One shot unless someone gives me an idea for another chappy. Told in Martin the Warriors swords P.O.V. Just a random dribble abt. Good v. Evil. Read and enjoy!

Sword Tongue

My name is Ratdeath.

It is the name that Matthias of Redwall gave to me and he is the Living Martin.

So Ratdeath I shall stay.

I was born of a star and bred of a galaxy. I slay all who oppose me. But the blank reality is . . . that if I fell into the hands of my opponents. . . I still shall slay any who oppose me. For I have no control over the will and whim of my Master.

I inspire wars and I instill fear.

I fear neither good nor evil.

For I do not know what they are.

I am at the desire and fancy of my Master. And if he has honest intentions or shall use me to massacre an empire I care not.

I am a weapon. Even if I defend the righteous or destroy them. I am still a weapon. And weapons need to be used.

Weapons are tools of war. They were made for no other purpose. You do not make a bow to plow the garden. You do not make a sword to trim the hedges. Whether made for war or made out of war the purpose of a weapon is to kill.

I am not only born of a star but of blood. I was not only bred of a galaxy but also in fear. I am a implement of murder. And I cannot change that.

No matter how much I wish too.

I am also neither good nor evil. I am what ever my Master wishes me to be. My purpose is his purpose and if I am to be used to bring holocaust or great rebirth I care not.

I am a weapon.

And I survive to be used.

Good and evil.

Virtuous and corrupt.

Upright and amoral.

All are the same.

If in the paws of Rat or Mouse. Fox or Ferret. Badger or Otter. I shall always have one design.

To kill.

And I cannot alter that.

The creatures in this abbey. In past generations and in genesis' yet to come. They believe me to be a symbol of peace and prosperity. They are wrong. I have shed to much blood to be peaceful and been cut through too many seasons to be prosperous.

But still I instill hope in the abbey beasts. Despite my faults.

And there are many.

I cannot change the views of anybeast.

And I am prey to anybeast also.

Many believe I am Magic. I am not. I will not be so arrogant as to assume that I am. I cannot change the past, I cannot alter the future. I do not determine my Master and I have no control over my bearings. I am merely a symbol of the abbey that I am present at.

If I am by the mantle or on one I will be happier none the less for leaving the fire.

I am a sword. And I was built to fight. I crave the feel of an enemies flesh on my steel.

The blood on my blade and the sweat on my handle.

I call for the sounds of battle.

The yell of attacking armies, the cry of deadbeasts. The sickly crunch of bone on knife.

I am a brand.

And I shall mark the pages of time with the blood of my blade.

I am a sword.

And no matter what the intentions.

No matter where I am.

Or in what time.

I am made to kill.


OK! Short and sweet.