Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-gi-oh, do you think I would be writing something partially in response to plot holes?

This is a sneak peak of one of the two stories I want to work on after Forgiveness ends, which is still a long ways in the future. This one is heavy angst, or at least as angsty as I do. The other is fluff/comedy, mostly. I am currently leaning towards this one, as it is more developed, but the end of Forgiveness is months away, so I might end up doing the other one. I'll do the prologue/first chapter of that one as soon as I have it more established.

Like I said, don't ask me for updates, although if you want this to be the one I pick to write, let me know. It will be Y/Y, as will the other one.

As it says in my bio, where the plot bunnies for this and the other one have been up for a while, this was inspired by a story where Yami is a delusion. What if he were the only one in touch with the real world?



MILLENNIUM ITEMS: A set of seven Egyptian talismans also known as the Mahkoa kha renput, or Charms of a Thousand Years. They were created by the Egyptian High Priests (see SHADOW MAGES, LINEAGE OF RA) approximately three thousand years ago. According to what sources remain, the talismans increased the Priest's power in the SHADOW GAMES. Soon after their creation, a cataclysm struck Egypt. It is suspected that an arch-demon somehow gained entry to this universe, and was somehow defeated. Little is known because the next Pharaoh, Seth (the previous Pharaoh, whose name is unknown having died in the cataclysm), ordered all records destroyed and hid the Items away. Two branches of the TOMBKEEPER CLAN are responsible for the guardianship of the items.

The research of DR. EDWARD HAWKINS in the 1800s confirmed the account of PLATO. The items, upon being given to a proper bearer, fulfill that person's wishes. However, they do not do this in the real world, but in a fantasy world the person now existes in, believing it to be real. To avoid the person dying as a consequence of not taking care of their body, the Items create a SHADE out of the person's previous unhappiness, who assumes the role of the person, carrying on with their life. The SHADEs are endowed with certain powers, which ones being dependant on which Item they hold. Thorough interviews with the six shades existing at the time, he established that all their 'other selves' were living in an world identical to the worlds the others were living in. He unwisely attempted to break them free of that world, only to die in the attempt, but before dying he wrote the warning that the Items had a mind of their own, created the world their victims were trapped in for reasons of their own, and would kill any who interfered with their plans.

Later tests confirmed that the Items were the physical anchor of a divinity-level mass entity (see SPIRIT CLASSIFICATIONS), whose power was of the DARK affinity, but what was not actually demonic, but human-derived. Little more is known. Several have devised plans to gain access to the Items' powers without falling victim to their trap, but they have all died. Unlike most DARK entities, the Items are not overtly malevolent. However, a wise magician will avoid them at all cost.

-ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE MAGICAL, 178th edition. Compiled by order of the Lord of Lyr. Lumen Durus.


Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Motou Yugi. Due to having been born prematurely, he was small and weak.

His parents, perhaps disappointed with their only offspring, spent most of their time on business trips, leaving him alone in their house.

He was viewed as a weakling, and a nerd as well, for his obsession with games. His only friend was another 'weirdo', a girl who was also of a rich family that was disappointed with her, because instead of getting straight A's and climbing the social ladder like the Mazakis expected a proper daughter to do, the only thing she was interested in at all was dance.

They had formed an alliance of the unwanted, which made their parents at least a little happy with them. They were expected to wed and merge their families as soon as they got out of high school. They didn't bother to disabuse them of the notion.

The boy had a treasure, that he worked on whenever his parents' mix of demands and inattention became too much. It was an ancient puzzle, a valuable Egyptian antique, that his parents had bought as a status symbol and ignored since then. They didn't know he had it, but why would they care?

As he worked on it, day after day, he dreamed. He wished he had someone to look after him every day, real family. He wished he could spend all the time on games he wanted, instead of being forced to join sports clubs and other more respectable pastimes, which he was physically incapable of being good at.

He wished for more friends, tough guys that would help him out, respect him instead of treating him like dirt. He envied Jounouchi-sama, the class president and soccer captain, and his right-hand man Honda-san. Sometimes he wanted to be them and sometimes he wished they weren't so perfect, so he didn't feel like nothing in comparison.

He wished for a girlfriend, like everyone else had, or so it seemed to him, a pretty, popular girl who would never laugh at him, like even Anzu did sometimes, although she didn't mean it cruelly. She viewed him as someone to talk to, but she had her own life to live, was caught in a battle that had little to do with him. He wanted someone who would live for him only.

He wanted adventure. He wanted someone to look up to, someone who really cared about him. He wanted to be the strong one.

And one day, he solved that puzzle.

And thus, our story begins.


"Look, I. Am. Not. Yugi. What part of this don't you understand?"

A ruby look of contempt met the stares of the overdressed man and the vulgar woman (the beautiful one's parents? Surely not, no matter what one set of the granted memories said) who stared and backed away.


Possible next major project NO. 1. Other is Peace By the Sword. Well?

Y/Y, of course. As you may have guessed, Yugi's fantasy world is the show. Jou and Honda and Anzu will not have much to do with the real life side.

But you will get to meet the 'real' thems, and other characters as well. After Forgiveness, if this one is the one I pick to do first.