The Fifth Year

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"Wow.  Harry Potter.  I can't believe it's you!  Omygosh omygosh omygosh!  Wow!  See, my mom said that this was a muggle neighbo....oh!  My name's Laura...lina Burgman, but preferably Laura."

"Er, hi...."

Laura heard her family rush downstairs.

"Honey, what's all of the commotion?  Are you okay?"

"Yes, mom, I'm fine.  Mom, dad, Krissa, this is Harry Potter.  Harry, this is my mom, Rosaline, my dad, Mark, and my sister, Krissa."

"Um, hi...."

"Nice to meet you Harry", said Rosaline and Mark simultaneously.

Krissa's eye's opened wide.

"Wow!  Harry Potter?  Can I see your scar?"


"Sorrryyyy dad."

"Well, um, I guess we'll go back upstairs dear, and, um, we'll leave you two alone now," said Mrs. Burgman, strongly hinting at Krissa and her husband.

"Sooooo.....," said Laura, "are there a lot of cool wizards and stuff here?"

"Um, actually, I live with my muggle relatives in this muggle neighborhood," said Harry.

Laura sighed.  "I wish we didn't have to move.  My neighbors were so cool.  We had the coolest quidditch was just great."

"Really?  What position did you play?"

"Well, basically everything, but I guess I was best at chasing.  I hated seeking!  Ugh!  I don't know who would want to be a seeker!"

"Um, okay, well, it really isn't that bad!  It's really kinda neat when it's basically up to you to win the game."

"True.  Do you play much quidditch?"

"Well, I've been on Hogwart's team for four years, as seeker."

"Really?  You go to Hogwarts?!?  I'm gonna be going there!  Awesome!  What's your favorite class?  Wait...lemme guess.....potions!"

"Well.....not quite.  Snape is our teacher, and unless you're a Slytherin, he probably won't like you."

Harry noticed Laura looked a little hurt.  

"It's not because of your personality Laura, it's just that he, well, doesn't like too many people."



"Harry, giggle what's this thing do?"

"That's a toaster Laura.  You put toast in, push the handle down, and the toast pops up when it's done cooking.  I'd show you, but my Aunt might have a fit."

"That's okay, look, I should probably get home.  Shoot, there's your Aunt and Uncle pulling in the driveway.  Looks like they brought home a pig for dinner.  An alive one too.  That's so weird."

"Umm, that's not a pig.  That's my cousin Dudley.  Here, just go out this window.  I'll come over tomorrow."

"Oh, okay.  Sorry.  Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

As she walked away, Harry couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was.  Her blonde hair shined in the sun, and before he couldn't help but noticing her cute freckles.  It almost looked like a star had burst on her face, covering it with freckles.  Her deep blue eyes accented her cheekbones.  He was becoming more and more excited to see her again.


As she stepped out the window, Laura couldn't help but notice Harry looking at her the way she always looked at Jake back home.  She wondered if Harry liked her, and if Jake missed her at all.  "Nah," was her answer to both.  She went up to her room, and plopped down on her bed.

"Laura, did you see his scar?"

"Oh my gosh Krissa!  You almost scared me to death!  Yes, I saw his scar."

"Was it cool?!?"

"I don't know," she said.  She just wanted to be by herself.  

"Fine, I'll leave!  Jeez Laura, you don't have to be so mean about it!"

Laura forgot Krissa still used her mind-reading powers.  At ten, Laura stopped using them all together when she got tired of hearing everyone complain to themselves.

"Krissa I'm sorry, I'm just...really confused right now."

"Yeah I know.  Oh and Laura?"

"Yeah Krissa?"

"Harry does like you!"

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