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"So...where did you say we were going to sleep?" Helga asked, plopping herself into a beanbag in between Arnold and Phoebe. She was still slightly embarassed, and had tried her best to scrub the remains of her eyeliner from her face on the sleeve of her sweater.

"I guess we could just sleep on these bean bags..." Phoebe suggested again.

"What if it gets cold?" Gerald asked.

"I don't think it will. The heaters have been on all week, and the only time they turn them off is on Saturday night before they close it for Sunday. I think we're all be fine, plus we're all wearing long sleeved," Phoebe pointed out.

The group shrugged in agreement. Rhonda thought a moment, then glanced around the small kids section they were sitting in.

"Where's Curly?" she asked.

"Oh no..." Arnold moaned.

"He's probably out getting himself into another near-death experience," Helga laughed.

"Maybe we should go find him. I don't trust that kid alone..." Gerald frowned. Before they could make up their minds, the lights above them flickered on for a split second, then off.

Covring their eyes from the sudden lights, they groaned.

"What the crap...?"

"Maybe a custodian is still here!"

"Maybe it's a ghost...!"

They stood up, and began to walk towards the stairs, in search of who messed with the lights and Curly.

Halfway down the stairs and heading to the first floor, Curly came running up to them with a grin on his face.

His face had smudges of sut and dirt, and his sleeves were rolled halfway up his arms. His hands had grime on them as well.

"Hi guys!" He greeted them. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"Well we WERE looking for you.." Helga said.

"What happened to you?" Arnold asked. Curly grinned again and wiped his fingers on his pants.

"I tried to fix the lighting," he told them happily. The gang looked disappointed that there was no one else in the library but themselves.

"Where was the light switch?" Rhonda asked curiously. Curly shrugged indifferently.

"In the basement," he replied.

"The basement? You went down there by yourself?" Rhonda's eyes widened in disbelief. Curly paused and looked at her to see if she was serious.

"Yeah, I went down there," he said in a slightly mocking tone, and lowered his eyebrow.

"My cousin's a mechanic," he said. "So I thought I knew a thing or two about that kinda stuff," Curly told them.

Everyone but Curly groaned in disappointment. Arnold let out a loud exagerated sigh.

With his hands in his pocket, he began kicking invisible dirt from the thin teal carpet with the tip of his worn converse. Helga kept her eye on him with a small smile on her face.

Rhonda yawned.

"I'm tired. What time is it?" Phoebe glanced at her watch.


"We might as well just go to sleep. That'll pass the time at least..."

"Are you kidding me? It's too EARLY to even think about sleep! I'm not even tired!" Curly exclaimed. Everyone figured. Curly was an obsessive insomniac who got two hours of sleep maximum each night. Rhonda rolled her eyes.

"Well while we're sleeping, then YOU can arrange that shelf you failed to complete not so long ago," Rhonda snapped with a small smile.

Twenty minutes later they had bean bags and pillows from the Children's Reading Area. They didn't have blankets. They'd have to do without.

The girls laid in one area, while the guys laid several yards away, near the large open windows.

There was a long, restless silence. Helga closed her eyes and rested her arms behind her head.

Thirty seconds from sleep, she heard a farting sound and a muffled laughter. Then she felt a crumpled paper bounce off her shoulder. She sighed loudly.

"You guys..." Rhonda warned.

It was going to be a long night.


Rubbing my eyes for what seemed like the millionth time that night, I sat up. Despite the fact that I was sleeping on mats, my back hurt like a bitch. I glanced at my watch but I couldn't read it. It was too dark.

Intending to turn on the light on my watch, I accidentally clicked the alarm button. The damned thing went off almost waking everyone and it scared the shit out of me! I waited for a few seconds for their reaction, but nothing happened. I could sense someone was still awake but I didn't know who. I shifted my legs, then stood up to leave.

My legs felt funny from lack of movement, and I almost fell at first, but I caught my balance. I walked farther down the library out of sight from everyone else and sat near one of the windows. I was exhausted but for the life of me I couldn't fall asleep.

I rested my elbo on the bench and stared out the huge window. I couldn't beleve how crazy downtown Hillwood looked at night with no cars or people or anything. Weeiiirdd.

I thought about Arnold and Helga, and couldn't help but to laugh out loud. They were such a cute couple and it was insanely obvious that they both have the hotts for eachother. Okay so maybe with Arnold, it's not AS obvious, but I'm not blind for crying out loud. It's not like I can't see his eyes trail after her everytime she leaves the room or anything.

Why they weren't dating was beyond me. Suddenly I saw a small green light from where the rest of them were sleeping. At first I gasped, then I realized it was one of the guys. I could see the sillouette. It didn't have the stack of hair, or the football head so I knew it was Curly.

I grinned, and Curly approached with a big grin on his face too. He flipped off his watch light and sat next to me and casually placed his hands behind his head. I could see the moon on his face and he didn't look the slightest bit tired. I knew he was an insomniac. His hair was ruffled up from trying to sleep and he wasn't wearing his glasses.

It was amazing how you don't know how good-looking someone is until you actually look at them. Oh my gosh, did I actually just think that? Wow...it's not like I LIKE him or anything. Sure he's really cool and has an insane sense of humour, but it's not like...

"Sup, princess?" Curly grinned for the millionth time. He always had a grin on his face. I loved it. Okay Rhonda, just screw it. Give it up. Whats the use of denying it? I told myself, and I was glad I made that discovery too. Is it my fault he has that jet black hair and those deep black eyes? No not really. So I can't blame myself. It's okay, right? I shouldn't feel BAD for liking him, and I didn't. But does he like me too? It's possible, I suppose, but maybe not. The only time I really talked to him was during biology class and keyboarding.

"Hey," I answered. Oh great. Now it was going to be all akward now that I've decided I LIKE him right before the conversation.

"I can't sleep. It's still way to early." Curly scratched his head and stared out the window.

"Curly do you have a girlfriend?" I burted thoughtlessly. I could have killed myself for asking that. But it was okay. I was in a crazy crazy mood.

I looked over at Curly, and he gave me a strange small smile. I'm not sure what it meant.

I think it meant he didn't.

11:29 p.m

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