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Chapter 5: The Phone Booth

It was a phone booth. A big, red phone booth. I'm not kidding. There was a phone booth in the middle of Danny's basement! Danny had never seen it before. He knew that Jazz said that something in the basement would explain everything, but the booth just made everything seem stranger. Still, he was bored. So the three walked in, just to see if it worked.

"Ok, this is weird," Sam said. "Since when do phone booths appear out of nowhere?"

"Yeah," Tucker said. "Danny, is this some weird invention?"

"No," Danny said. "I've never seen it." Just then, the phone on the wall of the booth started ringing.

"Huh?" Danny picked up the phone. "Hello? HELLO?" Nobody answered, so Danny hung up. "Ok, I'm starting to get scared," Tucker said.

And it got weirder. A female voice came out of a hidden speaker-the same voice from the InfoDisc. "Please press one," the voice said. So Danny did. Immediately, the booth began to glow with activity. "Welcome to the TeleTransport Teleportation Module III, your multi-universal travel companion. Please insert identification."

The three were now completely confused. "Identification?" Tucker said.

"What kind of identification?" Sam said. Danny didn't say anything. He was thinking. Obviously the strange items Jazz had given him the day before had something to do with this. But he couldn't betray his own sister! He wasn't allowed to tell anyone! But still, he was bored, and so were Sam and Tuck. This was at least exiting. So he took out the plastic card and inserted it in a slot in the wall. The booth whirled with activity, and the female voice came on again. "Welcome Daniel Fenton, Samantha Manson, and Tucker Foley. Insert InfoDisc for further informative stuff. Have a nice day!"

Sam and Tuck were dumbfounded. "You-how-how did you know?" Sam said. So, reluctantly, Danny told them the whole story: the items, Jazz's strange behavior, and that he had actually been expecting this, he just didn't know what it was going to be.

Sam's mouth hung open, but Tucker was practically glowing with excitement. "COOL!!" he said. "Multi-universal? Put the thingy in-NOW!!"

So he did. It came out, and Danny pressed the button. Immediately, a hologram popped up from the disc. It was a girl in a blue shirt and jean shorts. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and looked slightly younger than Danny. "Hi," she said. "I'm your InfoDisc, but you can just call me Help. I can tell you what you need to know- and nothing else." That last part was said kind of menacingly.

Tucker grabbed the InfoDisc. "Cool!" he said. "But how are we supposed to use this thingy, there aren't any more buttons-"

"You don't need any," Help said. "I have voice recognition. So, whaddya need to know?"

"Well- what can this booth do?" Sam said.

"This?" Help said. "It's a teleportation device. Select a setting, and off you go! Of course, you need authorization to use it. And you can preset settings. Speaking of which, hope you're packed."

"Packed?" Danny said.

"Yeah, because you've got someplace to go! If you're not packed, I'll try to delay the system, but-" She didn't finish the sentence, but a white beam shot out from her chest and zapped a small screen that seemed to have just appeared there. The screen fizzled for a second, then showed these words: '15:00 till bon voyage'.

"Ok, you've got fifteen minutes," Help said. "Hurry!"

Of course, Danny, Sam, and Tucker didn't really believe half of what they were hearing. But since they were bored, they decided to play along. They packed some stuff like clothes and whatever was left in Danny's sports bag (Sam and Tucker always had some extra clothes stowed at Danny's house, just in case), and Sam called Melanie on her cell phone and told her something to tell Tucker's parents just in case Help wasn't kidding.

The three raced back to the booth- with one minute to spare. "Good timing," Help said. "I'm gonna close when the trip starts- TeleTransporters make me sick, even on such a short journey. Oh- 5,4,3,2…have fun!" She disappeared inside the disc. Afterwards, the booth began shaking. The doors closed, and the booth spun around and eventually disappeared.

For about ten minutes Danny, Sam, and Tucker could only see whirls of color outside the window. Then they saw clouds, and Danny could've sworn he'd seen a sign- it had gone by too fast, but he thought it said something like 'Larry Guild'. In the end he decided that it was nothing, and forgot about it.

Then the booth landed, and Sam, Tucker, and Danny were pushed out by a mechanical hand. Danny looked at the street.

It looked like any street back home, but the three friends had never been there. There was nothing suspicious about the dark street, but Danny couldn't help but wonder (out loud)…

"Where am I?"

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