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CH 7: Blind

After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
And part of me died when I let you go

-Lifehouse: "Blind"

"Hey...hey, c'mon...wake up."

Spike groaned, rolling over before taking his pillow and placing it stubbornly over his head. "Just give me five more hours, ok, Jet?", he pleaded, his temples throbbing due to the after effects from yesterday's brief intoxication.

Sighing, Jet ripped the pillow off of the mossy-haired cowboy's face, insisting sharply, "Faye's gone, Spike, so you'd better get off your lazy ass and go after her!"

"Why do I care?", he demanded, crossly placing a hand over his eyes to shield himself from the seemingly pulsating lights. "She's a big girl, Jet...she can take care of herself."

"Maybe so, but she took the last of our savings!", the balding man retorted, thus causing his partner to slump. "Edward picked up the minx's signal, so we now know that she's hiding out in a deserted shack by Brewster's Bay."

Rolling his eyes, Spike slowly sat up in bed, questioning sleepily, "And you want me to go after her? Is that it?"

Jet nodded. "Yeah, if it's not too much to ask...your highness."

Spike ignored the tremendous note of sarcasm within his partner's voice as he reached for his wrinkled suit on the back of a nearby chair. "Prepare the Swordfish for take-off", he urged flatly, slipping his yellow-collared shirt on about his lanky, yet muscular form. "I'll probably be out in about five minutes, tops."

Jet nodded, closing his partner's bedroom door behind him with a curious look etched out across his stony features.

Could he care that little about Faye?

'Oh, well,' he inwardly conceded. Wasn't his business. What went on between those two stayed between those two.

As Jet meandered down along the restricted corridor, he failed to notice the small envelope taped to the outside of his door; inside were 6,000 woolongs for all of his trouble over the years.


"1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3...yes! That's it, Jet!"

Cursing, the balding man tried his damndest not to step on Katerina's toes, all the while wailing dejectedly in response, "Oh, why was I cursed with my father's 'two left feet' gene? I can't dance worth a damn!"

Giggling, Katerina placed her left hand atop Jet's broad shoulder and her right within his own large one, smiling sweetly to herself once she realized that he was blushing a delicate crimson due to their contact.

"Ready to try again?", she questioned, gazing hopefully up within the recesses of his sky blue eyes.

Jet gulped, then nodded. "Uh, uh-huh. I mean...sure, sure! Let's get this rug a-cuttin'!"

Laughing, Katerina allowed him to place his hand on her waist and lead her across the floor (despite the sloppiness of the procedure) and guide their bodies into the beginnings of the waltz, the brunette gaily chanting the counts over and over so that her comrade would not forget them.

"Hey!", Jet exclaimed after a brief moment, "I actually think I'm starting to get the hang of this!"

"Good! I knew you could do it!", Katerina praised enthusiastically, pulling the hulky man in for a fierce embrace before he could possibly protest.

Blushing furiously, Jet allowed his arms to awkwardly encircle about the lovely young woman's tiny waist, his mind immediately coming to realize that she smelled of dried roses and vanilla.

'She's so beautiful', he thought, his cheeks growing even redder due to his ridiculously school-boyish thoughts. 'I wonder what it would be like to hold her forever, to...to...'


He coughed, crashing down and back to reality in an instant. "Uh...yeah?"

"I'm going to go start dinner...thanks for dancing with me", Katerina declared, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before sashaying over to the doorway that led to the kitchen, Jet's wide and ever-ogling blue eyes seeming to nearly bug out of his head once he realized what had just happened.

She had just kissed him! On the cheek, yes, but it was a start...

Sighing, Jet placed a hand over his eyes, muttering softly to himself, "Man, I'm getting way too old for this..."


Spike gazed dispiritedly out across the calm ripples of Brewster's Bay, not having the resolve nor the patience to enter the gaudy shack that was stationed roughly one-hundred feet away from him and his Swordfish.

Sprawling out across the hood of his off-red zip craft with the lethargy of a sloth, the mossy-haired cowboy laced his fingers behind his head with disgust, realizing that he owed it to his 'baby' to get her a new paint job.

"Damn scratches", he muttered, clamping a cigarette between his teeth before patting his pockets in search of his precious Zippo. Coming up empty-handed, he groaned, then spat his unused cancer stick out into the palm of his hand, promptly closing his eyes once he realized there was no use in doing anything but take a nap now that he couldn't get his nicotine fix.

