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Sword Tongue

I remember when I was in the paws of an evilbeast.

I can say he was evil because I knew him. Vilu Daskar. The name of the ferret warlord that stole me from my young master.

I remember Martin. Moreover, his feelings for Miss Laterose.


What Martin had, what he could feel. It was what Daskar lacked rather than what he had that led me to say he was evil.

Not that he lacked compassion or empathy. If I based my judgement merely on emotions then I to would be evil.

But that he lacked love.

He could not love.
He would not.

He did not have that kind of life that could lead him to love.

Love is not an emotion.

It is a frame of mind. A way of seeing. A kaleidoscope of many views. It is not a single viewpoint.

Hate though.

Hate, is to a way of seeing.

But seeing with emotions. With a cloud of animosity hanging over the eyes. With a fog of indecision and malevolence crowding the mind.

Hate hurts.

Love heals.

And when love and hate mix.


Hate is not the opposite of love.

Love is to have affection for someone, to like them intently. Hate is to detest some one, to loathe them and all they represent.

Very different but not opposite.

Hate is not the opposite of love.

Indifference is.

To just not care.

To just believe that someone is so low, is so beneath someone else, that they don't deserve recognition.

That is the opposite of love.

Love is overrated, overstated, overused and under appreciated.

Creatures may say that love is forever. That you could not live without love.

They are overrating love.

Others say it is an expression of joy. That it lifts you up to a new level of vision.

They are overstating what I have already stated.

Many beasts say the love another. . . they do not.

They are using an already overused excuse to stay in a comfort zone.

True love. That once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.

That is worth living for.

And dying for.

Daskar was not evil because of his hatred.

But because of his indifference to the lives of others.


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