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Return of D-Reaper 6

Take Pride in Who You Are

Things seemed to get more difficult for everyone. The monster makers were working determinedly for a way to bring down the D-Reaper. There were dozens of agents of D-Reaper flying over the city, looking for Jeri. But Jeri wasn't about to be caught.

The news about Takato gave Jeri the determination to become a better tamer. She worked tiresly with her partner, cleaning the streets of D-Reaper agents and practiced for hours on Knealzemon's moves. All Jeri could think about was getting Takato back. It was driving her insane, wondering what was going on in his head while he was sitting there helpless in the belly of the D-Reaper. She had been there. She knew how he must be feeling at that moment. The circumstances might have been different but she knew what it was like to sit there, wondering if the world was going to be all right or it was total abomination out there.

She tried sending telepathic messages to Takato, letting him know she was thinking about him, telling him that they were going to save him and that everything was going to be okay. If anything were to happen to him she'd never forgive herself. Never. He meant so much to her. She never realized this until now.

"Takato," Jeri whispered, holding her digivice and looking out to the city "hold on. Just hang in there, for me. I'm coming…oh…Takato…"

She turned to see her digimon playing with Impmon. Knealzemon had him pinned on his back and he was shouting for help. Jeri laughed.

"Kneazlemon, I think Impmon's had enough," she said.

Ryo, Henry and Rika tried time and time again to get back to the real world but the way was made shut. Unless they got help from the outside, the y would be trapped in the digital world for good. How long were hey going to have to wait? It was driving them crazy. Rika kept going on how she felt so helpless. Henry did his best to keep her calm. Ryo was staring out to where the D-Reaper was hiding.

"I'm so mad! How many times do we have to fight this stupid thing before we actually defeat it?"

"We'll think of something," said Henry quietly. "I'm sure Dad's working on it right now."

Rika paced the ground. "I can't stand it. I can't just—just sit here and wait for them to rescue us!"

"We don't have much of a choice, Rika," Henry told her, "we can't get out."

"We've got to stop the D-Reaper," Rika muttered, "Renamon! Let's go!"

"No, wait!" Henry cried. "You can't go. It's too dangerous."

"What do you expect us to do, Henry?" Rika demanded. "Just sit here and wait? Well, I can't! We've got to get Takato out of there!"

"The-Reaper is more dangerous now," said Henry, "what if it takes you as a host too?"

"Then maybe I can help Takato out of there," Rika stated, "come on, are we tamers are not?"


"She's got a point, Henry," said Ryo suddenly, still staring at the chaos. "We're trapped here with the D-Reaper. It's using Takato to get stronger. What if it gets to Earth again? We've got to make sure it stays here."

"What if something happens?" Henry asked nervously.

"Hey, I've been here longer than any of you," Ryo turned around. "I never expected to come back home. I've learned a lot about how the digital works. We have to fight the D-Reaper so it won't delete everything. If we die…then it's a risk I'm willing to take."

"Come on, Ryo!" Henry exclaimed. "We can't put our lives in danger."

"We've done that!" Ryo barked. "We've always done that. There's a reason why we became tamers you know. We've got to protect the world from the D-Reaper. We're the only ones who can. How do you know that the D-Reaper won't keep its promise and continue to get Jeri?"

"Well, we don't," said Rika.

"We're the only ones that can biomerge," said Ryo, "and we're the only ones that can do anything. I don't think Takato would want us to just sit here."

Henry hesitated and ran his hand through his hair. "I just don't want anyone to get hurt."

"People will get hurt unless we do something!" Rika exclaimed. "Let's at least try and tell Takato we're doing what we can."

"Maybe we can help him," said Guilmon hopefully. "I don't know what to do without Takato."

"We have to do something," Renamon added.

"Oh, all right," Henry said, "let's go."

Takato felt so helpless sitting in the belly of the D-Reaper. He also felt bored and alone and scared. Giving himself up was pointless. He thought he was protecting Jeri by his sacrifice when in fact he put her in even more danger. The D-Reaper was still looking for her and now he just helped hit get stronger. He could only hope that when the agents found her, she'll be able to fight because he wouldn't be there to help her.

"Oh Jeri," he mumbled, "I'm so sorry."

