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"…" Means someone is thinking.

"…" Means someone is talking.

Chapter 10

Tuesday Afternoon/Evening

Walking home, Tohru didn't show any signs of sadness about what Kyo told her. Kyo knew she was hiding it, and wanted to say something, but didn't because he didn't want to start anything with Yuki nearby. He regretted lying to Tohru, even though he really wasn't. He just didn't say whom it was that he liked, and yet, he felt like he was lying. He knew that Tohru took it the wrong way, though.

Shigure noticed the mood that Tohru was in immediately, even though she was hiding it, Shigure knew, for Tohru DID stay with them for a couple of years (can't remember if I said 2 or 3 so yah) so, he knew her well. He waited for her to put her stuff away and for Yuki to go to his room to do whatever he did, before he confronted Kyo. When Kyo and Shigure were finally alone, he walked up to Kyo.

"What happened?" Kyo just looked at him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kyo asked harshly.

"You know exactly what I am talking about," Shigure said seriously. "Why is Tohru sad?"

"So, Shigure could tell that Tohru, isn't her normal self." Kyo thought.

"So, automatically, you assume that I had something to do with it?" He asked sarcastically. Shigure sighed.

"Would you just tell me?" Shigure asked, sounding a bit desperate.

"There's nothing to tell!" Kyo replied furiously before stomping of to the roof. Shigure sighed once more.

"He's so stubborn."

Tohru was sitting in her room staring at her picture of her mother. It was now that she let her true feelings be released. Her cheery smile that she had used to mask her true feelings, had disappeared and in place was a sad look that would bring any person to tears.

"Mom, Kyo loves someone else, and it hurts," she whispered than paused as if to wait for a response. She sighed.

"What should I do?" She paused once more, but than nodded and smiled. "I cannot be sad, I need to be my cheerful self, if not for my than everyone else's sake," she told herself before keeping her smile than going downstairs.

Tohru saw Shigure still standing by the front door, where he had his conversation with Kyo not too long ago. It took him a moment to realize that Tohru was there.

"Oh, hello, Tohru. How are you?" he asked with a cheery smile. Tohru giggled.

"Good, just great." They were both smiling. There was a moment's silence before Shigure broke it.

"Well, I must be off to my writing before Mii kills me for not doing anything," he told Tohru before walking to his room. Tohru nodded as he disappeared.

Kyo was lying on the roof, furious at himself for being so stupid. He was glaring up into the sky as though it was the sky's fault as well as his own.

"I couldn't get the courage to tell her how I felt and now I've made it worse," he harshly thought out loud. He smacked himself in the forehead.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid…"he stopped smacking himself after he started to get a headache from doing it so much. Sighing, he left the roof and went to the kitchen. Tohru was sitting at the table, sipping tea, for it was still too early for her to start making dinner. She was surprised to see Kyo when she looked up.

"Oh, K-Kyo," she said, obviously surprised. Kyo, though, wasn't surprised to see her sitting there. She was usually in the kitchen, when she was either cooking, or thinking about something. She was only in her room for her homework and when she went to bed. Kyo mentally cursed himself.

"Hi, Tohru, um, how are you?" he asked, wondering if she'd admit how she was really feeling.

"I'm fine, but why do you ask?" she questioned with a smile.

"Because…because earlier…on the roof of the school, you seemed…depressed after what I told you," he replied, not making any sort of eye contact with her. She didn't respond for a couple of seconds.

"Well…I'm okay, really," she said with a very warm smile that made Kyo's heart melt.

"I can't be depressed, for even if Kyo loves someone else and it isn't me, all in all, I just want him to be happy. No matter what the sacrifices." Tohru thought during the silence that fell between them.

Kyo wanted to tell her how he felt, and opened up his mouth to do so, but fear choked back his words. Rejection was Kyo's greatest fear now. He didn't know if she felt the same or was just really nice to him, but loved someone else. He sighed and closed his mouth. Tohru looked at Kyo confused. For he had opened his mouth as to say something, but never did.

