A Step Onto Chronos Chapter One

Into the Game

Shadic the Hedgehog

Disclaimer: I don't own Chrono Trigger, Squaresoft/Enix/whatever does.

BZZZ! BZZZ! BZZZ! The alarm went off in my room at four A.M. like I had planned even though it was Saturday. I got off the floor, got dressed (black pants, black leather jacket, red shirt, black shoes, and a pair of sunglasses embedded in my hair), and walked outside. I walked over to my Dad's old blue van, opened up the side door and pulled out my Dad's old, dull long sword. I stepped out of the garage and proceeded to attack the snowbank along the east side of the driveway, strengthening my arm to weild the sword properly. I put on an old belt that I had with the sheath to my Dad's sword on it. I sheathed the sword and I stepped back. Pretending I had magic, I flung out my hand to attack, wishing that I was in the world of Chrono Trigger so that I could really learn magic, hopefully Fire.

A green and white sphere suddenly opened up in front of me and I took a step back. I thought it looked kinda familiar. I then stared at the glowing sphere until I was forced to blink. That's when I saw a reddish image of it on my retina.

"A GATE!" I yelled in surprise. I took another long look at it and began to wonder when I'd be off to, when I remembered that Time Gates were blue or red, while this one was green. I decided that as long as I tied a rope to my belt I would be fine.

I found a long piece of rope and tied it to a tree and my belt. I walked into the gate and, after a bit of travel effects, I caught a glimpse of a large red and pink robot in a white marble area. I was then suddenly yanked back. The rope was just long enough to allow that brief glimpse.

I then remembered a scene just like it in Chrono Trigger: that was Gato in Leene Square! I quickly untied the rope, drew the sword, and leapt into the Universe Gate (that's what I decided to call it) and traveled to the world of Chrono Trigger.

I was sweeping along the sea of dark blue travel effects with sword in hand. Along the way it slipped out of my hand and started to fall away in a different direction. I watched, unable to move as the blade began to sharpen and turn black before it vanished. At that moment I blacked out.

I woke up in a soft bed, but kept my eyes closed. My first thought was, 'wait a minute, I don't sleep in a bed!' I snapped my eyes open to see a red haired boy with a crazy hairdo and a katana, and a blonde girl in white with a pony tail. I suddenly realized I had already changed the storyline, but I was still gald that Marle and Crono had shown up at Gato's but then I remembered my Dad's sword.

"My sword!" I said. "Did one of you happen to see my sword?!"

"No, I'm sorry, but I didn't see any sword around there. Did you, Marle?" answered Crono.

"Nope. Sorry, Crono."

"Wait, Crono never spoke in the game!" I muttered under my breath.

"Hey, what did you say?" asked Crono.

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all."

He squinted at me knowing exactly what I said, but not admitting it.

"Oh, um... I need to get back to the fair and I think you do, too, Crono," I said.

He looked confused about something until I whispered, "Lucca." THen he said, "Oh, yeah! Marle, remember? We were about to go see Lucca's newest invention!"

"Yeah, I remember! hey mister, you want to come, too? By the way, what's your name?"

"The name's..." I considered whether to tell them my name was Joe or one of my other names. Since I didn't think I'd be there long I decided on my S.C.A. name, "Hugh 'the Weird.' and yes, I would like to come, thanks for the invite, Marle."

We left the inn and I ran up to the square with Crono and Marle following close behind. I stopped running when I got to the entrance and I asked Crono if I could borrow some gold. I told him not to worry because I would pay him back later. He handed me the gold and I ran over to Melchior.

"Buy something from Melchior the sword smith?" he asked.

"Yeah, I need to buy a long sword. Your cheapest one if possible."

"Oh. Well, I happen to have this old blade that I don't have any use for. Take it. On the house."

"Thank you, Melchior. I shall use this blade and any others I find to save countless lives." He looked at me funny because there were no wars going on. I then whispered to him, "From the past to the future I shall save the live of many. Especially yours, Guru of Life." I then walked away, leaving a very bewildered Melchoir wonder ing what I was talking about. "Okay, I'm ready! Oh, and Crono here's your gold back. He gave me an old sword for free."

"Onto the exhibit!" I exclaimed. We all dashed to the back of the square where the Telepod exhibit was.

"welcom ladies and gentlemen to the Super Dimension Warp, invention of my beautiful daughter, Lucca!" Taban announced just as we entered.

Lucca spun around on the Telepod's left pod and started bowing to people. I thought that indeed neither the game sprite nor Akira Toriyama's artwork did her any justice.

"We will take any volunteer to test the Telepod and show that, no, it WON'T blow up under your feet," said Lucca.

Taban explained, "Just stand on this pad and you will get teleported over here." He pointed out the left and right pads respectively.

"I'll do it!" I yelled from the small crowd of people (only about 6 or 7 counting Marle, Crono, and myself). I knew I was changing the story even more, but I wanted to see just how it would feel to be broken into individual molecules, then be reassembled.

"Okay! Just step onto the platform and my father and I will do the rest," replied Lucca.

I stepped onto the pod and heard the generator warming up. I imagined, with my eyes still open, what it had looked like on the screen when Crono was transported. I felt a little wrench in my stomach and suddenly I was on the other platform, with a feeling of, 'that was it?'

"WOW!" gasped the crowd (apparently it stilled looked cool).

I walked off the platform and Marle exclaimed, "That looks like fun! I wanna try!" and she ran over to the platform. "Wait for me to get back!" she said before stepping on the left pad.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You can always change your mind," whispered Taban.

"No, way! Throw th switch!" she replied. Taban and Lucca started to generate power for the Telepod. Marle's pendant fell to the Telepod and a bolt of electricity connected the pads. A shimmering blue sphere then appeared out of no-where. Taban and Lucca were thrown off the Telepod, as shocked as the crowd.

"What's happening!?"Marle cried when she re-materialized-inside the Time Gate, "Crono! Hugh! Help!!!"

"Marle!" Crono yelled, dashing forward as the Gate began to close. Then suddenly she was gone.

"Lucca, what happened?! Where did she go?!" yelled Taban. "All right folks, show's over," he added to the crowd.

"I don't know," muttered Lucca as everyone except Crono and I left, "the warp field seemed to be affected by her pendant."

"Crono," I said. "We need to go after her."

"But how?" he asked.

"Get her pendant off the platform and tell Taban and Lucca what we plan to do. When the sphere appears I'm going to dash into it and travel right next to you."

Crono walked over to the pendant, picked it up and stepped up onto the pad telling Lucca, "I'm going after her. Hugh over there is going to follow me."

"Brave lads," said Taban, getting into position.

"I don't know where this is going to send you, so hang on to that pendant and watch out for any monsters," cautioned Lucca.

After a bit of powering up the generator, the bolt appeared again and Crono was transported into the Gate with a look of terror on his face. I ran into the Gate and turned to face Lucca and Taban.

"Don't worry, I'll be coming after you as soon as aI figure out what went wrong," Lucca yelled.

"Heh, What, me worry?" I said with extreme confidence, because I knew what was about to happen on the other side of the Gate.

And then it closed sending Crono and I into the past.

"The best way to plan ahead is merely to be ready for everything."
-Flavor Text of the Myr Adapter.