Surrounded by the D-Reaper's agents, Jeri and the others were faced with another fight. Her attitude was different from all the previous digimon battles before. This was for the fight to survive, to protect people and it was about bringing Tatko back. It was painful and she wished she had to do it but she knew she had no other choice but to fight back. It was her duty to protect the ones she loved.

"You cannot hide from us, Jeri Katou," the agents said, "it is time for you to come back to us."

Jeri backed up. "Forget it!"

The D-Reapers came to her and Leonemon jumped in front of her tamer and sent her Fist of the Isis attack.

"You'll have to get through me first!"

Her attacked deleted the more miner agents but was not enough to destroy the others. The other digimon moved in to attack.

"Guardian Barrage!" shouted Guardomon.

His attack did nothing to the agents. With only one Mega, two Champion and one Rookie, they couldn't take this battle.

"It's time to digivolve!" Kazu exclaimed.

"Guardomon digivolve to…Andromon!"

"Lopmon warp digivolve to…Antylamon!"

"Impmon warp digivolve to…Beelzemon!"

Once digivovled, Beelzemon raised his guns at a Creep hands and fired. "DOUBLE IMPACT!"

The bullets destroyed Beelzemon and his tamers cheered.

"Way to go, Beelzemon!" Ai cried.

Beelzemon gave his tamers the thumbs up.

The fight between the tamers and the agents got intense. Neither party would give up. The blasts from both the agents and the digimon made a building fall apart and the debris was heading toward them.

"Oh no!" Jeri shouted, coming to her knees and covering her head. Leonemon acted quickly and shielded Jeri just as Beelzemon and Guardromon raised their guns.



In her attempt to protect her tamer, Leonemon's data began to upgrade.

Matrix Digivolution.


Leonemon was spinning in the matrix skin removed to the criss cross layering of her data. She came down onto all fours as her digivolution progressed. Her body was deep orange and her tail ended in a ball of razor sharp venom filled darts. Her human-like face had a wide mouth with double rows of teeth.


When the rocks were destroyed and the smoke cleared, the tamers witnessed Leonemen's Ultimate digivolution. They stared in surprise.

"Is that, Leonemon?" Kenta asked.

"Think so," Kazu mumbled.

Shocked to notice that she was still alive, Jeri took her hands from her head and looked about. She saw the underside of her digimon partner. There were four big furry feet with long claws around her. Her partner had grown nearly three times in size.


"Are you all right?" Mantimon asked as she looked down.

Jeri nodded mutely.

"Good," Mantimon rose her head back and bared her teeth. "Still feel like playing? You've just made it to the next level. THENALA BLAST!"

A bright orange blast merged from her mouth and her eyes, heading toward the agents in her path. A number of green hornstrikers blew up where they stood once the attack got them. Mantimon's Thenala Blast had a long range and went on for about of mile. She closed her mouth, looked at antother group of agents and sent another Thenala Blast attack. Hornstrikers, Creephands and other agents were deleted.

"Everyone," Mantimo said, waving her dangerous tail of darts. "Get down!"

Figuring what she was planning, other digimon and tamers ducked. Venom dripped from the tip of her darts as she readied her attack.


The long darts shot out of her tail with incredible speed. They flew the radius where the agents had them surrounded. Once her venom packed darts impaled themselves in the agents, they were deleted immediately. Mantimon shot more darts from her tail until the lesser ones were destroyed. The only agent that was left was the ADR7—the Parasite Head. It was large and pink in color covered in yellow mouths that was speaking in not Jeri's voice as before, but in Takato's. The words it was saying was even different.

"My fault," the Parasite Head was saying, "my fault. My fault. My fault."

"That's Takato's voice," Kenta stated.

Jeri gasped and got to her feet. "Stop talking in Takato's voice! You let him go!"

"My fault. My fault. My fault."

Jeri clenched her hands into fists. "It isn't Takato's fault. Takato, it's not your fault!"

"My fault. My fault. My fault."

"That is enough! You tell the D-Reaper that we're coming to set Takato free and it's not getting me back. It is over!"

A tendril with a camera attacted to it came out of the Parasite Head, heading toward Jeri. Mantimon growled and bit it off with her double rows of teeth.

"Leave, before we make you!"

The Parasite Head wasn't about to leave. The temars were going to have to use force.