"Kyo, are you okay?" she asked with concern. Kyo nodded and smiled.

"I'm just fine." With that Kyo left for the roof once more, to plan out how he would tell Tohru how he felt. Though, no matter how many times he seemed to plan it, he could never go through with it.

Yuki finally finished up his homework, since he had been home, it was all he could do to get his mind off of Hana. He was lucky enough to even be able to concentrate on it.

"Hana said she'd hang out with me. That is the greatest, but I hope that she likes and understands the real me. Although, the only thing she won't know about is the curse," Yuki thought deeply. He sighed, leaned back in his chair, than ran his fingers though his hair.

"Hm…today has been an interesting day. Although, I wonder what was wrong with Tohru. She seemed a bit depressed. I'll bet it was that stupid cat that did it." Yuki stood up and walked downstairs, and into the kitchen. What he found was a smiling Tohru cooking dinner. Yuki had not realized how late it had gotten. Tohru didn't seem depressed now and he wasn't going to say anything that might cause her to become depressed again.

"Hello, Tohru," he said, making his presence known so that he didn't startle her. Tohru turned around and continued to smile warmly.

"Oh, Hello, Yuki. What have you been doing?" she asked out of curiosity for he always disappeared to his room after school when they got home.

"Hm, oh just homework," he replied quickly, almost too quickly, but Tohru didn't seem to notice. In truth, Yuki was doing his homework, but he did it so quickly after returning home, but it was all he could do to keep his mind off of Hana, even though it wasn't working too well. It amazed him how hard he fell for her, yet, she would only think that it all was a joke and he wasn't serious. Yuki figured that there was no way Hana could ever like him, but he was hoping that when he hung out with her Friday that maybe she might like the real him.

Yuki sat down at the table just as Tohru had finished making dinner. She smiled as she set everything down upon the table and went to go get Shigure, but didn't have to when he walked into the kitchen seconds later. She giggled.

"Shigure, you always come on time don't you?" she asked. Shigure smiled at her.

"But of course, it's hard enough just to wait for your delicious meal to be made. Plus, the wonderful scent of it all drifts to me and I come immediately," he replied still smiling. Tohru giggled once more and Yuki just rolled his eyes at his older cousin. Whilst all this was happening, Tohru noticed that Kyo hadn't come down from the roof, so she went to go get him. She climbed the ladder to the top and was about to call out for Kyo when she heard him talking to himself. She knew it was wrong to eavesdrop, but it is also rude to interrupt, so she just decided to wait until he was finished, but was curious as to what he was saying.

"Ugh, how am I going to find the courage to tell her?" Kyo asked out of frustration, knowing that there was not going to be any physical response.

"Tell who what?" Tohru wondered.

"God, why does it have to be so hard? I mean, I love her and I'd do anything for her, but telling her that I love her is so hard, for I don't know if she feels the same…" Kyo continued on with his ranting.

"Her? As in the girl he was telling me about today? He'd do anything for her? He must love her very much…" Tohru thought. Her sprits dampened at the thought of Kyo loving someone else and so much at that. She had promised herself that she wouldn't be depressed, but it was so hard, and it hurt. She sighed sadly and Kyo turned around for he had heard her.

"T-Tohru?" Tohru looked at him surprised that he found out that she was there. She felt wrong for eavesdropping on him so she decided to apologize to him.

"I'm sorry." Kyo looked at her confused.

"For what?" he asked gently. Tohru didn't look at him.

"I sort of stayed and listened to what you were saying to yourself," she said, her voice trailing off. She was expecting Kyo to blow up and become enraged with her, but when she looked at him, she found him blushing instead.

"How much did you hear?" he asked quietly.

"Um, just that you wanted to tell this girl that you love her but you can't find the courage too…and whatever you said after that," she replied. Kyo sighed of relief, quietly of course.

"Good, at least she doesn't know it's her. Though, I don't think this makes my situation any better. I hope this doesn't upset her anymore…god I'm such a freaking idiot. I need to tell her and I need to tell her soon before she believes that I love someone else." Kyo thought during the silence.

