Title: Sick

Ch: 1

Disclaimer: Characters and such aren't mine.


I was watching the puddles ripple and grow in the rain slicked street. It seemed like the whole world was grey that day and my head was clouded with it.

I'd been in the park when it started to downpour, watching the lake and avoiding my homework, the scouts, and mom. I'd been thinking about my overwhelming amount of flaws and I blamed it on the dark day that my thoughts were so completely depressing. Now here I was and my mind was going numb over polluted puddles.

God, I was being so stupid. I bet it was all just because of the stupid math test that I'd bombed that morning. I had gotten so emotional over it too, almost crying, feeling so completely stupid. I hadn't even managed to get halfway through the damn thing!

I sighed, feeling the tears return. My body involuntarily shuddered from the goose bumps crawling over my skin. I sniffed, thinking it was about time to get home and take what was coming before I caught a cold. I wiped my nose on my wrist though it was more form habit than anything else.

That's when I noticed that I wasn't being drenched by the rain anymore. Was this one of my powers? Maybe... one I hadn't discovered yet? I watched the rain as it fell and I reached my hand out, wondering if it would get wet. Rain droplets slid over my finger tips and I snatched my hand back to study it in wonder.

"Find something interesting, Odango?" an amused voice behind me asked.

I recognized the mixture of ridicule and joking condescension immediately and my mood was completely spoiled. I turned and scowled at the cocky idiot behind me, taking note of the umbrella he was holding over us. I was slightly disappointed that it hadn't been a power of mine, but that wasn't what was important at the moment. He'd called me 'Odango' again.

"What do you want, egomaniac?" I looked up at him from under my furrowed brows, trying my best to look menacing and not at all worth picking on.

His smirk flattened and his eyes narrowed on my face. It was a heart skipping and devastatingly handsome look, let me tell you, and it might have worked on me if he'd had a personality to match.

"Have you been crying?"

I was startled, not having seen his hand heading for my chin till it made contact. When he tilted my head up I found, to my disappointment, that the angle made it extremely hard to scowl without looking like I was squinting at him. My, no doubt, bloodshot eyes were clearly displayed for him to see.

Feeling extremely self-conscious under his sharp gaze, I ripped my chin from his hand. I didn't need his fake concern; he was probably going to make fun of me for crying, anyway. My hands balled at my sides as my eyes started watering again. I told myself to stop, but the more I wanted to, the harder it was to hold back. To my horror, a strangled squeak pressed passed my throat. I closed my eyes, feeling all too aware of Mamoru watching me. I didn't even know why I was crying.

My head fell to my shoulders, trying to curl up into myself and maybe, hopefully, disappear. Sobs were flowing from my mouth uncontrollably now, no matter how hard I tried to smother them with my hands. Why couldn't I stop? I wished he would just go away.

A feather light touch slid across my jaw to gripped the back of my neck, pressing me into warmth and causing me to start. My sobs stopped, suddenly finding myself being pressed into Mamoru's chest and when I met his dark eyes, he quirked an almost too faint smile at me.

I was frozen, my breath caught. What was he doing? My mind was on a loop, I couldn't get past the question to think of an answer, but, somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt his hand move from my neck to cup my cheek, his thumb wiping away my tears, leaving my skin tingling.

"You alright now?" His voice hummed inside my head and vibrated my chest.

It was a soothing hum and I wanted him to make me vibrate again. Wait (I blinked)...I wanted what?

"Odango," his brows furrowed, "you okay?"

I moved my lips, hoping that some sort of coherent sound would come out, but nothing came. He smirked, knowingly.

"Alright, why don't I walk you home, then?" He pushed on softly, turning me in his arm as he pulled us into a slow stroll.

The movement and his slathering of condescension over the moment woke me from my vegetative state. I pushed out of his loose embrace, feeling the rain slide over me once again. The brisk movement jolted something and a fog settled over my head, making my vision hazy.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Mamoru-baka," I tried to focus on him, "I don't need you to."

Stepping towards me so that his umbrella covered me again, he stooped to peer into my face.

"What?" I asked, leaning away from his inspection, but the odd angle made me feel dizzy.

"You look flushed; are you feeling alright?" He asked, pressing his hand against my forehead.

"I'm fine."

I shrunk from him, feeling awkward. What was he doing? Frowning, Mamoru straightened his back, but his eyes didn't stray. He was trying to stare me down and I wouldn't have caved if I hadn't passed out.