After about fifteen minutes of this, however, Spike lazily re-opened his eyes, only to find himself gazing up into two startling jade orbs.

"Jesus Christ!", he swore, shooting up with the stamina of ten men before stumbling and falling off of his Swordfish with a dull 'thud'. Needless to say, he hadn't been expecting company.

Stifling a scornful smirk, Faye wrapped her red sweater about her lithe form with the hopes of keeping warm, her violet hair continuously whipping her in the face as she questioned disdainfully, "Did good 'ol Papa Jet send you here, or did you come of your own accord?"

"You took the last of our savings...of course I'm here on my own accord", Spike muttered, dusting the sand off of his dark slacks as he finally managed to stagger back up and to his feet. "Are you going to make things easy for me, or do we have to do this the hard way?"

Faye frowned deeply. "Think what you'd like, Spike, but I gave Jet some money so that he could still survive."

"Well what about me?", Spike demanded, now considerably sour.

"What about you? I never once saw you trying to make my stay onboard the Bebop better like he did!", Faye retorted coldly, firmly crossing her arms beneath her breasts before turning her nose up in a huff. "If you came to bring me back or get the money, you're wasting your time. I'm not leaving."

Spike suddenly smirked, agreeing good-naturedly, "Sure, Faye...it's your call, right?" Unwrapping a candy bar before her very eyes, he then proceeded to take a bite, only to have the violet-haired vixen lunging for the chocolate treat.

"Ah, ah, ah!", Spike playfully reprimanded, slapping her hand away, "only good girls get candy, Faye Valentine, and last time I checked, you most definitely weren't a good girl."

The vixen was absolutely livid. "Why, you...you-"


Faye screamed, immediately catching herself once she realized that it was merely thunder. Glancing over at Spike, however, she couldn't help but smirk at the disgusted look upon his countenance as tiny rain droplets began to saturate his large, bushy mop of hair.

"Come on", she suddenly urged, "we should go to the shack."

Spike, however, didn't even dignify her suggestion with a response, already bolting ahead of her with his hands shielding his head from the torrential downpour before Faye disdainfully followed suit.

Gasping for air, the two bounty hunters finally reached their destination and collapsed onto the floor upon entry, Faye lethargically kicking the door closed behind them as Spike immediately swiped her lighter from her pocket and went to light his cigarette at long last.

Cursing, he declared irascibly, "All my dang-blasted cigarettes are wet! What about you, Faye? Willing to donate to a poor 'ol cowboy in need?"

Searching her pockets, she unearthed, to her utmost dismay, her thoroughly saturated carton of Lucky Strikes. "Nope", she mumbled, sorrowfully shaking her head. "Sorry."

"Grand", Spike muttered, sourly sucking on the end of his cancer stick before spitting it out and onto the floor with a subtle 'plop'. "The only time I've got the shakes, too..."

"Well maybe you shouldn't have come looking for me, then", Faye sharply pointed out, suddenly quite irritable. "Since all you do is complain, save it."

Spike suddenly smirked. "What, for a rainy day, perhaps? If my theory is correct, I believe that if you stick your head outside you might get a pleasant little surprise."

"Shut up."

Thoroughly pleased with himself, the mossy-haired cowboy shoved his hands into his suit jacket pockets and leaned back against the wooden wall behind him, now quite content. Suddenly hearing the sound of teeth rattling, however, he popped one eye open, questioning lazily, "You cold?"

"Go fuck yourself", Faye ground out, completely withholding her pride as she hugged her knees to her chest and subtly leaned forward.

Laughing at this, Spike agreed amiably, "Yeah, you're right...I'm the best I can get around here, so why not?"

Choosing to completely ignore his statement, altogether, Faye grudgingly rolled over onto her side and pouted, shivering as she watched her breath form tiny clouds of condensation in the cool evening air.

'Why am I here stuck with this ass and a half?', she wondered, miserably rubbing her hands together as she heard him chuckling from behind. 'I mean, I know I've had some pretty bad karma and all, but this is ridiculous! Being stuck with the one man who plagues my mind to no end it absolute torture!'


She immediately looked up, startled that she had been spoken to.