"Oh yeah," Tohru smiled. "The whole reason why I came up here, was to tell you that dinner is ready." Kyo smiled, than nodded, and followed her down the ladder. Kyo and Tohru took their normal places at the table and began to eat. When Kyo sat down, though, Yuki glanced at him, but it was more of a quick glare, although, Kyo was quick enough to notice it.

"You got something to say to me rat boy!" Kyo asked, rather loudly. Tohru looked up at Yuki to see what Kyo was starting to get enraged about. Shigure just sighed.

"Must you two always bring your quarrels to the dinner table?" Shigure asked, quite disappointed that his quiet evening was ruined. Yuki looked at Shigure than at Kyo.

"No, I have nothing to say, except that you are being a big idiot by making an outburst over nothing," Yuki replied calmly. This only ticked Kyo off even more. Kyo was glaring and growling at Yuki, whom continued to go on with dinner as though Kyo wasn't there. Tohru looked at the both of them nervously, wondering why they had to fight so much. Even though it would be creepy if they started acting nice to each other, but they could at least call a truce. Kyo noticed that Tohru was looking at him and Yuki nervously, so he stopped his glaring and growling and went on eating his dinner quietly.

When dinner ended, Shigure scurried off to his room to continue writing his novel, Yuki went outside to his secret base to get something constructive done, and Kyo lingered behind to help Tohru with the dishes. Kyo helped Tohru dry the dishes, but was silent the whole time. Tension was left behind from dinner and it was starting to worry Tohru for Kyo was being so silent.

"This is a very awkward silence, but I don't know how to fill it. I don't want to say something that'll set Kyo off or make things worse, but what am I to do? Whenever Kyo is quiet, I start to worry for I feel something must be wrong, usually there is something wrong," Tohru thought as she was finishing up the last couple of dishes. When the two were finished Tohru turned to Kyo with a concerned look.

"Kyo, is everything okay? You seem distracted, like you're lost in thought. What are you thinking about all the time now?" Tohru asked, innocently and with concern. Kyo seemed to snap out of the daze he was in. He didn't notice he was in the daze to begin with, but he looked at Tohru with reassurance.

"Yeah, everything is okay. I know I seem to be thinking a lot, but everything is okay, I promise," he reassured and Tohru seemed to be a little convinced, but not totally. Kyo saw this, but smiled.

"Would I ever lie to you?" She smiled for she knew he wouldn't, and truthfully, he wouldn't.

With that said, when everything was done, they both went up to their rooms to do their homework before bed. Shigure came out of his room with a disappointed look, though no one was around to notice. He was disappointed for Kyo was worrying Tohru so much. Yes, Shigure was being a spy once more and had disappeared to his room when they decided to leave. He came out when he was sure that the coast was clear. That sneaky sneak Shigure. Shigure sighed.

"Why must Kyo be so difficult? It is obvious that he loves Tohru, but he doesn't have the guts to tell her. Although, it is quite obvious that Tohru loves him as well and she too hasn't said anything either. He sighed once more than smiled. Ah, young love, such confusion it brings." He chuckled to himself before disappearing to his room once more.

Yuki returned from his trip from his secret base after he noticed how late it had gotten. He was surprised to find that Tohru wasn't up waiting, worrying like she usually did. It put him at ease for it meant that she was confident that he would come home safely, even though he hadn't gone very far. Though, to be on the safe side, Yuki poked his head into Tohru's room and found her sleeping figure lying on her desk, her homework underneath her. Yuki smiled gently. He wanted to move her to her bed, but he couldn't pick her up for he would transform into a rat. Also, he didn't want to have to wake her from her slumber, so he covered her up with a blanket, and smiled once more before leaving to his own room.

