You say you're willing to die for love but you know nothing about dying and you know nothing about love!



"Hey," his deep voice rumbled as he surveyed the situation for a few moments.

She was irritated at him, as if the stiff body language gave most away, her normally bright face, was dark.

"Back from work?" she asked sarcastically, playing with the coffee mug.

His rumpled hair fell across his forehead and the flicker of surprise wandered over his face.

"I don't understand why you're so upset...I mean I understand, but its nothing... she works at the firm," he trailed off; fighting was not on his list of things to do tonight.

"She doesn't look old enough to be served in a bar, let alone a lawyer. " Kirsten counted with the hint of jealousy peaking out of her voice.

"She's thirty-three, she graduated Berkeley four years after you did," he snapped, defending her.

"What's her favorite color?" she replied just as sarcastic as the first comment.

"Pink," he replied just as satirical.

Kirsten looked away disgustedly, agitatedly.

Then she sighed.

They hated fighting-it just wasn't them.

"Aw, Kirsten . . ." he sighed dejectedly moving closer to the couch, to her.

"Sandy, she countered softly, I'm not saying anything's going on . . . "

"Good because you spent the weekend painting Jimmy Coopers house and I didn't say a word cause I knew nothing was going on."

She looked away from him; if he only knew what Jimmy had pulled he would be pissed. The whole Jimmy Cooper thing always got him riled up. She tried explaining once that Jimmy was the past, and Sandy her future.

"Right?" he asked, hurt edging out of his voice.

"Right of course," she blew it off meeting his gaze, matching it.

"So what were you two doing together tonight?" he asked inquisitively.

"Jimmy's got custody issues with Julie," she said defensively, maybe a little to defensively.

He looked at her oddly, dismissing it and muttered, "I guess we're all having issues."

She looked at him expectedly, really she wanted nothing more than to climb into his arms on the couch, kiss him softly, and fall asleep in his arms.

"So what are we gonna do? I have to work with this woman," his tired voice rang out in their living room, his gaze meeting hers, the lawyer in him preparing for another round.

She softened slightly, surprising him. "I trust you." She should since he had done nothing wrong.

"Okay, I trust you," he replied, his gaze never leaving her striking features.

"Okay," she said, nodding her head to their mutual agreement.

He was tired, and he trudged his way up the steps to their bedroom. He kicked his shoes off into a corner of the room, and that was about it. He didn't bother with a shower, he barely managed to un-tuck his shirt before crashing on the bed, lying on his back. His wife. His job. Julie Cooper. Jimmy Cooper. Ryan, Marissa. He was worn out.

"Five minutes, and I'll change," he said audibly to no one and closed his eyes.

Kirsten walked up the stairs to their bedroom and smiled as she saw the sight before her. Her husband lay flat on his back sound asleep.

She walked over to his side of the bed and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Sandy? Honey, I need you to wake up," she said softly tugging at his shirt.

He groaned, but complied as he let her undress him. She took off his shirt, leaving the white tee on and stripped him down to his boxers.

"Not exactly the way I thought the evening would end," she whispered softly as she climbed under the covers and cuddled up against him.

One strong arm slid underneath her and she rested her head on it, using it as her pillow, the other slid across her waist, a hand on her flat stomach, her back against his chest, listening to his heart thump against her. Being pressed as close as possible to him, that was what she wanted. The safety of Sandy Cohen's embrace made her tremble. She intertwined his hand with hers and she felt him smile against her back.

"I'm sorry gorgeous, but I love you," his deep voice rumbled softly against her shoulder, and he placed a gently kiss there.

She smiled, "I love you too."

Sandy sure had his moments sometimes, but he was where she belonged, and where she felt safe and comfortable. She knew how lucky she was, and she thanked the higher ups everyday for him. He challenged her, sometimes to the point where it irritated her and she wanted to tell him to piss off, but more so than she would ever admit, she loved it.