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"Get up!" I heard my brothers call to me. "I'm up!" I mumble rolling over away

from the light now peeking through the window. I hate gettin up in the morning. "Get out

of bed!" Darry warned again. Darry seemed a little off but maybe it just that I am exremily

tired. I dragged myself out of bed and went down stairs to eat breakfast. "Hurry up and

get ready to go." Darry prompted me as I finshed my eggs. I hurried up and got ready.

We got into the truck and my oldest brother Darry, who is 22 drove Steve and my

brother Soda to the DX for work. After we dropped them off at work he took me to

school. I'm in the 9th grade. I was placed up a year ahead. I'm 14 years old and most of

my friends are older then me.

After a long and hard day at school I went out to wait for TwoBit. He was as

usual goofing around with another fellow greaser. When he spotted me he ran over

wearing a crazy grin. "Hey kid!" Two bit greeted me.. "Hey Two-Bit." I return. Two-bit

and I walked to my house.

"Wanna go catch a movie?" Two-Bit asked me. "Sure! I'd love to what movie? I

will ask as soon as Darry gets here. I have no home work so I see no reason not too," I

tell Two-Bit. "Its just one of those beach movies. The ones all the broads love,'' Two-bit

smiled probally dreaming about girls.

When Darry came home he did not look happy. I could not think of anything I

done so I guessed it was just a bad day at work and he would want his space any way.

"Hey Dar can I go to the movies with TwoBit?" I asked. "What do you think?" He

countered with a little anger in his voice. "Well im my opionion yeah I should be able to

go. I have no homework the house is cleaned. Amd I am not grounded," I announced.

"Well I don't agree with you. I think you are going to stay here. Maybe you should go put

your nose in a book and do a thing called studying,'' he spat at me.

"Come on Dar," I begged "I have all my home work done. I even aced my math

test. Please,'' I tried. "No. Now don't ask again." Darry told me. "Fine!" I say before

running off to my room. He always lets Soda do as he is he always a ass to

me? I got out my drawing stuff and started on a picture of a sunset. Twenty or so minutes

later I heard a knock on my door. "Can I come in?" Darry asked through the door.

"Fine!" I mumbled. 'I should have said no,' I thought to myself. "Hey Pony!" Darry said

as he sat on the ede of the bed. "What do you want?" I asked annoyed before he had a

chance to say anything else. " Sorry if i sounded so mean earlier." Darry begun. "Okay,

whatever." I said turning away from him. "The thing is I was having a bad day thats all."

Darry tried explaining. "Congrats" I mumble to prove my point in the fact that I don't care.

Darry stood up and left the room closing the door behind him.

I remained in my bedroom to finsh my drawing. A little while later I heard Darry

come up the stairs. He knocked on my door. Before I could say anything he opened the

door and stepped in the room. "Dinners ready." he said. "I'm not hungry,'' I say not even

looking at my brother.

"Now. I am not giving you a choice. Time to eat!" he said loosing his patients.

"NO i don't have to eat if i don't wanna." I say to him. Personally I was not hungry and I

was also pissed at Darry and did ot want to be around him. "Come on Pony." he pleaded.

"Nope." I say not backing down. He walked towards me and tried to pick me up so he

could carry me down stairs, but i just rolled away from him. "Oh, come on." he tried

again. "No i don't wanna!" I state for the tenth time that night.

He was starting to get very annoyed and angry. Suddenly he came over and

grabbed me by my arm and started dragging me out of the room. I grabbed onto the door

handle and held it tight. Darry kept tugging on my arm. My hand slipped and he lost his

balance and we tumbled to the ground.

My left arm was really hurting. I held my arm trying to ease the pain. I looked up

and saw Darry by my side. "Pony." he said worriedly. "Will you leave me alone?" I

screamed partly cause the pain and partly because I was annoyed. " No I wanna make sure

your okay." he said with general concern. He knelt down beside me before helping me to

my feet. I looked at my arm and it was pretty badly bruised.

"Your going to the hospital to have your arm evaluated." Darry said. "I don't

wanna go." I try even though I know I will loose. I just hate hospitals. " Well that is to

bad." he said. He lifted me up and carried me to the truck. We arrived at the hospital and

they checked my arm. They confirmed it was broken. Darry filled out all the papers. The

doctor gave me some pills to ease the pain.