Dropped non-too softly onto the couch, Sakura whimpered when she felt the armrest hit the back of her head. Sasuke in the meantime was too busy stripping his clothes off to notice her discomfort when she landed. Not that he was ever rough with his wife, but he really wanted to be alone with her even if it was only five minutes.

The young couple had not been able to spend time alone together since they were dating; most of it was due because of Sasuke's busy schedule with missions and the constant need of supervision of their children.

Slowly rubbing her aching head, Sakura let her heavy-lidded gaze land on her very attractive, yet desperate husband trying to angrily rip his pants off. The site was too cute for her to keep quiet.

"Eh, antsy aren't we Uchiha?"

He glared at her and instead of verbally insulting her back he decided to take action. Sasuke promptly straddled her hips and strapped her wrists in a deadly grip above her head earning a surprised squeak from below. He noticed her breathing quickened, her chest rising and falling a faster rate.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were waiting for me to make the first move when the brats were at school…"

She returned his glare, a silent challenge easily fired back at him. She wiggled around to break free from his hold, but to no avail. He chuckled slightly against her heated skin.

"The brats happen to be ours if you must be reminded and oh—"

A tear reached Sakura's ear before slowly realizing the black little dress she bought not that long ago was quickly becoming rags.

The delicious little kisses he left on her skin made her forgive Sasuke for tearing up her favorite dress just so in the end he could get lucky, not that she wasn't happy or anything since she was also entitled to part of that pleasure.

"Oh, Sasuke—"

She arched into him, warm skin instantly becoming slick with friction. Fragile hands desperately trying to hold onto something, anything, his well-muscled arms, his raven hair, his sculpted shoulders. Soft whispers cooled heated skin, leaving behind shivers and whimpers.

She unconsciously tugged on his hair when she predicted his next move. Teeth marks left behind on pale skin, scratches left on broad shoulders.

He kissed her hard when he knew she was about to cry out in ecstasy and held her close when she went limp from their physical activity.

She gently stroked his head, moving thick strands of hair out of his face. He grunted at her affection to continue, he always enjoyed when she played with his hair or touched him softly.

"Sasuke…" she kissed him tenderly on his temple, "…we should get dressed."

Before he could response, the living room door flew open. Both startled they quickly grabbed anything that was near and tried to cover up.


Small hands covered their innocent eyes. One began to sob out of fright from seeing her parents almost naked yet again on her favorite couch, in her favorite room. The oldest out of the four wrapped his small eight-year-old arms around her and carried her upstairs. When the two other brothers did not follow he barked at them from the top floor and ordered them to do something else than stare.

The second oldest dashed out of the room to train outside in the yard, hoping he would get his appetite later when their mother would cook. But unfortunately for Sasuke and Sakura the third oldest was staring with such intensity and curiosity at them.

"Sweetie, could you leave for a little bit? Mommy and Daddy have to get dressed."

He cocked his head to the side, green eyes staring at the ripped clothes scattered around the room.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Does this mean I get another baby brother or baby sister?"

- - - - -

A/N: Well...at least now we know what happened when Sasuke took Sakura back home.