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Yugi blinked. He had just gone to bed, but he didn't feel sleepy at all. And why was his room so bright? He raised a hand to shield his eyes as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

Oh. He was in his soul room. He smiled, looking around at the brightly colored toys. He'd always liked coming here, it was his favorite sort of place. Well, that made sense, he liked himself so of course he would like his own mind.

The main reason, though, that he had always liked coming here was that he got to see Yami then. He looked across at the door, remembering opening it and going across the corridor into the maze room that was both Yami's mind and the Millennium Puzzle. But the Puzzle was long gone.

Yami with it. He should be happy for Yami, he was in heaven right now.

But that heaven wasn't the real living world. It wasn't here with Yugi.

He'd missed him. He'd always reached for the Puzzle in the morning, he'd had to relearn how to balance without that heavy weight around his neck. It seemed like everything was different now he didn't have that voice in his mind.

He should be thankful it was over. There had been a lot of danger, and he was sure Yami would be proud of how well he was doing, winning tournaments on his own and everything. He was so strong now because of Yami.

He should stay in bed here and wait until this little dream was over and he woke up in the real world. He definitely shouldn't walk across the room to open the door and peer out of it to where Yami's door had once been.

He needed to make a clean break. It was over, and now his story had begun. Yami wouldn't want him to cry, despite everything he now wished he had said to Yami.

He looked at the door and willed his eyes to dry.

The door swung open.

In a flash Yugi was out of bed and in those arms. "Yami! But I thought you were in heaven! What are you doing here in the real world? Or, at least, in my Soul Room?" He chattered on excitedly. "I'm so happy to see you, I missed you so much! I have so much to tell you!" So many things he had wished he had said.

A finger was put to his lips. "I know." Yami smiled. "I never stopped watching over you."

Somehow, Yugi was disappointed. Part of him had wanted to go it alone. Things felt strange, like they weren't the way they were supposed to be. "That's great, I'm happy you still were, but I wanted to tell you everything I've done." He pouted.

Yami laughed. "I would never leave you alone."

"I'm glad, Yami." Yugi smiled. "I have to tell my friends." He paused. "I hope this isn't a dream. I'll be really unhappy in the morning if it is." He poked Yami.

"Why did you do that, Yugi?" Yami asked.

"I felt that. Pinch me." He would treat this like an experiment.

Yami laughed and pinched his cheek. Yugi flinched back. "Not so hard! I hate when Grandpa does that." Pouting.

Yami smiled softly and then kissed his pursed lips.

Yugi jumped back. "Ya.. Yami, why did you do that?"

"I'm sorry. Did I startle you, Partner?" Yami was worried.

"Yes, you startled me, but I'm fine," Yugi reassured him. "I just didn't expect you would feel the same way about me that I do about you."

Yami smiled. "I've loved you for a long time, Yugi. I only wasn't free to say it."

Yugi understood. "I was afraid to say it too. I mean, there I was sharing a body with you. What if you were disgusted? I wouldn't be able to leave you alone if you didn't like me."

"I would never reject you," Yami assured him, closing the gap between them. "You are my partner, Yugi."

Yugi smiled. "I was always glad to be your partner. Why are you here?"

"I am still connected to you." Yami hugged him and spoke into his ear. "We are shadow and light, we are one."

"Huh?" Yugi blinked. Have Yami explain later. What sort of name was Yami, anyway? Why did he pick that to have Yugi call him? It wasn't Egyptian, Yugi had checked. It sounded like some other foreign language, but why hadn't Yami picked something in English? Or was it just a random sound? "We have some sort of mystic bond? I knew that." His arms tightened around Yami. "It always felt so right that you were there."

Yami nodded. "And now we will be together forever."

"But won't you get bored? Lonely, with all your friends in wherever spirits go to? What did you use to do all day, when I didn't need you?"

"I will be fine. I have… things that need my attention. I was a Pharaoh, after all."

"Am I taking time away from your duties? I'm sorry." Yugi sighed. He had wanted Yami all to himself, like in the old days.

"I will always have time for you, Yugi. Other things can wait. And I can always return to the other world. Maybe you would like to come with me to it sometimes? The Egyptian afterlife is almost exactly like the real world."

"I know, I read books. You had things made so you could pick up your life where you left off, with servants and everything." Yugi nodded. "Remember when I did all that research for you? Remember Ishizu's exhibit?"

"I remember." Yami nodded.

"We saw that tablet with the real you there." Yugi smiled. "It was so cool. You were a game king back then, just like you are now." It was his title now. No! He didn't want to claim it when Yami had earned it. Not just because Yami had gone away. Yami was back now.

Yes. Yami was here now.