Kyo, on the other hand, couldn't sleep and was tossing and turning. Finally he sat up, giving up on sleep, and went to stand up, to head for the roof for some air, but fell as soon as he tried to stand. His legs were bound by his blanket for he had tangled himself up real well from all the tossing and turning. He sighed, but didn't move to untangle himself or get up; instead he just stared at the ceiling. He didn't know why, but he just didn't feel like getting up, even though, there was small pain from the fall. Moments later, though, Kyo untangled himself and stood up. He was getting stiff just lying on the floor. So, he went ahead with what he was going to do originally. He crept out of his room quietly and made his way to the ladder to the roof. Once at the top, he inhaled the cool night air and sat down. He needed to clear his head for it was the thoughts that were keeping him up at night. The thoughts wouldn't seem to disappear and they didn't let up at night. In fact, that's when he thought the most. His thoughts were of course about Tohru, how he would tell her how he felt, how she would react, all of it. He thought about it so much it was starting to drive him crazy. He had to tell her soon.

No matter how many times he thought this, though, he could never find the courage to actually tell her. "Easier said than done" really applied to him. He talked big, but didn't act half the time and when he did he usually wasn't thinking. Now, all he did was think. Somehow, that didn't sound healthy. Kyo laid back and gazed up into the star filled sky. A peace washed over him and for once, his thoughts disappeared. The silence around him calmed him down and he felt his eyelids grow heavy and sleep took over him.

Wednesday Morning

Tohru arose, early as usually, and was surprised to find herself at her desk with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She ground the sleep out of her eyes, yawned, than stretched her arms. She gazed down at her homework and realized that it was completed.

"My homework is done, but why did I fall asleep at my desk? I must have finished my homework than fallen asleep." Tohru concluded. She stood up and readied herself for school. When she finished, she headed downstairs for her normal routine of making breakfast. Only this time, Kyo wasn't up with her like he usually seemed to be. Tohru presumed that he must be sleeping in and continued with making breakfast. Moments later, a person entered the kitchen, who normally wasn't up when Tohru got up. It was Shigure. Today he decided that he would have a heart to heart talk with Tohru. Even thought it killed him a little inside just to get up so early, that lazy Shigure.

" 'Morning Tohru," he greeted, groggily for he was half-awake. Tohru turned around to face him and was surprised to find him up so early.

"Good morning, Shigure, you're up early," she said and he nodded with a smile.

"Yes, I wanted to talk to you alone, for I have no chance any other time because of the boys," he replied and she nodded curiously. She grabbed a cup of tea for Shigure and sat down across from him at the table. Tohru had just started to prepare breakfast so she could sit down for a couple of moments before having to actually start cooking. Shigure looked at her gratefully as she gave him the cup of tea.

"Thank you." Tohru smiled.

"So, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?" she asked. Shigure took a sip of his tea before replying.

"I simply want to know how you feel about Kyo," he said casually with a smile. Tohru blushed for she knew how she felt, but she wondered why Shigure wanted to know.

"Why do you want to know?" she asked softly. Shigure continued to smile.

"Because, it seems to me that you feel for him very deeply. It's quite obvious and I wanted to know if I was correct or not. You don't have to tell me, but I'll continue to wonder and just make assumptions," he replied with one of his all knowing smiles. Tohru blushed a deep crimson and looked down at the table so that Shigure couldn't see. But this IS Shigure we are talking about and he notices every little thing.

"It seems that you are blushing Tohru. Any particular reason why?" he asked, enjoying the situation a little too much, but not in a cruel way. He just wanted to know how she felt, even if it mean teasing her a little.

"Uh…well…I…um…uh…" Tohru stuttered but didn't give a straight answer. Shigure was wide-awake now, but he smiled softly and Tohru looked up when Shigure didn't say anything.

"Tohru, I know you love Kyo, even if you won't admit it to me, but you should at least admit it to him," Shigure said softly. Tohru looked at him fearfully.

"Oh, no, no, no I couldn't, "she said a bit loudly. Shigure blinked repeatedly.

"Why not?"

"Because…uh…what would he say? What if he doesn't feel the same way?" she asked, feeling that she could confide in Shigure. Shigure smiled.

"I'm sure he does," he replied.

"Does he?" she asked, if she knew it would make it all easy. Shigure smiled.

"Maybe, maybe not," he replied, teasing her. He wasn't going to tell her for than it would be easy for her to tell him how she felt. Tohru's hope diminished.

