Author's Notes: hello all! I've quickly become addicted to 100-word ficlets…so I've started my own collection! Hope you enjoy!




100 words


Miroku groaned and fished his phone from pocket, steering with one hand. "Hello?"

"Miroku!" Koharu chirped. "Come outside, I've a surprise!"

"Sweetie, I'm on my way to Kyoto; business meeting tomorrow, remember?"

"Oh…that's right…"

He felt like an ass, but he had to end this relationship. She was too innocent—too ditzy. Where were all the women with fire?

With a flash of color and a screech of tires, he found himself off the road.

The other driver stomped over to his window. "Fucking idiot! You were on the wrong side of the road!"

He stared into magenta eyes. Fire…