A Step Onto Chronos Epilogue 2

The Biggest Wedding of All Time

Shadic the Hedgehog

Five Years Later...

64,999,995 BC

"Beginning final testing sequence!" called Lucca. She stood beside a control panel emblazoned with six symbols, a fist, a Nu, a sword, a gun, a robot, and a clock, arranged around a large red button. She pressed the fist symbol, then the clock, then glanced at the large ring across from her as she pressed the red button. The ring began to glow blue, before the long-missed noise of a Time Gate opening sounded. "Eye of Time activation complete, now sending through test object." I pressed a button on Gato III's back and he marched forward. The original Gato, as well as Gato II, had been wrecked during earlier tests.

Gato III passed through the Eye, as we occasionally referred to the machine. Its official designation was the "Eye of Time," but calling it "the Eye" worked just as well. The device was designed to work as a time machine that could transport a great deal of people at time, rather then ferrying everyone through time with the Epoch. Right now we were testing to see if we could send Gato III to The End of Time, as we had successfully sent him to every other era we had programmed in. The Eye was made with the combined intelligence of Lucca and Eon, who was once referred to as Robo-Belthasar, using the remains of Lavos, as they were heavily charged with temporal energy. It had taken a year alone to use the Epoch to transport enough pieces of Lavos's shell, then another year to put everything together properly. And that was after a year of planning the whole thing.

Now there was an "Eye of Time" that existed in every time period (though we weren't entirely sure on The End of Time, not until Gato III came back), though the only way to activate it would be with a special key that was to be given to the Ayla and Kino, who would pass it down to their descendants/the leaders of the world, (save for Zeal, in which case, the person in charge of it would be an Earthbound). This would be done to prevent the Eye from being activated for unnecessary reasons and polluting the time stream. There was a second key, but it would belong to our family, to accomplish the same ends.

Eon and Gaspar had already projected the changes to the time stream, and found the changes would be minimal, though Magus would have had an extra motivation in the Mystic War in attempting to capture the Time Key from Guardia so that he could return home faster. One of the commandments of carrying the Time Key would be that it was only to be used in the absolute direst of emergencies, a prolonged war not counting. This clause was to prevent King Guardia (any of them) from using the Eye to get help.

After a few moments, Gato III came back out of the Eye, and played the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare I had programmed into him (I had learned a lot from Lucca and Eon over the years).

"Well, it looks like we're done with the Eye of Time. Shall we go home?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure Crono and Marle are taking good care of Rosa while we're here, but I think it's finally time to head back," Lucca agreed. We started towards loading Gato III on the Epoch, when I decided to use the Eye instead. I should probably explain who Rosa is. About a year ago, during one of our breaks from the Gateway Project (the preliminary name), Lucca and I were walking through Guardia Forest, when we came upon an abandoned baby girl. We took her back home with us to Lucca's, but the only bit of identification she had was an amulet that had been glowing brightly, and her blanket had the word "Kid" sewn into it. I protested naming her such, because who names a child "kid?" That's like naming a kitten "kitty!" So we brainstormed a while and decided to name her Rosa.

Lucca and I were engaged by this point, though neither of us had done anything inappropriate with each other yet, and we had been making plans with Crono and Marle for a double wedding at the Cathedral in AD 600. We had so far planned to invite almost everyone we had met throughout time, which meant that first we had to finish the Eye of Time. Now we were returning to our time to finalize the plans and invitations.

Going back to the Castle was bit of a walk, because we had placed the Eye of Time at the place the Epoch would stop when travelling from the End of Time. As this spot included the spot Lavos was supposed to rise in AD 1999, this would mean that the Eye would be destroyed in the bad future, though it was still standing in the good future, as we had found by sending Gato III through (We had to keep it quick, though, due to reasons explained later).

Gato III and I approached the Time Dial and I inserted the Time Key, which caused the red button in the middle to glow. I pushed the buttons for with the rock and gun, then pressed the red button. I sent Gato III on ahead before I pulled the Key out, knowing that I had just under a minute before the Gate would close and I had to do the procedure over again. It wasn't much of a hassle to actually push the buttons, but, as we discovered in an early test, if the Gate in the Eye shut as someone was partway through, only that part would be sent through time.

On the other side, Gato III was already making his way to Lucca's house to shut down, while Lucca arrived in the Epoch to pick me up and take me to the castle, where we would speak with Crono and Marle, then take Rosa home. By the end of the day, we had finalized our plans for the wedding. We had previously asked Melchior to be the minister, even though Spekkio wanted to do it. We argued back with the fact that he was known as the God of War, not the God of Love and Peace, and he relented. Melchior had decided on a ceremony that was ancient in the time of Zeal, but felt it was somehow appropriate for the marriage of time travellers. He had also asked Magus for a hand, as it was originally written for a single couple's wedding, rather than the double wedding we were planning.

The wedding itself was planned to end just a few hours before the start of the fifth Starlight Festival, which was the next week. That day was full of great things, but there was one sour note for the Heroes of Time: at the exact moment that Lavos was defeated, we could hear its dying scream, no matter the time period we were in. Lucca and I flew Rosa home in the Epoch, something she had taken a while to get accustomed to, and landed in the back yard. Lucca's house had been expanded a bit, to add on a room for myself and one for Rosa, plus another two for when she and any potential siblings she might have to move into after they got old enough.

