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The Daughter Yet to Be

By Jeune Ecrivain

Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)

Summary: A girl with a remarkable resemblance to Lana Lang appears as if out of nowhere in the Kawatche caves one night. The Kents soon find out that the circumstances of her presence in present-day Kansas is so bizarre it could only happen in Smallville, as is the simple quest she has undertaken out of necessity.

Martha Kent stood before the living room sofa, a cup of coffee in her hands. She watched with a gentle yet somewhat perplexed look on her face as the still figure slept soundly on the couch. The figure was a girl of about sixteen with large, doe-shaped eyes and long, raven hair. She had yet to show any sign of consciousness since Jonathan had found her lying cold in the Kawatche caves late the night before.

Jonathan was concerned, and she knew it. But he had good reason to be. He had gone to the caves to see for himself the symbol on the wall that matched one Clark had told him Lana had on the small of her back. But he was greeted by the last second of a flash of eerie light and the appearance of Lana herself unconscious upon the ground.

After all attempts to solicit a response from the girl, Jonathan had promptly placed her gently in his truck and driven home in silence. Martha was puzzled when he carried Lana into the house, but the explanation Jonathan had given her offered at least as many questions as answers. Weary, the Kents had placed her upon the couch and used Martha's old heirloom blanket to keep her warm. As they did so, they had found that, on closer inspection, this was not Lana Lang. The resemblance was uncanny, perhaps even eerie, but there was still something about her looks and countenance that made a slither of a distinction, hardly noticeable to the lazy eye.After whispering a few preliminary speculations to each other, the Kents had then retired to get whatever sleep they could under the circumstances. Clark was unfortunately away on a college campus tour. He wouldn't be back for two more days.

Martha's gaze perked up as the Lana look-alike stirred slightly, and a folded newspaper clipping emerged from her hip pocket and fell to the floor. As if on cue, a shiny stone also dropped from her hand.

Martha stepped up softly and bent over to pick the two objects up. What she found in doing so raised her concern level significantly. On the stone was carved what looked like a Kryptonian symbol. She gazed at it with a discerning eye, realizing that another paranormal incident seemed to be hitting Smallville. But what caught her eye next would make the stone and its symbol pale in comparison. At the top corner of the newspaper clipping was the date: June 15, 2026!

Martha stared at the newspaper, stunned. She then glanced at the article. It read, "Local Researcher Discovers Time Portal." Now, she was downright bewildered. It couldn't be! But then again, this was Smallville, the world's only Mayberry/Area-51 hybrid town. Before Martha tried to figure anything out on her own, she rushed out to the barn to find her husband.

Jonathan was baling hay, but his mind was anywhere but on the farm. He was also pondering what had happened last night, and his intuitive squeamishness wasn't helped by the expression his wife wore as she walked up to him.

"I found these in the girl's pocket. She stirred a little, and they fell," she said, trying to sound as calm as possible.

Jonathan took the evidence she held out to him and looked. What he saw stunned him no less than his wife. His eyes darted back and forth between the stone and the clipping, trying to make sense of it all. No, he thought. It's not possible!

"Is this a Kryptonian symbol?" he finally asked gravely.

"It sure looks like one," Martha observed.

"Then I suppose we can't rule anything out," her husband replied reluctantly. "Jor-El has managed to do things just as strange."

"Do you think she's for real?"

"I don't know. What I do know is we're going to have to be careful. She may not even know where she is, though, with this article, she may have some idea."

"This all seems so...surreal," Martha said in exasperation. "It's impossible!"

"I know, honey. But we of all people should know that the realm of what we think is possible is always subject to change."

Martha nodded. "So...who do you think she is?"

Jonathan shook his head. "I have no idea. If our suspicions are anywhere near correct, she doesn't even exist yet...or, at least, she's not supposed to."

"Do you think Clark can do anything?"

Jonathan pursed his lips. "This probably has something to do with Krypton, so he may be this girl's only hope, but...God, Martha, I hate to get him involved in anything remotely Kryptonian. Nothing good ever comes out of it."

"What do we do in the meantime with a girl from the future?" Martha asked, growing frantic. "How do we help someone like this? And you and I both know even Clark won't be able to solve anything immediately!"

"Clark can't know," a third voice stated with urgency.

Jonathan and Martha turned to find the Lana look-alike standing at the barn entrance, gazing at them with a calm yet somewhat pleading expression.

Jonathan was the first to find his voice. "I don't want to be rude, but who are you?"

The girl swallowed. "My name is Megan," she said slowly.

"Do you know what happened to you?" asked Martha gently, a certain maternal instinct taking over.

Megan sighed. "Look, you guys have obviously figured out a lot, so I'm going to level with you as much as I think I can," she said, looking at them as if asking them to accept it.

Jonathan nodded, and Martha half-smiled at her.

"First of all," began Megan almost as if every word was a critical choice, "I am from the future. I have to be. I'm sort of...on a mission."

"On a mission to do what?" Jonathan asked, his sympathy growing.

"To save my own existence," Megan replied forlornly. "Let's just say some real nutcases are trying to keep me from ever being born. They sent someone back here to distract my mom and alter the timeline so that she doesn't marry the man who's meant to become my father."

"What's this guy's name?" Jonathan asked cautiously.

She swallowed, knowing the Kent's knowledge of any future events should be minimal for the purpose of preserving the natural course of things, but also knowing that she could not long pursue her quest under the Kent's protection without them knowing the identity of her adversary. Almost whispering, she finally uttered, "Jason Teague."

Jonathan and Martha exchanged glances.

Martha approached Megan deliberately. "Lana Lang...is your mother," she said, voicing the revelation that both she and her husband were still struggling to grasp.

Megan nodded, and in a hushed voice muttered, "Yes."