Giving her a lazy smile, Spike hunched his shoulders forward, then rolled them back, asking casually as if he had just read her mind, "What's your ultimate fantasy? The one dream you wish would come true? Just curious..."

Feeling her cheeks redden, Faye immediately looked away, reprimanding him irritably, "Fantasies and dreams are for children, Spike...I have no longings or desires."

"I don't believe you."

Something deep within his voice sounded raw and tainted by lust, the vixen involuntarily shuddering with want as a sudden wetness gradually divulged between her legs.

Noticing a slight change in Faye's posture, Spike smirked, then stepped over her balled-up form so that they were finally face-to-face, his two-toned eyes burning into her jade ones as he accused flatly, "You're lying to me."

"I...", she faltered. Something was preventing her from vocalizing her true feelings, yet what he unearthed next from his jacket nearly made her heart stop.

Her diary.

"Where did you get that?", Faye demanded, now terribly flustered as she reached out for her prized possession.

Pulling it back and out of her grasp with the fluidity that only Spike possessed, the mossy-haired cowboy smirked yet again, opening the small book before beginning to read:

"Dear Diary,

I hate this life, yet I hate Spike even more. His smile never fails to torment me, nor his abominable eyes, yet it's probably just because I know that he will never be mine. His heart is sealed off from the rest of us, yet I hope to someday awaken his soul. An impossible task, I know, but I will try...I promise you that."

Pausing, Spike leafed to yet another page, questioning cruelly, "Shall we read some more?"

"No...please! You have no right to read my personal thoughts and feelings as if they were yours for the taking!", Faye wailed, actual tears streaming down along her alabaster cheeks that she promptly tried to hide, but to no avail. Noticing his eyes on her, she tried yet again, "Please, Spike...don't do this to me."

Something seemed to shift within the caliginous depths of Spike's dark eyes, yet he nodded, carefully casting the diary off and to the side. She thought she heard him mumble an apology, yet didn't accept this since she knew that she shouldn't be expecting miracles.

"So...you want me, is that it?"

Faye looked up, considerably surprised by his words. "I...what?"

"According to your diary, you want me", Spike clarified, his two-toned irises sliding along her dejected form with a sudden interest. "And you know what, Faye? You want me? You got me...but just for tonight."

Faye's heart leapt up into her throat at his thrilling, aphrodisiac-like words as he advanced upon her, her jade eyes wide and glittering as she questioned breathlessly, "But why, Spike? After all this time...why?"

He smirked, lightly cupping her face within his hands before returning matter-of-factly, "I might as well fulfill one person's fantasy in my lifetime, right? I think it'd be cruel to deny you of your innermost needs and desires."

Faye opened her mouth to reply, yet was immediately denounced of her speaking privileges once Spike's mouth crushed hungrily against her own, his lips ravaging her own soft ones before darting his tongue past her lips and within her gifted orifice.

Gasping, Faye moaned about the fleshy organ within her mouth, Spike's tongue slowly retracting before plunging deep within her moist cavern once again.

Feeling as if she were drowning amidst his sweet water kisses, Faye allowed the mossy-haired cowboy to push her down and onto her back, his lips meeting with hers again and again as he began to grind his hips against her own in an undulating rhythm of passion that left her completely breathless.

"Spike!", she gasped, only to feel his warm, satin lips dot a trail of passionate kisses down along the column of her neck and to the swell of her ample breasts, his skilled fingers which were used so often for fighting unfastening the clasp to her yellow crop top with the expertise that only this man could possess.

Her breasts spilling out into the cold chill of the night air, Faye felt her nipples stiffen instinctively once Spike moved down and began to devour one of the soft mounds within his mouth, his tongue tracing circles along either one before pausing and sliding in-between both breasts, where he then planted a lone kiss above her frantically beating heart.

Whisking her fingers within his unruly mop of dark green curls, Faye felt an inaudible sigh escape her lips once he darted his tongue within the recesses of her navel and began to frantically undress himself, his loins aching with an indelible passion that left her shaking and initially longing for more of the cowboy's incredible administrations.

Assisting Spike in the removal of her short shorts, Faye felt her doe eyes soften upon feeling her lover's eyes drinking in her every curve and contour, her heart beating rapidly within her bosom as he reached out his expert hands and cupped her softly within his grasp.