"So he doesn't?" she asked sadly. Shigure shook his head.

"I didn't say that," he stated. Tohru perked up a bit.

"So he does?"

"I didn't say that either," Shigure stated once more. Tohru looked at him confused and Shigure sighed for she was being a bit dense.

"I'm not going to say, you're going to have to go and find out yourself," he replied.

"Oh." That was all Tohru said before smiling brightly. "Well I must get breakfast started, it was a nice talk." Shigure nodded and Tohru started to cook. Shigure left and went to his room where he would remain until breakfast.

Yuki awoke with the sun shining brightly through his window and blinding him awake. He groaned as he covered his eyes with his hands as he sat up. After rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he waited a couple of moments for his eyes to adjust to the light. He mumbled incoherent words as he groggily got up and trudged over to the bathroom to take a shower. The warm water beating down on his back allowed him to relax and nearly fall asleep again in the shower. A few minutes later, he was out of the shower and he got dressed. For once he was actually awake and had gotten to bed at a decent time; his mind, for once, was clear. Today was Wednesday and he was counting down the days until he would hang out with Hana. He started to pay more attention to her at school, but Friday was the day when it would be just them two hanging out. He smiled at the thought and headed down for breakfast.

Kyo nearly went blind when he woke up. He had fallen asleep on the roof and now the sun was beating down on him and blinding him. He sat up quite quickly and cursed himself for falling asleep up there. He had to shade his eyes with his hands before he could see enough to find the ladder. Once found, he started a quick descend, but because he was half-awake and everything was so bright especially because he just woke up, he fell the rest of the way down. He was already halfway down the ladder, so he fell quite a distance. He glared upwards from his fallen position on the ground. Today just wasn't his day. He continued to mumble and grumble as he stood up, he was sore from falling and cursed the sun for blinding him in the first place.

"Damn sun, damn ladder, damn it all!" he said loudly. He sighed before slowly and carefully making his way down to breakfast. He didn't want to cause himself any more physical pain. Everybody was at the table when Kyo walked into the kitchen. Tohru had just finished making breakfast and was setting it down on the table. Yuki and Shigure were in a conversation and Tohru was smiling at them. She looked at Kyo when she saw him enter the kitchen and gave him her usual warm smile.

"Good morning, Kyo, did you sleep well?" she asked.

" ' Morning…um I guess I slept well…" he replied.

"Is everything okay?" she asked. Kyo was about to respond but Yuki spoke up.

"Look to me like you fell asleep on the roof," he stated. It was now that Kyo realized that he hadn't really fixed himself up. His clothes were all wrinkled and messed up and his hair was just a complete mess. He really did look like he fell asleep on the roof. Kyo twitched than glared at Yuki, whom just sat there smirking at Kyo. The two stayed like that for a moment or two than Shigure sighed.

"You two are hopeless, if you're going to fight, you could at least do it away from the kitchen…actually, you can do it away from my house. I don't feel like having to repair something that you two damage during fighting," Shigure said. Yuki and Kyo ignored him and continued to glare at each other. From the corner of Kyo's eye, he could see that Shigure gave Tohru a smile that made her blush.

"What the hell! Why is she blushing because of Shigure? What did he do?" Kyo wondered.

Shigure had given Tohru a smiled that reminded of the talk they had this morning and she blushed because she did love Kyo and he was in the room with her. Shigure was silently telling her to tell Kyo how she felt, and she blushed because she couldn't do it. She didn't know what would happen if she did: would it be good or bad? She really didn't want to take this chance at this moment, especially not with everyone around. It would have to be a time when she could build up her courage and when her and Kyo were alone, which happened more often now.

Kyo stopped glaring at Yuki and sat down for breakfast. Everybody went on with breakfast like nothing had happened except now, a confused cat sat thinking about what was going with Tohru and Shigure earlier. Everybody started to converse about things, except Kyo, who was staying quiet, still lost in his thoughts, wondering about what was going on.