After the week had passed, everything was finally set for the wedding. We retrieved the guests in order of era, with all of the prehistoric people first, including a couple Reptites that had made peace with them. Next came the people of Antiquity, the "Earthbound" and "Enlightened Ones" arriving as one group, the differences between the two now almost negligible, though the ones who used to be "Enlightened Ones" had a bit more variety to their hair colour than the "Earthbound," once the dye in their hair started to wash out.

Next up, we brought the people of AD 1000 to AD 600. Lucca and I had previously visited AD 2300 to speak with Doan, Robo, and Atropos, especially after the wedding was finally put together, but the only people who were interested in meeting us were Doan, Robo, Atropos, and Belthasar. So with Magus, that made five people out of several million who wanted to travel to the past.

The new 2300 was an interesting place, with plenty of tall towers made of some form of crystals. Eon's house was replaced by a large academy building built around the Eye of Time, which was used as part of their study. Apparently, Lucca's massive intelligence wasn't passed down the generations, because the Eye of Time was far more advanced than anything the people of 2300 could build. The Key had also apparently been lost, which had contributed to their confusion. As such, we had to use the Epoch to carry Magus and the rest back to the wedding. Gaspar and Spekkio also travelled to AD 600 with the Eye, so we could ignore then.

Everyone assembled at the Cathedral, which King Guardia XXI, Queen Leene, and Duke Glenn had modified to allow several planets worth of people to attend by opening the front of it completely, and breaking down the wall of the secret area Yakra had lived in.

Melchior, Gaspar, Eon, and Belthasar were happy to see each other, trading theories and tales for a while, before Melchior moved up to the raised platform we would be using, a short sword in his sash. Magus stood beside him with another short sword on his belt.

"If I may have everyone's attention, please?" Every stopped talking and looked up at Melchior. "Thank you. I welcome you all to this wedding, which shall be done in the ancient style of our world, from a time before the Age of Antiquity, but long after the Prehistoric Age." He motioned to the Mystic band that was set up off to the side, and they began playing a slow song that was both regal and powerful. As the song began, Crono, Marle, Lucca, and I approached in calm, measured steps. We weren't moving slowly, though, and we reached the stage just as the music ended.

We stood, Crono and I facing each other, while Marle and Lucca faced away from us, just a few steps away, but almost back-to-back with us, otherwise. When Melchior and Magus spoke next, they spoke in an old tongue, and I heard both the meaning and the words as they spoke them.

"Hovmey So'Ha' bIngDaq Qam SuvwI'" ("The warrior stands beneath the naked stars.")

"poSDaq jaghpu' nIHDaq jaghpu' Dat chaHtaH" ("Enemies to the left, Enemies to the right, they are everywhere.")

"SuvtaH SuvwI' batlh Suv nIteb Suv SuvlaHchu' 'ach Heghbej" ("The warrior fights continuously. He fights with honour. He fights alone. He can fight perfectly but he will certainly die.")

"vaj mamuvchuq cha' moj wa' tuq moj cha' mangghom moj tuqmey wo' chen mangghommey" ("Thus, we join one another. One becomes two. Two becomes a household. Houses become armies. Armies build the empire.)

"Crono/Joseph, bISawrup'a'?" ("Crono/Joseph, do you marry her?")

We replied, in the same tongue, "HIja'" ("Yes.")

"Nadia/Lucca, bInayrup'a'?" ("Nadia/Lucca, do you marry him?")

They replied the same, "HIja'" ("Yes.")

The four of us took two steps backwards, each, coming closer to actual back-to-back contact with our partners. Melchior and Magus drew the short swords and held them up, Melchior's above Crono and Marle, Magus's above Lucca and I. We each reached up, grasping the hilt of the sword before turning to face each other. Lucca was smiling as we stared into each other's eyes, and I was vaguely aware that I was smiling as well. Magus and Melchior lowered the blades they held to waist level, before placing their free hands atop ours.

"DaHjaj mobHa' tlhIH. DaHjaj tagh wo'" ("Today, you are un-alone. Today the Empire begins.") Magus withdrew the blade, leaving Lucca and I holding hands, while Melchior did the same with Crono and Marle. "pItlh." ("Finished.") As soon as they said that, we both leaned in and kissed each other, for... some time. As the crowd started to cheer, Magus and Melchior shouted three last words.

"yIn! batlh! Qapla'!"("Life! Honour! Success!")

The crowd's cheers quickly drowned out everything else, as we started back towards the Eye of Time, to celebrate the fifth Starlight Festival, the wedding, and peace.

"And they lived happily ever after."

-Countless fables and fairy tales.

A/N: And it's done. Of course, I've already said there's going to be a sequel, and some of the issues that come up between the end of this and the beginning of Chrono Cross will be addressed in the prologue of that. It will be entitled "Crossing Chronos," which I might have said before.

Also, if anyone gets where I got the wedding ceremony from, kudos to you, though I doubt many Trekkies will be reading this story. The reason is the similar pronunciation of "Chronos" with the name of the planet the ceremony is from. My dad gave me the idea.

The honeymoon will be left to your imaginations, if you really want to imagine it, but please don't ask me to write anything about it.

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