Their combined attacks hurled toward the Parasite Head. The Parasite Head continued to speak in Takato's voice as it was slowly deleted. All that was left of it was one yellow mouth. It went from saying "My fault" to "Jeri."

"Let's see if the Monster Makers have come up with a plan yet ," Jeri said softly.

"SPIRIT STRIKE!" Sakuyamon sent her attack toward the Gate Keeper but her attack just bounced off the barrier.

"No, I don't believe it!" Rika hissed.

"Hold on, Takato!" Ryo shouted, "we're going to get you out!"

"Do you hear them, Takato," the D-Reaper said coldy. "They think they can save you!"

"I trust in my friends," Takato said in confidence. "While they're slowing you down in the Digital World, the other tamers and the Monster Makers are coming up with a plan to bring you down for good."

"You cannot stop us, Takato Matsuda," the D-Reaper told him.

"You've already made a mistake underestimating the tamers," Takato said through clenched teeth, fighting like mad to get free. "You'll see. It will just be a matter of time."



The attacks hit the gate and it rumbled. Takato felt the attack.

"Takato, can you hear us?" Ryo called.

"That sounded like Ryo," Takato mumbled.

"TAKATO!" Guilmon exclaimed.

"Guys!" Takato shouted. "The D-Reaper tricked me. They're still going after Jeri. You have to warn her!"

"It's too late!" Rika shouted. "Jeri and the others already know. We can't get to the real world. We're stuck here!"

"Stuck…here?" Takato moaned. "Darn you, D-Reaper! You're the cause of this, aren't you?"

The Monster Makers studied the venom in Mantimon's darts. It had the power cause instant death to flesh and blood creatures as well as digimon and anything with data. They decided to use it against the D-Reaper somehow but they were going to need lots of it. Meanwhile, the Tamers ould do nothing but wait. It bothered the hell out of them. They didn't feel like waiting. They had to bring the D-Reaper down. As the Monster Makers were doing their research, Jeri was talking with Kenta and Kazu outside the room.

"What are they planning to make out of Mantimon's darts anyway?" Kazu demanded.

"They're probably going to put it in a really big syringe," Kenta guessed and shrugged.

"Then we'll have to give the D-Reaper a shot?" Kazu raised an eyebrow.

"We'll, at least we're getting somewhere," Jeri said softly. "It was the Monster Makers that created Digimon and the D-Reaper in the first place, right?"

"Yeah, they did," Kazu said in a 'tell-me-something-I-don't-know' sort of way.

"So maybe they can find a way to destroy it," Jeri said hopefully. "Then the D-Reaper will meet its maker. Our digimon can't do it they were also created by the Monster Makers. Our digimon can only slow it down. We need the Monster Makers' help on this one."

"I just wish they'd hurry up," Kazu groaned, "we don't' know when the agents will be back."

"I know," Jeri sighed and shook her head. "We're just going to have to be very careful."

Mr. Wong came out of the room. The Tamers turned to him.

"Did you figure anything out?" Kenta asked.

"I think we're onto something," Mr. Wong answered with a smile. "Come inside."

"Awesome!" Kazu exclaimed as the three of them followed him into the room.

"We've analyzed the poison in Mantimon's darts," Mr. Wong explained, gesturing to a pile of Mantimon's foot-long darts on a large Petri dish-like device. "It is very potent and we're making copies of the poison. We can use it to destroy the D-Reaper."

"All right!" Kazu said enthusiastically. "What do we have to do?"

"Well, that's the bad news," Mr. Wong said with a sigh. "Someone has to deliver the venom to the D-Reaper from the inside."

The three exchanged glances. "That's dangerous," said Kenta weakly. "Isn't there another way?"

"We've been trying, Kenta," said Mr. Wong, "but this looks like the only alternative. We can't destroy the D-Reaper from the outside. We have to attack it from the heart."

"I'll do it," said Jeri suddenly.

"Jeri, no!" Kenta gasped.

"I've been inside it, Kenta," Jeri told him. "I know what it's like. I'll have better luck getting inside it than anyone. It's it wants. I can't let anyone else get hurt."

"We can't let you do that," Kazu said firmly. "Not after what happened. I can do it. I should take more responsibility."