Breakfast ended, and everyone scattered to do whatever it was they needed to do. Shigure left the room and the phone in his room rang so he went to answer it, Yuki went to his room to grab his stuff for school, Tohru stayed in the kitchen to clean up, and Kyo stayed in the kitchen as well. Kyo decided to help Tohru clean up and she thanked him. When they finished, Kyo deiced to get some answers.

"Tohru, what were you blushing about earlier?" Kyo asked casually, although he wasn't looking at her. Tohru blushed.

" I-I was blushing?" she asked, not wanting to admit why she was. Kyo gave her a disbelieving look, knowing that she knew she was blushing. She gave a nervous laugh for he saw right through her cover up.

"um…uh…" she couldn't think of a satisfying response for him. She looked away, desperately trying to think of something to say, but nothing was coming to her. Kyo was really curious now. She wasn't telling him so it obviously was something important, something that she couldn't tell him?

"Is it….because of me…that you can't say?" he asked slowly, averting his eyes away from her. She looked at him shocked.

"I…uh…well…sort of…but not in a bad way…uh…um…" she looked down, blushing. She didn't want him to get the wrong idea, but she also couldn't find the courage to tell him why. Kyo looked up at her confused.

"um…is everything all right?" he asked concerned now, feeling like he was causing trouble. Tohru looked at him.

"yeah, everything is fine…but…" she reassured, but feeling that it wasn't all too convincing. Kyo sighed and gave her a small smile.

" You don't have to tell me…if it's that hard, for whatever reasons…I understand…I think…" he said. Tohru looked at him gratefully with a warm smile.

"Thank you, Kyo," she said softly, with her smile, Kyo couldn't help but smile as well. Yet, underneath both of their smiles, was fear. A fear of telling the other how they truly felt, not knowing if the response would be good or not. Courage was the main problem, both seemed to be lacking. After a moment or so of thoughtful silence, Tohru glanced at the clock and smiled at Kyo.

"Well, we probably should head off to school," she said cheerfully, gaining a nod from him. They both left the kitchen to grab what they needed for school before leaving out the door with Yuki.

"Be safe," called out Shigure from the front doorway, with a small wave. Tohru returned the wave and smiled warmly before proceeding to school with Yuki and Kyo, her smile still in place.

Moments later, the trio arrived at school. Uo and Hana immediately approached Tohru when they spotted her, thanks to Hana's wave detection. Kyo, not wanting to deal with Uo's teasing, dashed off to his normal thinking spot: the school's roof. Uo laughed as she saw Kyo dash away. Yuki, however, decided to stay with Tohru, even though he was sure that the student council needed something from him. Regardless of such, he wanted to hang around Hana. His feelings for her, seemed to have appeared at random, not to mention how deep. It was her being so mysterious that attracted him to her. They were alike in the obvious ways. Quiet, mysterious, and never spoke much about one's self. Maybe, him and her would at least be very good friends after Friday, learning more about each other. He could only hope so. Hana noticed that Yuki was staying and couldn't help looking at him questioningly.

"Doesn't the prince, have a meeting to attend?" she asked softly, not wanting to come off as rude. Yuki smiled softly as she asked.

"Yes, but I don't particularly feel like attending today," he explained and it seemed to suffice. Uo took this moment to pull Tohru off to the side.

"So, how are things going with Orange Top?" she asked with a slight laugh. Tohru didn't get what she meant exactly, so looked at her confused. Uo rolled her eyes, but grinning widely.

"When are you going to tell him how you feel?" she clarified. Tohru looked at her amazed that she knew, but than blushed a bit.

"How did you…" Tohru said, trailing off.

" It's quite apparent, well at least to me and Hana, how you feel about him. I'm pretty sure the prince and Shigure know, for you live with them. Though, Orange Top, being as dense as he is, probably doesn't, so go tell him," she coaxed. Tohru shook her head in protest to the idea.

"Kyo…he loves someone else…" she says quietly. Uo felt surprised, but pretty sure Tohru must have misunderstood something somewhere. It was quite apparent that he felt the same toward Tohru. She could tell.

