Hi! Welcome to Book One of the eight-part saga of Universal Roadtrip, The Journey Begins! Hope you like it!

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Book 1:The Journey Begins

Prologue: Stuff of Seemingly Minor Importance

Anonymous place, Reality Universe, Eternity.

June 6, 2004, 6:56 pm


In five places in four universes, that sound was heard. In one place, somebody removed a rug from their floor, revealing a trapdoor. She jumped down the tunnel into a capsule. Ten minutes later, she was standing in a hall with four others. "We're here," they said simultaneously. "What's the problem?"

The person you were talking to was standing in front of multiple computers. Some said 'ALERT!', but most were turned to an online RPG. "So glad you're here," the person said. "Agents...we have a situation."

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Bob's Comic Books, Amity Park, Missouri (I think)

One week later, 3:00 pm

Danny and Tucker were hanging out at the comics store, looking at all the latest releases. And acting like morons.

"Oh, look!" Tucker said. "It's the latest issue of Captain Underpants! Duuuuude, I love that guy!"

"Yeah, I love it too. But it's a little inappropriate. How about Naked Lad?"

"Forget inappropriate, that has an M sticker on it!" Sam said. She was reluctantly with them, steering them from stupid stuff.


"It's for 18 and older! Do you really think that they'd put nudity in a children's- uhh, Danny, your ghost sense is going off." It was true. Blue gas was escaping from Danny's mouth.

Danny turned around. Right near the Calvin and Hobbes, a ghost was tearing the place apart. No, I mean really tearing it apart. Columns of steel were punching through shelves, and ectoplasmic residue was everywhere. People were running and screaming.

"Duty calls," Danny said. He transformed behind the bathrooms, and then went to confront the ghost.

She looked strange. She had long dirty blond hair, big blue eyes, and was wearing rags. Her eyes looked extremely sad, and she kept moaning something over and over. Danny couldn't tell what she was saying, she said it too quietly. He thought she resembled a Popsicle stick.

"What are you doing?" Danny said. The girl just kept moaning.

"Huh?" She kept moaning.

"Sorry?" More moaning.

Danny sighed. "This is time wasting," he said. He took out the thermos and captured the ghost in it.

"Sad, isn't it?" Danny turned around to see Skulker right next to him.

"Who was she?"

"We don't know. She either won't or can't tell us. Yep- you have to pity those Betrayers."


"Ghosts who have seriously betrayed somebody in their lifetime. They are forced to moan that person's name for all eternity. Wait- why aren't you kicking my butt?"

"Because I was listening to your description. I think I'll let you off for now."

"Ok," Skulker said. He escaped through the wall, and Danny went to his friends, who were staring in awe.

"So, Sam?" Tucker said. "Any other dead relative we should know about?" He howled with laughter at his own joke.

Sam didn't think it was so funny. "For the 34th time, no! Danny, is everything okay?"

Danny looked at Sam, then at the thermos, then at the hole in the ceiling. 'I don't know," he said. "Something doesn't feel right. Maybe I should find out more about these 'Betrayers...'"

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