Oh kay this is my first Fruits Basket fanfiction. I have done one Inuyasha fanfiction but that's it so be nice. I will try to do my best to keep the characters personality the same but I can't promise anything. I've read the first five mangas and I watched the anime series. This fanfiction is taking place after the anime and it being based off the anime as far as the information goes. If you are one of those people who prefer the information based off the manga I suggest you dont read any further. Now with that settled on to the story.

Chapter 1

A normal day...yeah right

" Come on you damn rat I'll take you one right now! " Kyo challenged Yuki. It was the same old same old fight between them. Yuki had made a comment on how stupid Kyo was thus making him angry and starting another fight. Kyo threw the first punch. Yuki dodged easily. Like all the other fights Kyo ended up getting thrown through the door. Shigure came into the room.

" I wish you two would stop destroying my house. " Yuki apologized but not without saying it was Kyo's fault. Kyo walked into the house just as Tohru had finished preparing dinner. Everyone sat down. Tohru on one side of the table Kyo in front of her, Yuki next to him and Shigure on the end of the table near Tohru. Kyo saw what had been made...leeks. He was about to complain when he saw that Tohru had made a special plate for him that didn't have leeks. It had salmon and some other kinds of fish. He smiled one of his rare smiles. Tohru looked at him and smiled as well. Yuki and Shigure were wrapped up in their own conversations. To busy to notice Kyo's smile.

" Um, thanks Tohru for not giving me leeks. " Kyo mumbled quietly to Tohru. She simple smiled.

" It was no problem, I know how much you hate leeks. " She continued to smile. Kyo smiled again and then ate. When dinner ended Shigure retreated to his room and Yuki said he was going out for a while. Tohru began to clean up. Kyo helped her. He decided that it was the least he could do after all that she's done for them and because she was still staying even though she and witnessed his grotesque form. He was greatful that she was. She had brought warmth into the house. Tohru seemed surprised that he was helping.

" What, is it a crime to help? " Kyo asked in a sarcastic tone.

" No no it's not it's just that I didn't expect you to help me uh um i'm sorry. " Tohru started to go into histerics with her "I'm sorry." Kyo just shook his head.

" It's okay god, you don't need to flake out. I'm helping because... well I have my reasons. " Tohru smiled.

" Okay. " Tohru started to do the dishes. Kyo was drying. Kyo was lost in his thoughts and recalling memories. He didn't even notice that they were finished with the dishes. Tohru stared at him a moment. She was beginning to wonder what he was thinking about that left him so oblivious to what was going on around him.

" Kyo? " She touched his forearm. He jolted back into reality. "oh I'm sorry did I startle you?"

"Uh no it's okay. Okay maybe I was startled a bit. " Kyo admited.

" Is everything okay? You seemed to be pretty deep in thought " asked a concerned Tohru. Kyo could hear the concern in her voice.

" Yes, everything is fine. I was just thinking. " Kyo replied. Altough unknown to the couple was an eavesdropper. Listening in on their conversation. He smiled that Kyo was doing better with his anger issues. Tohru smiled at Kyo.

" Well as long as everything is okay I'm happy. " She continued to smile. Kyo was looking directly into her eyes. He was admiring how beautiful she was. Tohru noticed how Kyo was looking at her. She blushed.

" I-Is something on my face? " She began feeling her face for something that wasn't there. Kyo smiled and laughed a bit.

" No stupid " He said softly and then grabbed her hand that was still searching for nothing. " I was just...uh..." He noticed he was holding her hand. He let go of her hand and left the room quickly. He ended up running into the eavesdropper.

" Shigure! " Kyo's temper quickly rising.

" Yes? " Shigure asked innocently.

" You eavesdropper! " Kyo lost control of his temper. ( what else is new lol )

" I was not eavesdropping. Why would you acuse me of such a thing. " He acted like it hurt him. " I was on my way into the kitchen. " He smiled. Kyo started cracking his knuckles. Shigure gulped. " I'm going to go now " Shigure practically ran to his room. " Kyo can be scary when he's mad. " He said to himself. Kyo punched a wall to let his anger out. There was a hole. Shigure came out of his room.

" I wish you wouldn't put holes in the wall. It's not pleasant. " Shigure said. Kyo faced him and you could see the fire in his eyes. Tohru came out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was about. She saw how mad Kyo was.

" Kyo, is everything okay? "

" Everything is fine! " Kyo didnt' mean to take his anger out on her. " ugh sorry I mean everything is fine " He said in a softer tone. He turned and went upstairs and onto the roof. Tohru looked at Shigure.

" What happened? " She asked. Shigure smiled.