Yami laughed. "I'm not quite a king in that world, merely wealthy. Few know who I am. I am among the dead of the modern day, not five thousand years ago, after all."

"But what about your friends? Seth, and Mana, and Mahaado?" Yugi looked sad for him.

"They are there, just as you saw in the doorway." More and more past item-bearers had been found by Bakura's searching.

"I'm glad." Yugi smiled and snuggled.

Yami kissed his hair. "Yami?"

"Yes, Yugi?"

"Would you kiss me? For real? On the lips? I mean… do you love me-love me, or am I just your partner? I won't mind if you say we're just friends, you've always been a great friend, but…"

Yami shushed him. "We already went over this, Yugi. Yes, I love you. I have since you awakened me." Created him.

"I just was nervous. I mean, I was such a little shrimp before I solved the Puzzle and you started helping me. I was a nobody with an obsession with games. I would have inherited Grandpa's shop, the Puzzle would have been my memento of him, and I would never have gone anywhere or done anything special. But I helped you save the world! I've done so many amazing things and have so many great friends." Yugi squeezed Yami happily. "It's more than I ever dreamed of and it's all thanks to you.

Yami laughed. Was there a tinge of nervousness in that laugh? Yugi decided of course there wasn't. Why would there be? "I'm so happy to have met you, Yugi. I couldn't have done any of it without you, you know."

Yugi shook his head. "No, it all would have been a lot easier if you'd had someone better than me."

"You're wrong, Yugi."

"I let you down during the match with Pegasus. I almost lost you. If I had been stronger… I wished I was stronger. But now I am, aren't I? Strong enough to beat you. Only I didn't want to beat you. I had to. So you would move on and be happy. Happy without me."

"I could never be happy without you. It was so painful to only watch you. I wanted to come back and talk to you so much."

"Why didn't you?" Yugi looked up at him. "It's been weeks. I was so sure you were gone for good."

"You seemed so happy with your new life. I wasn't sure it would be a good thing to intrude. You were doing so well on your own, I didn't want you to become dependant on me. But see? You are perfectly capable of surviving without me." A smile.

Yugi pouted. "I don't want to survive without you! It was great, but you were missing. It wasn't perfect without you here. But now you are here, and everything's perfect! I'm sure if there are any problems we can solve them together."

"Yes." Yami kissed Yugi's hair. "Together, we can do anything." The familiar words fell from his lips. Yugi smiled to hear them.

"You always told me to trust in my friends, that they would never let me down. I should have trusted in you. You would never leave me, right Yami?"

"Right, Yugi. Never." Squeeze.

"Would you kiss me again?" Yugi tilted his face up.

Yami shifted his arms. "Of course, Yugi." He bent his face down to meet Yugi's lips.

They kissed.

It was as simple kiss at first, lips pressed against each other. Yugi was the first to grow bolder and pull back. "Could we, I don't know, make out?" He blushed.

"You want a real kiss? Than that is what you shall have." Yami's lips captured his.

Yugi was always so easy for him to read, so it was simple to tell what made Yugi react. He shifted his lips and held him tight, letting his tongue come out to meet Yugi's.

They were both inexperienced, but they knew and loved each other, and that made all the difference.

They didn't have to breathe in the Soul Room, so it was a while before Yugi pulled back. "Wow." He took a deep, symbolic breath. "I heard about how kissing was so great, but I never really believed it. I mean, it's just lips touching. It sounded kind of boring. I mean, those lips could be talking instead, and I love to hear you talk. Your voice is sort of like mine, but so much deeper. I could listen to you talk for hours."

Yami smiled, taking one of Yugi's hands in his. "Do you want to talk? We have until morning."

"You have to leave then?" Yugi's eyes widened with disappointment.

Yami shook his head. "You have school, remember? We can still talk."

"But we couldn't kiss, when I'm out of my Soul Room," Yugi realized. "I want to kiss, then. I want to hug you." He blushed, clearly wanting to do other things, but not in their first night together. "I'm so glad you're back, Yami."

"I am glad to talk to you as well. The only times I could before were mostly when there was some urgent danger. You are safe now."

"Why didn't you talk to me more? I always wondered. Sometimes I thought you were avoiding me. I had to figure out you were after your memories on my own."

"I didn't want to worry you?" Was that an excuse?

Yugi decided not to ask. Let Yami keep his secrets, as long as he loved Yugi. Everything was perfect, as long as Yami loved him.

He would make this an even better heaven for Yami than the real one, so Yami would stay here with Yugi all the time.

Here in their Soul Room would be his heaven too. This wasn't a real place, but it was real enough to be perfect. Their Utopia.

Here where he could touch and love Yami, and tell him of all his triumphs out there in the real world.

He had missed Yami so much, but now everything would be perfect.

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