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Prom Date

By: Youkai Koinu

Chapter 1 Announcement

It was a Thursday, and Kagome and her twin sister Kikyo were walking to school.

Kagome had on a green t-shirt that said "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am" and some dark blue jeans and all white phat farms. (AN: I know I didn't spell 'farms' right. ) Kikyo wore a pink shirt (AN: 'Shivers' "GET AWAY PINK!!!!! AHHHHHHH!") That said "Talk nerdy to me" along with a pair of kaki Capri's, and also had on white phat farms. Kagome wore her hair down while Kikyo tied hers in a low ponytail.

When they finally showed up at school they went to hang with their friends at a table near the flagpole. They started talking before they even sat down. Yep, they were the popular girls. Most of the girls were friends with them, and all the boys wanted them. There was Kikyo, Kagome, Sango, Ayumi, Rin, Ayame, Eri, and Yuka.

Then there were the popular guys. Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kouga, and Miroku. All the girls swooned over them, all the guys wanted to be friends with them. Okay... MOST of the guys wanted to be friends with them.

Then there were the evil people. They were Naraku, Hiten, Manten, Kanna, and Kagura.

The bell rang and everyone rushed into the school, trying to squeeze through the double doors that served as the entrance. Once Kagome and Kikyo got in they rushed to their lockers and put their stuff up. Then they walked into their homeroom and took their seats. Everyone called their homeroom 'The popular homeroom' because all the popular kids were in there.

Then their principal, Mrs. Kaedae said the usual morning announcements, but then, there was one that you didn't hear everyday. "The senior prom will be in three weeks, so I advise ye to find a date."

Kagome and Kikyo were writing the same thing in their notebooks, without each other knowing, 'Get Inuyasha to ask me to the prom.' Then they each drew a heart, put Inuyasha's name in it, and closed their notebooks.

That night, before Kagome went to sleep, she pulled out her diary and started to write,

Dear Diary,

It's me again, Kagome, and I'm so excited about tomorrow! Tomorrow, I will start on my plan to get Inuyasha to ask me to the senior prom. I hope it works. I've liked him since the third grade, but I don't think he even notices me. I wish I were Kikyo, it probably wouldn't even be a problem then. She can get any guy to fall in love with her. I'm so glad she doesn't like Inuyasha, because then I wouldn't have a chance. She's prettier, smarter, funnier, nicer, and has more friends than me. Why can't I be like her?


Meanwhile, in the room across the hall, Kikyo was busy scribbling in her journal,

Dear Diary,

It's me, Kikyo. Tomorrow, I will set my plan to get Inuyasha to ask me to the prom into action. I really hope it works; I've liked Inuyasha for two years now. I don't think ANYONE has like him longer than I have. I've waited too long, I'm only glad that Kagome doesn't like Inuyasha. I wouldn't even have a chance then. Everyone likes her. Why can't I be more like her? She's smarter, happier, prettier, nicer, AND has more friends than I do. Ah well, night.


Then both girls set their diaries on their nightstands, slid underneath their silk sheets, and went to bed.

Inuyasha sat on his bed and thought about whom he was going to ask to the prom. He had it numbered down to two girls, Kagome, and Kikyo Higurashi. 'Well, well, well,' he thought to himself. 'You picked the Higurashi twins. They're the two most popular girls in school. Well, maybe some chicken ramen will help me decide.' So that's exactly what he did, it tasted great, but didn't help him decide whom to ask. So he decided to sleep on it.

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