"Did he tell you that?" she asked, trying to figure out what Tohru missed.

"Well…he didn't say who…exactly…but it wasn't me…" as she says this, a deep red was siphoned to her cheeks. "…and he also said he couldn't tell me…" Uo smiled widely and in relief as she says this. Him not being able to tell her was definite proof that he loved her. He was just to scared to admit it. That made her laugh softly. Tohru looked at her questioningly.

"Tohru, I assure you, Kyo doesn't love someone else…" she assured with another laugh. Tohru brightened up immediately.

" So does he…" she began to ask, blushing slightly as she started. Uo loved her, like a sister, but wouldn't make it THAT easy. This was something her little Tohru was going to have to face herself. Ah, the difficulties of love.

"Now, I'm not sure if it's you…he may love another…but it doesn't seem like it…now he may strongly like you…but love is another story…I say you tell him of your feelings and see what he says," she explained. This gaining a confused look from Tohru. Tohru was confused for what Uo said seemed to be contradicting. Uo rolled her eyes once more, but gave her a comforting smile.

"Just go tell him." Tohru couldn't understand why no one would give her a definite answer. It would make things a lot easier. This didn't make it any easier for her to tell Kyo. She was back to square one in building up the confidence and courage.

Whilst Tohru and Uo were having this conversation, Yuki and Hana stood by in silence. Yuki, for the life of him, couldn't think of a way to break the ice, so to speak. Hana, however, was inspecting his waves, seeing if his intentions were good. For it seemed to her, that Yuki had all of a sudden started taking interest in her. Little did she know that Yuki had for some time, just discreetly. After some examination she concluded that he was okay.

"It seems…that Tohru is having trouble confronting Kyo with her feelings," Hana said to Yuki, in her usual monotonic voice. Yuki, glad that something was said, nodded with a small smile.

"Yes, but Kyo is worse…stupid cat…" he said, saying the last part to himself. Realizing that he said it out loud, prayed that she hadn't heard. To his relief, she didn't. Hana nodded in agreement.

"Yes, but it's quite apparent how he feels about her. He's…gentle toward her as opposed to others," she said with a small sad smile. The thought of her Tohru falling in love made her a bit sad, her little Tohru growing up.

"You okay?" Yuki asked, having heard just a hint of sadness in her voice. She smiled and nodded. Her smiled made him smile, he couldn't help it.

After much time of conversing with Uo, Tohru decided that she would find Kyo. She was on a mission to admit her feelings to him. Uo was prepping her for it and Uo was right, Tohru did need to tell him…just to let him know, and find out whom he loved if it wasn't her. She couldn't let fear stop her. Kyo was right were she expected him to be, on the school's roof. Slowly she walked over to him, not moving her gaze from him. It was when she was about five feet in front of him, when his red eyes met hers, that she felt her courage diminish. Why was it so hard? She loved him incredibly much…but rejection hurt badly. Especially, if it's the one you love who does it. Kyo gave her a questioning look. She seemed to be battling with herself. He wondered what was up.

"Tohru, you oh kay?" he asked softly. She seemed startled, being brought out of her thoughts, but covered up with one of her warm smiles. A smiles that made his heart melt. All her smiles had that effect on him.

"Of course, I just wanted to talk to you," she replied. Her determination was fading fast, but she was trying her hardest to regain it. She had to say it, she had to tell him, tell him before she had no determination or courage left.

"Oh." Was all he managed to say. He was deep in thought, contemplating on how to tell her his feelings. They were both alone right now, so he had the perfect chance. Also, he had to clear up the belief that he loved someone else. He didn't. It was her and only her. But what was holding him back from saying it? Fear? Rejection? Fear of rejection? Maybe it was all of it. Tohru took a deep breath and look at him with seriousness covering up her nervousness.

"Kyo, I have to tell you something very important…"she started, quietly. Kyo waited in anticipation, wondering what it could be that it was so important for Tohru to tell HIM and to actually go and find him to tell him. He nodded to push her to go on.

" I…..I…..love……"

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