"Thanks, Kazu," said Jeri, "but I've got to do this."

"Well, we're going with you," Kazu said.

"What Susie and the others?" Jeri asked. "You will have to stay with them."

"They'll have Lopmon and Impmon to take care of them," said Kenta, "we can't let you go alone."

"Don't even fight us on it, Jeri," Kazu said with a grin. "We're going with you whether you like it or not."

Jeri sighed and shook her head. "Oh, all right."

Kazu laughed and put his arm around Jeri. Jeri looked at Mr. Wong. "So what is it that I've got to do, Mr. Wong?"

Mr. Wong pressed a button and a long gun-like syringe came out from a cold chamber on the working table. "When you get in the belly of the D-Reaper, you have to give it a shot with this."

"Wow, I was right," Kenta said in amazement.

"Seems simple enough," said Jeri.

"Before that," said Daisy , turning in her seat. "You will have to destroy as many gent s as possible and weaken the D-Reaper."

"No problem," Kazu said with a grin. "You ready?" he looked at Kenta and Jeri.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Jeri answered.

Using their D-Powers, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta were able to enter through the gate to the Digital World. It wasn't like the way they remembered it. It really was falling apart.

"Let's try to contact the others," Jeri said.

"Good idea," said Kazu. He took out their communication device from his bag and tried contacting the other Tamers.

From another part of the Digital World, Henry's communicator started blinking. His face, though fuzzy, appeared on the screen.

"Kazu? Any news?"

"Yeah, we're in the Digital World with you guys," said Kazu, "we've come up with a plan to stop the D-Reaper. Where are you?"

After giving a description of their location, Kazu and the others headed for Henry, Rika and Ryo.

"I see them!" said Guilmon excitedly. "They're coming!"

After saying they're "glad you're still alive" Henry told them the news about the D-Reaper and Jeri explained how they were going to stop the D-Reaper. They were fascinated by the Monster Makers' logic but they were uneasy with Jeri being the one having to do the work.

"Are you sure, Jeri?" Rika asked. "You don't have to do it. Anyone of us can do it."

"You're wrong," Jeri insisted, "I have to do this. It's because of me we're in this mess."

"Jeri, you didn't create the D-Reaper," said Henry.

"I know," Jeri sighed, "I know but I have been inside the D-Reaper. I know how it works. You guys can fight it from the outside but I have to get inside. The D-Reaper won't let anyone else inside."

"Okay, if this is how you feel," Ryo said, "we'll be your backup."

"Thanks," Jeri said, "now let's go save Takato!"

Ryo led the tamers to the D-Reaper for the face off. If there was a time for Jeri to biomerge with Knealzemon, the time was now.

"You're going down, D-Reaper!" Rika shouted. "We've come for Takato and we're not leaving without him!"

"Do not be so sure of that, humans!" the Shinigami Reaper roared, slashing its scythes.

"Time to Digivolve!" Henry exclaimed. "DIGIMODIFY…BIOMERGE ACTIVATE!"

The tamers slashed their cards and biomerged with their digimon. Jeri looked at Knealzemon.

"We've got to try and biomerge, Knealzemon," she said.

Knealzemon nodded and they focused on what they wanted to do. Jeri thought about how her relationship with Knealzemon got better.

I never expected to become a tamer again and get another chance. But I know that friends that care about me. I've been where Takato is and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for his kindness. I want to use his gift and who him how grateful I am that he gave me this chance. I know better than anyone what he must be feeling right now trapped in the D-Reaper because I've been there.

"Knealzemon biomerge digivolve to…"

Jeri began to merge with her digimon. They were taken to a desert scene with fire. Their body became one and they were dressed in green. Silver armor came on top of the green clothing and an Egyptian Headdress came down on the Mega digimon's lioness-like head.


"Jeri and Knealzemon biomerged!" Kenta exclaimed.

"She looks like us," said Sakuyamon and Rika together.

"This is amazing," Jeri breathed from within Bastmon. She was standing in a yellow digital sphere. "All right, Bastmon, let's get to work!"

"With pleasure," said Bastmon and she held out her hand. An Egyptian percussion instrument called a sistrum appeared in her hand and she shook it.


