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PPS- The lyrics used to the one-shot are from The Rocket Summer's "Never Knew".


Hello, Good Friend

Gar Logan was sitting lazily on the huge, brown couch, daydreaming his life away. A secret was burdening him so deeply, more than any wound could possibly inflict. He was thinking about a certain someone, and how this someone couldn't possibly know the pain they put him through.

"Why do you always blame me for everything? Why!"

"Because you are the one who always screws everything up!"

"Because you are the one who always screws everything up," echoed in Gar's mind, and the pain came back in sudden waves. No one deserved to be treated like he had. It was on many occasions too, not just once or twice…

I just ran into a few someones today
Someones that I never really knew
And I used to think how I had them all so figured out

The feeling of heartache quickly turned into anger. Gar sat up and walked into the hallway, quickly entering his room and walking back out, communicator in hand.

Back in living room, he flipped open the device and pushed several buttons.

A very-agitated Robin filled the screen, an impatient look on his face. "Yes, Beast Boy? What would you like?"

"I wanna talk. One-on-one. Mano y mano," Gar said sternly. "It's important to me, Robin."

"Can't this wait? I'm in middle of some-"

"No, it can't. This has to happen NOW."

Robin gave him another angry glance. "Fine. Meet me in training room in five."

Gar flipped down the communicator and took a long, deep breath. He was going to make Robin care, whether he liked it or not…

But no, none of it's true cuz I never knew you
and now the truth of it is, is I wanna be like you
So hello, good friend, I wanna be next to you
For my head for my heart for its true

Gar waited in the training room for what seems like hours, sitting with his head down on one of the pieces of equipment. Finally, the Boy Wonder entered the through the sliding glass door.

"Alright, Beast Boy, what's on your mind? I'm very busy today."

"That's the problem; you're ALWAYS busy," Gar said, looking up, trying not to his anger overtake him; he already went that route once before.

"I'm the leader, I HAVE to keep working constantly, or the Titans would fall apart," Robin countered, sitting next to the changeling. "What did I do to make you so mad?"

So I'm burning the thoughts of the things that I once said
Because you tore down the walls that the world has put inside my head
And I just get of sick of things that we think, we think we know

"I just…I don't know. I think you think I don't care about anything, that all I do is joke around and annoy people," Gar said hesitantly.

"Well, you are the team clown. You made yourself that way," Robin noted.

Gar stood up suddenly, his feelings hurt once again. "You don't know anything about me, Robin; that's the whole problem! You see me in a negative light, and I'm so sick of it!"

Robin just looked away. "You know you're just looking for sympathy."

Gar's eyes went wide, and any calmness he had left was gone. He grabbed Robin by the collar, surprising the masked teen. The changeling met Robin's gaze, emerald eyes burning.

"Don't you dare fucking call me a martyr, Dick! My life's been rough, but I accept things the way they are, because they happen for a reason! I'm the last person to complain about my life, and you don't see that! Do I have to rip my fucking skin off to show you the real me!"

So take me and save me and change me and then make me
And embrace me and then brave my heart for you
No, No, cuz I can't go on without you
And it's time for something new, oh

The changeling let go of Robin, crying softly. He sat down again, burying his face in his hands. Robin watched Gar for a long time, blinking back tears of his own. In that one simple moment, he had realized what he had done. Memories raced across his brain as he remembered every comment, every rude remark he had made to the changeling. The way Beast Boy looked up to him, looking for that leader…that friendship…

He scooted closer to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm…sorry, Garfield. You're one of my best friends. Deep down, I knew this all along. I got…wrapped up in my ego."

Beast Boy looked up, eyes red, a slight smile painted on his mint-green face. "Well, your ego isn't THAT big, at least not yet."

He leaned over and looked deeply into the Boy Wonder's masked eyes.

And as they as strolled along
My heart broke out in song
From all the things and the thoughts and assumptions that I had wrong
See now I'll be on my way to make this claim
I'll make it famous in everyway
I'll make it stay when I will say that...

"Gar...I…" Robin began, and was stopped when the changeling kissed him, so suddenly and yet so right. Robin's eyes went wide with pure shock, but a moment later, he returned the affection.

When they broke, Dick looked at the green teen, in wonderment; speechless.

"You loved me all along, didn't you?" Gar asked, tears, this time of hope, rolling down his cheeks.

"I hid it from myself and everyone else," Robin admitted, looking into those shining emerald eyes. "But now, I feel free. I'm…free."

No, none of it's true cuz I never knew you
and now the truth of it is, is I wanna be like you
So hello, good friend, I wanna be next to you
For my head for my heart for its true

Gar's smile gleamed so beautiful, the passion so real. "How will the others take this?"

Robin shook his head, returning that radiant smile. "You analyze things too much…Robin," he said jokingly.

Gar got the joke Dick was making, smiling even wider, if that was possible. The two teens kissed once more, the evening sun casting a glowing aurora around a love discovered…

So hello, good friend, I wanna be next to you
For my head for my heart for its true

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