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Providing Interest

by Shigure Sohma

"It was a beautiful day to be alive. The birds chirped, the bees buzzed around merrily, and the land

was coated in blooms and blossoms. Happy, peaceful clouds drifted lazily through the air as the sun

smiled from the sky. Little Lola laid on the top of a grassy knoll, her deep blue eyes full of happiness

and joy as a little hand reached up in a brave attempt to touch the sky, and a soft gust of wind caused

her light blonde hair to ripple in the breeze.

And somewhere in the midst of all of this beauty and grandeur, a cat was getting it's ass kicked."

In the eyes of Grand Master Novelist Shigure Sohma, a story is only as good as it's beginning. You

have exactly two paragraphs to grab someone's attention and make them want to read your book your

book. This is why, naturally, I start each and every novel with a steamy love scene. It is my humble

opinion that you can write the biggest piece of junk ever, and people will STILL read it in hopes of finding

something that good again later on in the novel. That, and people only buy books for steamy love scenes

anyway. So, it is my professional opinion that an attention-grabbing, hot, passionate, needy and sexy

opening helps readers to avoid wasting so much time on the bland, boring lovey-dovey stuff that normally

hide sex scenes between chapters 10 and 17.

On that note, one should also throw a sexy, steamy, knee-knocking love scene in at the end as well.

Why, you ask? Because everyone flips to the back page of a book before buying it out of the morbid

curious cat killing instincts (No offense, Kyo!) that lead us to want to know how the book ends before we

ever even read it. By providing yet another steamy sex scene at the end of the book, they will see that

and think, "Gee! That's swell. This author is extremely talented, and this book is just dandy." This will

cause you to earn a fan and, more importantly, sell a book.

On second thought, the best way to grab the interest of the reader would be to make the whole thing into

a huge sex scene. This way no matter what page they flip past (you know they ALWAYS flip through the

book to get a feel of it prior to buying), they will see the ever so attractive steamy sex scene.

And that, dear students, is how one attracts the interest of the reader.