Moaning, Faye closed her eyes as he rolled his thumbs over her tingling nipples and pulled her to his mouth, his tongue and teeth invading the large, incredibly soft mounds as she arched against him and screamed his name, her ecstasy mounting with each and every new touch and caress.

Spike was different, she realized...she had never felt so alive...so complete.

Sliding her tongue along his lips with the hopes of gaining access, Faye became delighted once her lover opened his mouth in acceptance, all of her fervent passion for the man before her going into that single kiss as she grasped at the sides of his face and moaned deeply.

The forbidden wetness between her legs had long ago divulged upon her junction, yet the violet-haired vixen was too proud to allow her partner to know this; at least, at such a precious moment that showed who was truly in charge.

As if sensing this, Spike suddenly stripped Faye of her silken black panties, his eyes dark and luminescent with an almost uncontrollable lust as he leaned forward and inhaled her scent with an intoxicated look upon his features, her body quivering within his strong embrace as he lowered his head and wrapped his tongue about her sensitive nub in one full-fledged moment of desire.

With a soft gasp, Faye squeezed her eyes tightly closed and gripped at whatever she could hold onto, her hips arching painfully off of the floor as Spike fought against her instincts to move and held her in place, his tongue plunging deep within her velvety canal and tasting the inner aphrodisiac that had been beckoning to him long before this very moment.

Wrapping her legs about his neck, Faye couldn't help but let out a muffled scream as she convulsed about his tongue, her first orgasm briefly sweeping her away before Spike lifted her up within the sanction of his arms and pressed his mouth passionately against his own. Her juices were now upon his lips, giving their kiss an almost forbidden taste to the sweet ecstasy that had yet to fully unfurl.

Reaching out a trembling hand, the violet-haired vixen felt her insides quiver upon touching his smooth, muscular torso, Spike closing his eyes once he felt Faye wrap her pouty lips about his nipple and softly suckle, her moans jolting him to ecstasy as she forcefully maneuvered him beneath her and straddled his waist.

Rolling her hips along his fully-enflamed manhood, the vixen wove her fingers throughout her soft mass of hair and threw her head back in utter delectation, her soft and breathy pants only picking up in tempo once Spike began to mimic her motions with his own hips.

Taking him by the hands, Spike guided his appendages up toward her breasts and forcefully made him cup, squeeze and tweak her soft mounds, her tongue wrapping teasingly about one of his fingers before seductively sucking it into her awaiting mouth and moaning about it for added feeling.

Feeling as if he couldn't take it anymore, Spike let out an animalistic growl and flipped Faye over so that she was now the submissive one, her dark eyes quite surprised and full of excitement once she realized that things might actually start to get interesting now that her lover clearly wanted to be in charge.

With one savage thrust, Faye felt herself being impaled to the hilt by her heavily-breathing counterpart, his hair falling into his line of vision as he began to vigorously pump in and out of her being with all that he had, their passion rapidly escalating as both fought to be the last to come.

Wrapping her arms tightly about Spike's neck, Faye gave him a deep and passionate kiss, his tongue invading her awaiting mouth as his thrusts began to grow more savage and more brutal; he couldn't help it...she brought the true man out of him.

Screaming, Faye bit down upon her lower lip, her slick canal contracting about Spike's member in several spasmodic pulses as he released an impassioned cry of his own, both lovers wilting down into one another's arms before moaning deeply.

As soon as this had happened, however, Spike immediately moved away from her and began to struggle back into his clothes, Faye's eyes tearful and clouded with misery as she realized, to her utmost chagrin, that what had been so special to her had merely been a joke to him.


Katerina had been sent by Jet to go and inspect Faye's room to see if she possibly had any cigarettes left, but so far it was all for naught.

Grumbling to herself, the brunette then opened up the vixen's closet, standing up on her tiptoes in order to inspect the top shelf with her outstretched hands.

Suddenly, to her utmost delight, her grasp enclosed about a tiny something that felt very promising. Eagerly bringing the parcel back down before her, the brunette scrunched her eyebrows up in confusion upon realizing that it was a jewelry box of some sort.

Gingerly lifting the lid, Katerina gasped upon spotting the huge diamond inside, a tiny note on yellowed paper reading:

To Faye, with all my love.


Feeling as if she were invading upon someone's personal matters, Katerina guiltily shut the box, only to realize that she very well could have stumbled upon something that was best to be forgotten.

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