

"I'm so sorry, Tomoyo! Do you want me to get an ice pack or something?" My cousin's concerned voice and expression was enough to dwindle down my flame of anger and vengeance. I smiled my own sweet smile at her and shook my head.

"You need to go to the bathroom," I said. Her green eyes widened as she suddenly remembered why she wanted to go to the café so quickly. "I'll order the mochas...unless you want hot chocolate?" She grinned happily at me over her shoulder as she made a bee-line for the lady's restroom, yelling, "Nope!" I smiled wider, noticing people were staring at her as she nearly knocked over a waitress. Sakura was always the clumsy one. It was so funny to see her trip over her own feet and quickly apologize to whoever the victim was.

There was only one person who was clumsier than my dear best friend, and that was...moi.

The door breezed open, bringing in the cool wind and four new guys. Everyone's heads turned. It was as if the newly arrived had magnets or something attached to them. I wasn't very interested, but then something blue caught my eyes. I looked back at them and realized it was Hiiragizawa. It was he who opened the door and caused me to have this fatal injury on my most sensitive parts. Well, maybe it wasn't fatal, but I didn't care. I gave him a glare and quickly turned away before he could catch me looking at him.

He and his group of friends headed to the other side of the café, probably aware of the stares directed at them. I snorted inwardly. Arrogant popular bastard, that's whathe was. I realized Syaroan Li was in the power of four. I frowned, realizing Sakura would have to pass him when she came out of the restroom.

"What can I get you?" I looked up at the waitress and quickly ordered for Sakura and me, glancing nervously at the bathroom door. "Miss, would you like the special today?" I blinked. What was the special today? She noted my confused look and explained, "If you order two or more cups, you can get dessert for half off." I mulled this over, realizing I hadn't had any ice cream in centuries. Well, I had one two nights ago, but it was still much too long ago. I nodded and smiled, glancing once more at the lady's restroom.

Thankfully, Sakura hadn't come out yet, and I began to wonder if she was doing number two when the orders came out. I blinked yet again. The dessert was a vanilla cone. Not a glass bowl or anything fancy...just a cone. Oh well, ice cream was still there.

I was about to take a delicious bite, but out of the corner of my eyes (okay, so maybe I was facing it directly) I saw Sakura walking out of the bathroom door, her usually bright smile on her face. My eyes quickly flitted over to the table of guys, who were now laughing, and I looked at my cousin again. Syaoran had spotted her suddenly, and a sly look entered his good-looking features. Sakura, the ever-unsuspecting Sakura, didn't see him and was heading straight for the leg he was sticking out.

Everything happened so slowly, yet so quickly. I got out of my chair and ran towards the innocent girl, yelling something crazy and flailing my arms to get her attention. Well, I got her attention as well as the whole café's. For some twist of fate, as I neared the table I slipped on a banana peel (which is so totally cliché) and fell forward, pushing Sakura away with all my might.

I hadn't realized I had the uneaten ice cream in my hand, so when I stumbled forward, my ice cream flew out of my hand and landed on Hiiragizawa's shiny, blue hair.

Okay, now I was in big trouble. I had just caused an ice cream cone to land perfectly on the most popular guy in school. It was on his head, the vanilla part smearing his hair and the cone sticking directly up. This was not good. I mean, yeah, the guy got me a bruise on my stomach and boob, and he didn't even apologize appropriately. But still, my anger had all but dissipated and I was quite calm about the whole ordeal. Yet here I was, gaping at the ice cream on the guy's head, along with everyone else in the silent café. I had taken revenge on him without even wanting to. This was bad.

This is the part where I should have apologized profusely. Except…that didn't happen. I started laughing. I actually started laughing, pointing at him. It was the whole 'laugh-at-him' procedure, package and all. I stood there laughing my butt off, trying to say, "I'm so sorry!" between breaths, but it didn't come out quite right. Then, suddenly realizing what I had just done, I snatched the shocked Sakura's hand and dragged her out of the café, leaving a few bills on our table along with a generous tip. The café sounded like it was on mute as we went out the door.

Now, I admit, I was acting pretty crazy back then. I should have humbly apologized to him and gave him money, but no, I just had to laugh. And point. But damn, it was funny. He looked just like a clown with that small cone, his glasses flashing as he blinked and stared at me with startled blue eyes. I must have looked insane; crazy, anti-sanity or whatever you call it. Totally out of my mind.

However, just as Sakura and I were about to cross the street, someone came running up behind us. I turned and nearly screamed in surprise when I saw Hiiragizawa standing right behind me. I blinked, my heart pounding from shock, as his gaze suddenly turned narrow and a smirk played at his mouth.

I realized then why all the girls were smitten with him and wanted to go out with him. He was pretty hot...in that dark, mysterious way. Well, to tell the truth, he wasn't my type. I liked the type Sakura liked; tall, The 3 S's (strong, smart, and sexy) and had a tendency to be shy. When I coughed Syaoran I received a smart smack on the arm. Man, Sakura may be kind and gentle, but she was as strong as any boy when it came to physics.

Anyways, back to the blue-haired guy standing in front of me. He was smirking. At me. Only me. Not Sakura, not anyone else on the street, just ME. Oh my, don't I feel special. Not. He was giving me the creeps. I nervously glanced at his head and saw that the ice cream had been wiped off. And then, he said it.

"You and me...are now rivals."

My innocent, wide, STUPID expression said, 'What, me?'

He continued, "I will win this war and then we'll see who can humiliate who." Okay. Whatever you say Daddy-o. He saw me blinking and smirked even wider, leaning in towards me. I leaned back, not wanting to touch him. Well, I couldn't help it, I'd never touched a boy before. Pretty pathetic, eh? Well, I was more intent on getting straight A's and a scholarship. "By the end of the year, I bet you that you'll be more publicly humiliated than what you did to me right now, that you'll be packing off to leave this school."

I blinked again, this time feeling anger spark inside of me. What was he saying I do? Leave the school? What did he think he was, some King who could control everything? What the hell was wrong with him! I kept my cool and stared into his eyes, lifting my chin for a better look at my angry face.

"You, Mister, have no right to tell me what to do. But," I ignored Sakura's tugging on my arm, "you have a deal. We will be rivals from this day till the end of the school year, and we will recognize the public humiliation sent to each other." I made no sense. This whole thing made no sense. The deal made no sense whatsoever. But, publicly humiliating this arrogant puss made perfect sense.

"We have a deal." He gave me another smirk and turned on his heel to go back to the café, where his dear little friends were probably waiting for him. I watched him walk off, an odd sensation entering my mind. I had just made a bet with someone I barely even knew. What the hell was going on here? What was wrong with me? Apparently, a LOT. This was insane. Impossible. All because of that ice cream. Damn it. Stupid special deals.

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