Being next to a young girl who has a high pitched wail isn't a very pleasant experience. Raven covered her ears for a second, and glanced at Edward. He looked completely shocked. She regretted taking Stacey here, and now she had guilt bubbling in the bottom of her stomach.

She should have tried to convince her parents that she didn't go to Stacey's friends, why should she come to hers? She gave Stacey a sharp kick in the shin, which changed her scream of terror into screams of fury.

''Owww! RAVEN! Why did you kick me? There's a knife wielding murderer in here, and you KICK me!'' She screamed in protest to the kick and gave Raven a weak push.

''Edward isn't dangerous, you were scaring him. So, either shut up or bugger off. I don't want you here.'' She said flatly and looked over to Edward. He looked confused and was staring at Stacey, then shifting his eyes to Raven, then back.

''Raven…?'' He whispered, unsure of how to react. His dark pools of eyes seemed to be welling up with tears, but that just might be the light.

''Hi Edward. This is my brat of a sister, Stacey.'' Raven said, lifting an arm pathetically to the blonde fuzz ball who was trying to act all sweet and shy.


''Oh, it means annoying, blonde, thinks she's a princess but really is a toad.'' Raven nodded, and Stacey screamed in fury. She wasn't used to being made fun of. She normally got her way in everything.

''Hello Stacey.'' He whispered. He decided that if Raven had brought her here, she wouldn't be dangerous or trouble. He shifted his eyes back to Raven and watched her push her sister a little. Kim had never done that to her little brother.

''Hmph.'' Was the small blonde creature's reply. She was more interested in saying how filthy the house was and how she might clean it up sometime, if that was okay with Edward and of course it was alright with Edward because he would probably enjoy a nice clean house and all that jazz.

Edward wasn't really listened to her.

''Raven, I have something to show you, in the garden.'' Edward nodded slightly and moved towards the door, followed by Raven. The day light hit Edward, and he looked so different.

In the darkness, you can't really see what somebody looks like. Sometimes they look completely different from what you thought. Edward in the darkness looked pale and perhaps a little threatening. In the daylight, he almost looked transparent, and he looked completely harmless. His leather bond body was slim, and he walked with grace, thought he arms were held awkwardly at his sides. His hair was a large mass of blackness, long and untamed.

Stacey flounced behind them, talking about how pretty the garden was. Nobody was really paying any attention to her. Edward walked to the side of the house, and there was a large sculpture bush of a bird, a raven. The birds head was towards the sky and the birds wings were set to take off.

''Edward, it's amazing…'' Raven whispered, and looked at Edward. His eyes were on the bird, as if he was expecting it to take off. Stacey wasn't interested, she was off picking flowers somewhere or something. Raven didn't really care, this was special.

''I thought of you … when I made it.'' Edward said and nodded a little. He looked nervous, as if he wasn't sure that he was supposed to say that or if he was just to let her look at it in silence.

She looked at him carefully, and then threw her arms around his neck. Edward took a step back, and looked surprised, but allowed her to hug him. He put his arms up, so he was careful not to hurt her. She hugged his neck tightly and then let go and smiled.

''Thank you, for thinking of me…'' She laughed gently. Edward smiled gently in reply.

''RAVEN, I'M HUNGRY.'' Came a scream from somewhere in the garden. Raven sighed and looked at Edward in apology.

''I need to go now Edward. But I'll give you something in return, I promise...'' She said, and gave him a small kiss on his cheek. ''Bye, see you tomorrow.''

Raven rushed towards Stacey who was wailing about how she was going to die unless she got some food soon, and grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the magical garden.

When she left, Edward felt as if the magic of the garden had left with her. He reached up to touch his cheek where she had kissed him. A fresh cut was sliced into his skin. He didn't flinch. He just stared at the large gate cutting off his world, from Ravens world.

How he wanted to be part of her world.

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