Where the hell did this come from? Please read and review. Sucky poetry at it's worse. Actually...I kind of like it. This one is NOT random. It's bittersweet. So there. And also, sorry that the format is screwed up. Fanfiction won't let my put a) dividers b) spaces c) lines d) pizza on it.

Love Lolly.

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A man of death.

Ghost of a man.

Forbidden passion.

I know we can.

Time stands still,

For you, my dear.

Time shows no mercy,

And yet, you're here.

Jesse, a love,

As strong as this,

Can conquer time.

We both know this.

Obstacles may stand,

To block our path.

But hand in hand,

We'll kick some ass.

My heart beats fast,

When I think of,

My future with you.

All I see if love.

Time is cruel,

To make us meet.

The dead and the living.

Young and obsolete.

It tears me apart,

When I realize,

That we can't last.

Tears brim my eyes.

All I want is you,

But we both know,

It doesn't always go,

How we want it to go.

All my life I've been,

Under this curse,

Seeing angry ghosts,

And sometimes worse.

You are the one.

My salvation.

You every hope.

My desperation.

I need you to live.

You are my breath.

In good and bad.

In life and death.

It sometimes seems,

Like my hopes are in vain.

The day you leave,

Would be my worst pain.

I know this all well,

And yet, I still am,

Hopelessly in love.

With a dead man.

I lose myself,

In your deep, midnight eyes.

I melt at your gaze.

I'm immobilized.


Rains down on me.

Logic and reason.


I don't care about it.

Nothing whatsoever,

All I want is you.

Mine, forever.

It's not fair how the sky,

Gets darker each day.

How my world spins fast.

How it won't be okay.

This cross I bear,

Love for a ghost,

Is what I know,

Will hurt me the most.

Deep in my heart,

I still have faith,

That this prophesy,

Will guide our way.

Encase my lips,

In a bittersweet kiss.

My purgatory,

My eternal bliss.

I love you, Jesse,

If time quells our quest.

We'll stand up strong.

We'll withstand the test.

Immortal love.

I'd die for you.

We WILL find a way,

If we stay true.

This is a magic ,

That we are pursuing.

My one and only.

My undoing.

My laughter, my life.

My heart, my tears.

My sigh, my scream.

My courage, my fears.

A man of death.

Ghost of a man.

Forbidden passion.

I know we can.

We can.

And we will.