Who's Going to Jail?!

It's a little thing that he taught me; To sit there and watch her until she felt my presence. She was getting better feeling it. I saw her body tense up, so I quietly moved the other side of the room. She sat up, and looked at the window to the fire escape, where I was standing. Before she even turned around to look at where I was standing now, I was on the ground, crawling to the other side of the bed. While she was still looking at her bathroom, I grabbed her shoulders and whipsered in her ear, "Gotcha."

She screamed and jabbed her elbow into my gut. I fell to the floor with the wind knocked out of me. So what if she never uses her gun? At lease she is learning some sort of self-defense, right? I was proud of her, even if I now had and innie-bellybutton.

Stephanie turn around on her bed, still screaming, to see who she knocked out.

"Diesel?! What the hell are you doing here? You scared the shit out of me!" I just stared at her, trying breathe in as much air as I could. She didn't even bother to help me up, but just sat there staring at me, waiting for an explanation. "There-there-there's...some-some-something you n-n-need to know," I stammered out while trying to catch my breath.

"Oh yeah? And what's it about?" Stephanie asked imaptiently, like what I was about to tell was of no importance.

I finally caught my breath, and was able to sit-up straight. "Grandma Mazur," I said, looking her right in the eyes.

There was a moment of silence, and I could the shock on her face dissapear, but the worry coming up. I was afraid of how she would take this. I didn't know if she would cry, laugh, think of it as a joke, or what. I knew how much she loved this old lady. Yet, who couldn't love her? Grandma Mazur acted as if she were 18 again, and was always smile. Which in turn made everyone around her smile.

I could see that Steph was trying to hold back her tears. "What happened to her? Is she okay? She's not dead, is she? Ommigod, she's dead. I knew I shouldn't have taken that case-" Her hands were on her head as she was trying to figure everything out.

"She's not dead, I promise," I look of relief washed over Stephanie's face. "But," I continued, "She needs to be brought to the police station so she can reschedule her court date.

"Court date?! What the hell do you mean court date? Why does she need to go to court? I didn't even know she was arrested! I hate it when people don't tell me everything," There she goes again, throwing her hands everywhere, pacing back and forth like a true Italian. Those big blue eyes of hers were filled with fire. Damn, she is hot.

I grabbed her by the arm, and led her to her bed too sit down. "You know how your Grandma always likes to go to the funeral home for the viewings?" I asked.

She smiled a little, "Heh, yeah."

"You know how she always wants to see the body inside of the casket?" I asked again.

Steph was laughing now, "Of course."

"Well, the other night, Sandy Carmicheal had a closed casket, and they nailed it shut again. You're grandmother decided to bring a hammer to lift the nails up ino order to see Sandy's body this time. Unfortunatly, Grandma Mazur is not as strong as she used to be, and getting the nails up was a very hard task for her to do."

"Let me guess," Steph proceeded. "The casket fell over."

"It's like you are pyscic," I said with a smile.

"What can be so bad about a casket being knocked over by her? She's done it at least a million times at that funeral home."

"Well, Stiva's is sick of it. They've decided to press charges, and a Restraining Order."