Chapter 7

"What's on your mind, Martha?" asked Jonathan as he gathered up the last of the dishes and set them on the counter next to the sink.

Martha gave him a gentle smile as she looked briefly at the back door through which Megan had left promptly after dinner in order to "deliver" the incriminating photos that were to save her existence. Her husband always seemed to know when something was vexing her. "I guess I just can't help but wonder why anyone would want to get rid of Megan. I mean, a 16-year-old girl isn't much of a threat to the kind hardened criminals she seems to be dealing with. There's got to be something special about her. I mean, I'm sure she's special as a person anyway,…but…you know what I mean."

Jonathan nodded. "You think she may have been affected by the meteor rocks?"

Martha paused. Try as she might to forget them, Megan's words still rang in her ears. To keep her Mom from getting back together with her dad, she had said. The word "back" echoed in her mind. Martha was no expert on Lana's love life, but nor was she completely ignorant of the lives of her son's close friends. To her knowledge, Lana had so far only had about four love interests to speak of, among whom Clark was one. Megan's statement, coupled with the fact that hardened criminals, for some mysterious reason, considered her a threat worth time-traveling to get rid of, had brought her to vaguely wonder. Could it be…? She contemplated telling Jonathan of her suspicions, but thought the better of it. If Megan wanted her to forget it, she certainly didn't want Jonathan to know. Plus, as she was sure her husband would tell her, her suspicions were built on rather slight evidence and quite possibly influenced by hopeful thinking. So, Martha merely resigned herself to replying, "Something like that."

Jonathan opened his mouth to respond, but a knock at the door stopped him. Martha, who was closest to it, stepped in front of it and saw Jason through the glass panes of the door. Throwing a glance at Jonathan, she sighed and opened the door, prepared to begin another unpleasant bout of feigning ignorance to Jason's true intentions. But before she even had time to put on a fake smile, Jason had abruptly stepped in, turned her around violently, gripped her tightly by the waist, and pressed the barrel of a shiny pistol to her temple. "Stay put or become a widower," he said loudly to Jonathan.

The farmer hesitated for a moment, his eyes met Martha's briefly as he stared at Jason. "I'm not moving," he said as calmly as he could. "But just so you know, I know all about where, or rather when, you're from."

"Oh, you do, do you?" Jason smirked evilly. "Well, that'll make this a little easier." He cocked his gun. "Pick up the phone!"

Jonathan did as he was told.

"569…842…5643," instructed Jason

Jonathan dialed the number and put the phone to his ear. After three rings, Megan's voice answered with a cautious "Hello."

"Ask her where she is."

"Megan, this is Mr. Kent. Where are you right now?"

"At the Talon," she answered slowly, puzzlement sounding in her voice. "Wait. How did you get this number?"

"She's at the Talon," Jonathan reported hesitantly.

"Tell her I'm here and she's got 10 seconds from the time you hang up to get back here with those pictures or grandma here gets a bullet in her head. I mean it!"

Jonathan swallowed and glared at Jason, telling him wordlessly that if and when the status quo changed, he would promptly do whatever he could to stop him. "Megan, Jason's here. He's holding a gun to Martha's head, and he says you've got 10 seconds to from the time I hang up to get here with the pictures before he shoots."


"Literally, he says," Jonathan said, somewhat shocked. The Talon was several miles from the farm. Surely, he didn't mean…

"Hang up, NOW!"

Jonathan did as he was told.

Jason turned his face to Martha's ear, his hot breath a very unwelcome sensation on her cheek. "Ten,…nine,…eight…"

Jonathan couldn't believe what he was hearing. Even the most evil person he'd ever seen didn't expect someone to travel that distance in under a minute! Helplessly torn, he stood there, half-ready to spring into action, while Martha tearfully fought as best she could under Jason's tight grip. Then, Jason had barely uttered "two" when something (or someone) darted past him in a flash almost too fast for the human eye to detect, and almost before he had time to register what had happened, he witnessed Megan appear seemingly out of nowhere. In one swift motion, she wrenched Martha free, grabbed Jason roughly by the jacket, and threw him like a rag doll across the kitchen. Jonathan and Martha clutched each other, still somewhat in awe of Megan's speed and strength as well as the overall situation. Meanwhile, the girl who had yet to be born placed the tell-tale manila folder on the counter and approached Jason as he slumped against the wall, standing over him at a wide stance. In that moment, Martha saw something that furthered her suspicions about her paternity. Megan regarded her opponent with a resolved, out-from-under-the-eyebrows look of determination and righteous anger that was strikingly familiar. The features were almost all Lana's, but there was something distinctly Clark-like about the expression they formed.

Silently realizing that all pretenses about her humanity or superhumanity were now pointless, Megan hardly hesitated in grabbing Jason by the collar with one hand and lifting him up so that his feet dangled about a foot or two above the floor. As if on cue, two armed henchmen burst in and aimed their weapons squarely at the Kents. Jonathan, who was moving to retrieve Jason's pistol, retreated and instinctively moved Martha behind him.

"So, how much is Edge paying you?" Megan asked dryly.

"Five million," Jason replied with equal dryness. "Which is exactly why I can't have your mother breaking up with me so she can reconcile with that freak you have for a father."

"What is your problem? People like you don't see my father for the hero that he is. You don't see all the good he does for humanity. All you see is a walking science experiment!"

"You're right," Jason stated defiantly. "He's the scientific study of a lifetime! The only thing that would be more rewarding to probe and dissect than the last surviving Kryptonian is a Krypto-human hybrid." Slowly and stealthily, he reached into his jacket pocket. "Which is why I'm quite proud to do this." With that, he opened the lead box he had drawn out to reveal an all-too familiar meteorite emitting a healthy green glow. He breathed a triumphant sigh as Megan's grip gave way and his feet landed roughly on the floor. Megan stepped back clumsily and stopped to lean on the range for support. Despite herself, she let out a small groan as she tried to maintain her resolve.

Jason stepped up to her. "Megan Kent: Daddy's little supergirl…" he marveled malevolently just before he slapped her with the back of his hand so hard she collapsed onto the floor. Looming over her, he placed the kryptonite on her chest and hissed, "You're coming with me, you half-Kryptonian brat!"

Megan grunted and caught Martha's eye. Martha looked at her with sympathy and love in her eyes. Noticing the gun that was still pointed at her head, Megan looked tragically at her. "I'm so sorry,…Grandma," she said weakly.