" He thought I was eavesdropping of course I wasn't though. " Shigure went back into his room. Tohru looked in the direction in which Kyo went. She went upstairs and to the area where the ladder was that led up onto the roof. She saw Kyo laying there looking up at the stars. She couldn't help but think how handsome he looked in the pale moon light. She noticed she was staring and stopped. She climbed up all the way and crawled over to Kyo and layed back to look at the stars with him.

" I'm ...uh...er...what I'm saying is...I'm sorry for venting my anger on you earlier. I was just so pissed off at Shigure. He was eavesdropping I just know it. " Kyo said now looking at Tohru. Tohru smiled like she always did.

" That's alright I kind of figured that's what happened. " She looked back at the stars. " the stars are so beautiful tonight. " She sat there admiring the stars. Kyo just nodded. Yuki then came home. He saw Kyo and Tohru on the roof. He walked in the house and pass the kitchen. He saw the hole in the wall. Shigure was trying to repair it by filling it with plaster.

" Shigure, what happened? Why is there a hole in the wall? " Yuki asked. Shigure smiled like he was innocent.

" Like I told Tohru, Kyo thought I was eavesdropping but I was only coming into the kitchen to get something."

" You probably were eavesdropping. You're like that. So what did you hear when you walked in? " Yuki inquired.

" Well, " Shigure began. " Kyo walked into me before I came in but I did hear this. " He told Yuki the whole conversation between Kyo and Tohru and how he was looking at her and holding her hand.

" You were eavesdropping " Yuki concluded. Shigure finished fixing the hole. He sighed.

" My poor house. Something is always getting destroyed. " He pretended to sob.

" Well maybe if you didn't provoke Kyo, you wouldn't have as much damage. " Yuki explained. Shigure looked ath him.

" Well, you do some of the damage too. With you fighting Kyo, I seem to always have a broken door. " Shigure sighed again.

" For your info Kyo starts the fights I finish them. " Shigure waved his hand as if he was dismissing him and retreated to his room. Yuki sighed and headed to his room when he decided to eavesdrop on Kyo and Tohru. Yuki stood on the ladder so that his head was a couple of inches under the roof. He stood there listening.

" Tohru? " Kyo asked quietly. They were both sitting up now. She faced him.

" Yes? "

" Thanks " Tohru looked at him with confusion.

" For what? " Kyo looked away.

" The obvious. For everything you've done for us and for staying even though you saw my other form. I know I said it before the day you saw me like that but I just want to say it again. " He continued to look away. Tohru smiled. She cupped on side of his face with her hand and turned him so he faced her. She then let go.

" It was no problem. I wanted to stay with you with yuki and shigure. I was fightened but it doesn't change who you were on the inside. You were still the same Kyo I laughed with and enjoy being with. Kyo blushed at her words. Yuki was listening closely when the step of the ladder he was standing on gave away. He quickly climbed up forgetting that Kyo and Tohru were up there. Kyo saw him.

" You damn rat you were eavesdropping. Damnit I live in a house of spies. " He looked at Tohru and she knew he didn't mean her. She smiled. Kyo looked back at Yuki. Yuki sighed.

" Damnit " Kyo's rage exploded and ended up punching a hole in the part of the roof he and Tohru were sitting near. It started a chain reaction and the roof under Tohru and Kyo gave away. Kyo hugged Tohru to him as they fell. He transformed as the hit the floor. Luckily Tohru landed on him when he was in his human form when they hit the ground. But now he was a cat and she was sitting on him. Tohru quickly got up when she noticed she was sitting on him. She picked him up.

" I'm so sorry Kyo I sat on you. " She was concerned. Kyo looked up at her.

" No I'm the one who should be apologizing. I lost control and punched the roof. I made us fall. " Kyo sighed. " Shigure's gonna kill me when he finds out. Isn't it ironic that I ended up punchin a hole in my ceilng. " He sighed again. Tohru continued to hold him.

" You can stay in my room for the night if you want so you don't catch a cold. " Tohru suggested. Kyo shook his head.

" No it's my fault this happened and I'll deal with the consiquences. " Tohru hugged him and then put him down and turned around. A couple of seconds later he transformed back and changed.

" You can look now. " Tohru turned around. Kyo looked up at his new window in the ceiling. Tohru smiled.

" Well, you can at least see the stars and not have to leave your room. " She laughed and Kyo laughed a little as well. Tohru looked at him.

" So where are you going to sleep? " Kyo shrugged.

" On the couch in the living room I guess. " Kyo walked out into the living room. Yuki came down from the roof when Kyo left the room. Yuki went in his room to go to bed. Tohru went and grabbed another blanket from the closet and handed it to Kyo. He thanked her and she said " Good night " before retreating to her bedroom. Kyo fell asleep in minutes thinking about how kind Tohru was. Ironically Tohru fell asleep thinking about Kyo.

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