Her one dream was to have a friend. A friend to understand, care and be there for her. To have a friend ... would be magic. She didn't have friends. She wasn't like the other kids, people treated her different. Maybe it was her name, or the way she looked. Or maybe it was because she wasn't the same. She wasn't even like her family. They were all happy, chirpy and boring. She didn't want to be like that. She didn't even want to be here.

They had just moved to America. To some stupid town with pastel coloured houses, and everybody was the same. It was like some stupid code. Dad's work at 9:00 to 5:00, girls wore pink and guys wore blue. Girls were girls and boys were boys! Her sister didn't seem to mind, she thought it was cool, but that's Stacey for you.

Stacey was a typical 10 year old. One of the ''popular'' kids, pretty, talented and brilliant. And doesn't she know it! So did her family and friends. Well, except Raven. She hated Stacey. Perfect in every way! Big blue eyes, long blonde hair and tall. Perfect for Hitler's army!

Raven was different. She was 14. She had chocolate brown eyes, short messy black hair and tall, but not like Stacey. Raven was ''freakishly'' tall, as they other kids called her, if they weren't busy calling her the jolly green giant or humming it's annoying pea advertising tune. Stacey loved pink too. Her bedroom was pink, her bathroom was pink and all her clothes were pink. Thank god she didn't get her own way when she wanted the pink house that was for sale in this god forsaking place. They lived in a blue house. Thank god for that!

Ravens room was dark blue, with silver spiral paint work on the walls, with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, for when she couldn't sleep, she could count them. She loved stars. At night, when everybody else was asleep, she would bring out her telescope and look at the real stars. Her grandfather once told her that when somebody died, they became a star. Now her grandfather was one. She longed to discover his star. He was the only person she loved in her family. The only person she ever loved. Until she met Edward.


It had been so hot that day. Normally she refused to go outside, but she just had to, especially after the cooler had broken. She decided a walk around the town would do her good, maybe she would meet somebody.

No luck, all the other kids were hanging out at the ''mall'' or sitting on their lawn drinking lemonade and didn't even give her a second glance. She was about to give up and turn home, when she noticed the mountain. The rest of the town was bright and cheery, then there was this huge mountain with Dracula's castle on top! She could have took no notice and went home, but curiosity got the best of her.

She trooped over to the big rusty gate and pushed it open, and stared up the road. Why was there a road? Maybe somebody lived here... taking another glance at the castle she thought nobody could live here... it was too run down... But maybe... Just maybe...

It took her ages to get to the top, especially in this weather! By the time she got to the top, her shirt was sticking to her chest and her brow was covered in sweat... man, she needed to take up gym again! She looked up at the second gate and pushed it open, and gasped. It was beautiful. The garden that is. It was well kept, but so much more than that. There was sculptures everywhere! Dragons, cats, dogs, people, and everything! In the middle was a giant hand. All around it was little flowers. Somebody must live here, if this was here!

She walked over to the door and saw it was slightly open; she peered around and saw the house was just cobwebs and dust. She wondered who would look after a garden, but not the house. Somebody rather strange maybe. Maybe somebody who could be a friend... Getting this idea in her head she pushed the door open and looked around,

''Hello...?'' She called out softly. She saw a shadow move at the top of the stares and heard a crash. She climbed to stairs to find a man, who didn't look that much older than she, on the ground. She knelt down beside him to help him up,

''I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, are you – '' she cut off when she saw his hands. If they were hands! They were long sharp blades, attached to his arms! She gasped and shot back. This thing was a monster!


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