'Naaalala ko ang mga gabing

Nakahiga sa ilalim ng kalawakan

Naaalala ko ang mga gabing

Magkatabi sa ulan'

-Jeepney, Spongecola


He stares in enthrallment as she thumbs through her long, semi-curly dark hair, pale fingers running through the lush locks of her midnight colored mane. He reaches out with his hands to touch for a brief moment.

His finger brushes against a strand, and he waits for her permission. She nods, and he sees a smile on her appealing face. Slowly, he caresses her head, skillful fingers working their soothing magic on her. She sighs in bliss as he nuzzles her face audaciously—more than what she expected, and what he expected.

She looks up, locks gazes with the figure in front of her, and her own self is what she sees before he covers her view.

Narcissism of the sort was what the mirror inspired in people, therefore it might be better if she did not actually look at her own reflection.

However, he loved her because of her looks. She could not imagine what would happen when she is old.

Would he love her with the same passion as he did now?

She lets out a strangled sob and pushes him away fiercely, burying her face in her hands. He stares at her in confusion this time, watching her shake and tremble out of grief and pain, an epitome of a girl carrying the weight of a wisdom she could not share with others. They wouldn't understand. He wouldn't understand. She herself did not comprehend everything.

All she could do is cry right now.

They would never understand.


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