There was a loud rattling noise that vibrated around the whole scene. The waves from the vibration caused the D-Reaper Agents to break apart whereas the sound gave the other tamers and their digimon confidence to win the fight. From within the D-Reaper, Takato heard the sound and it verified that his friends were with him. Only he didn't know Jeri was among them.

"That noise?" he wondered. "Where is it coming from?"

"Wow, I feel so brave," Kenta whispered. "How about you, Posidonmon?"

"Never better," his digimon replied and the electric eel around his torso began charging. "HIGH VOLTAGE!"

The eel uncoiled itself from Posidonmon's torso and wrapped itself around the sickle of the Shinigami reaper. With a burst of electricity, the sickle fell off and the eel returned to its master.

"ATOMIC RAY!" HiAndromon shouted and he sent his ray to the agents destroying them.

"We've got to break through the gate!" Ryo shouted. "JUSTICE BURST!"

The get rumbled but nothing happed.

"Try harder, human!" the D-Reaper roared.

"We will," said Henry.


The attack blew up some agents as it hit the gate keeper again. Bastmon and Sakuyamon looked each other.

"Perhaps we should attack it together," said Sakuyamon.

"Very well," Bastmon agreed, shaking her sistrum which was later replaced with a silver staff with what looked like an upside down bell on the top. The two Egyptian Goddess Digimon swirled their weapons and focused on their energy.


A blue and yellow blast formed together from the two female digimon and hit the gate keeper so hard it broke.

"Go, Jeri!" Rika said from inside Sakuyamon. "We've got your back."

"Thanks!" Jeri called and flew toward the womb of the D-Reaper. 'Almost there, Takato. Almost there.'

Something started to emerge from inside the D-Reaper. It was the T-Reaper but it no longer looked like Takato. Its body was a sick looking green and his eyes were red. His brown hair stretched out on end and he wore a black sort of jumpsuit.

"You've finally come to join us, Jeri!" he laughed as he flew toward her.

"Don't be so sure about that!" Jeri snarled as a basket appeared in her left hand. She spun around in the air and flames shot out of the basket.


Flames flew around everywhere, catching the T-Reaper's leg on fire. He soared away and the flames landed on other agents and on the D-Reaper. Laughing, the T-Reaper flew toward her again with his arms stretched out.

"Come where you belong!" his hands grasped onto Bastmon's throat. "Come out of there, Jeri!"

"NO!" Takato shouted from the inside of D-Reaper. "You let Jeri go!'

Bastmon lifted up her strong legs and kicked T-Reaper away from her.

"I will not let you control me again, D-Reaper," Jeri said. "Come on, Kneazlemon."

A semi circular shield called an aegis formed on Bastmon's wrist and she held it in front of her. "RAY OF RA!"

"NOOOOO!" The T-Reaper cried as he was destroyed. The great burst of yellow light went right through him, breaking him apart and tore a hole within the womb of the D-Reaper. Takato turned his face aside and closed his eyes to brace the impact.

"Takato!" Jeri shouted as she flew into the cavity. "I'm coming!"

Surprised to hear her voice, Takato looked up. He saw the beautiful mega digimon flying toward him. "Jeri? Is that you? Is that…the digimon I gave you?"

Bastmon landed into the cavity. She tore the tendrils holding him bound. "Takato, you've got to get out!"

"Jeri, you're here," Takato said breathlessly. "You're really here and—and you got to biomerge and—"

"No time for that!" Batson de-digivovled back to Jeri and Knealzemon. "The womb is about to seal itself back up. Get out of here!"

"I'm not leaving without you, Jeri!" Takato yelled.

"It's me the D-Reaper wants," Jeri insisted, "now go."

"Jeri, no," Takato persisted. "I can't."

"I'll be fine, now go!" Jeri pushed him out of the D-Reaper.

"No!" Takato cried, his tears flying in the air as he pummeled to the ground. "Jeriiiii!"

"I'm coming, Takato!" Henry shouted as Gargomon flew up to him and caught him in his big hands.

"We've got to save Jeri!" Takato said madly. "We can't let the D-Reaper hurt her again!"

"She knows what she's doing, Takato!" Rika insisted. "It'll be all right!"

"Jeri! Jeri!"

"It is good that you've returned to us, Jeri," said the D-Reaper as it reached its tendrils toward her.

"What makes you think I've returned?" Jeri demanded, pulling the syringe gun from inside her jacket and ramming the floor of the D-Reaper with it. It screamed in agony and Jeri released the deleting chemicals into the D-Reaper's system. The chemicals went through quickly like a ripple.

"No!" the D-Reaper yelled in pain and in frustration. "No, this cannot be!"

"What's happening?" Takato wondered. "Is it—is it?"

"Jeri injected some kind of venom in the D-Reaper to make it de-digivolve," Henry explained.

"But what about Jeri?" Takato demanded. "She didn't sacrifice herself, did she?"
"I—I don't know," Henry replied.

There were numerous explosions erupting from allover the D-Reaper. The Tamers moved back, calling for Jeri and Knealzemon. Their breath was taken away and their hearts stopped. Was Jeri alive? Were they ever going to see them again?

The dust cleared and Bastmon walked out onto the ground beneath them. She fell to her knees and the others hurried to her.

"Bastmon!" HiAndromon exclaimed. "Are you all right?"

"Fine," said Bastmon. "We biomerged just in time. We won't have to worry about the D-Reaper anymore."

Bastmon de-digivovled back into Jeri and Knealzemon again. Trying to hold back his tears, Takato ran to Jeri and threw his arms around her.

"Oh Jeri, I'm so glad you're all right!" he said.

"Of course I am," Jeri smiled, "you made me the best digimon in the world, Takato."

"Hey, what's that?" Gargomon inquired, spotting something on the ground. The others turned around to see what he was pointing at. Jeri bent down and picked it up.

"It looks like a computer disk," she said, "the D-Reaper de-digivovled back to its original state! Just a file on a disk."

"Then it really is gone," Kazu said.

"Yeah," Jeri breathed in relief. "It is."

The Monster Makers were amazed with the plan and glad that it worked. With the D-Reaper gone for got the Digital World was able to flourish. The Digimon were able to also stay in the Real World, though time to time they would need to return to the Digital World to recharge.

As Knealzemon and Guilmon played in the park, Jeri and Takato were sitting on a blanket discussing the D-Reapers return and destruction.

"I am so glad that we finally beat it," Jeri sighed in relief, lying on her stomach and looking at the grass. "And everything's back to normal."

"I'm so proud of you, Jeri," Takato said.

"You are?" Jeri asked, turning her eyes up at him. "What do you mean?"

"You were the one that did it," Takato told her. "You stopped it."

"Oh, don't start talking to me like I'm a hero," Jeri muttered. "I couldn't have done it without you. You created Kneazlemon for me. She's a great digimon." She sat up and put her arms around her legs.

"still, I'm proud of you," Takato said. "You were great. You showed great courage, sacrificing yourself like that."

"I just did what had to be done," Jeri said, "I couldn't let the D-Reaper take over you like it took over me."

"You certainly are a lot stronger."

"I am?"

"Yeah," Takato smiled, "I mean, you were strong then but I didn't know that was you in that digimon. I thought for sure you didn't want anything to do with your new digimon."

"I know," Jeri admitted, "I was afraid to get close to it after what happened to Leomon. Then when I heard that the D-Reaper had you I knew I had to fight, even though I didn't really want to."

"I think you're great," Takato praised. "You should take more pride in yourself, Jeri."

"Oh? Why?"

"Because I take pride in you," Takato said. "I really like you, a lot."

Taken aback, Jeri stared. Her eyes twinkled and her lips spread in a smile.

"Oh, Takato," she leaned forward, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. "You're the greatest. I'm glad you're safe because if something happened to you, I never would've forgiven myself."

Takato returned the kiss and took Jeri's hand in his. "Well, we're going to be all right, Jeri because we've got each other now."

Jeri squeezed his hand and a tear of joy came down her cheek. Wiping it away, she laughed and hugged Takato again. Everything was going to be all right now, as long as they had each other.


Whew! I'm glad I was finally able to finish this story! I changed Kneazlemon's mega to Bastmon as you have noticed because Bast was actually an Egyptian cat Goddess.

So sorry this story took so long to finish. As for "Don't Go Daddy" the Rika story I don't think I'll put it up. It may be on hold as I've got severe writers block for it and I'm working on others instead. If anyone else would want to take the story as a challenge, fine by me. Thanks!