thank you loads to those who reviewed! this is an awesome undertaking for me, this story is going to be incredibly long with everthing that I've planned for it, it probably won't be finished till I'm like, twenty. It's practice. It's kind of gotten away from me, I never realized how long it would be! anyway, I'm listening to Corpse Bride right now, so awesome! who else is totally psyched about it? (I hate all those people who live in Toranto and LA and New York. they get it a week early. grrr.) Syndrome has now officially entered the story. expect to see alot of him sooon. oh, and of Asper. I like him.

Benjamin Pine hated being in the spotlight unless it was entirely in his calculating terms. This brilliantly persuasive negotiator, this genius of an idiot was one of the world's richest most and most powerful people of his age long before he met me. Insane and in his own way evil, he used his innocent and boyish behavior to coerce his business associates into a secure lull; he did not appear a force to be reckoned with, and this appearance made him all the more so. When the moment was right, he would pounce upon his unsuspecting dealing associate, like a lamb shredding to pieces the tiger upon which it rests its head, gleaning as much fortune as possible from the surprise. They would still both get what they wanted, but with a much more favorable tilt towards Mr. Benjamin Pine. So ahead of his time where his inventions and weapons, that upon further reflection his used business associates considered them well worth the price, and decided that the attack was not an attack at all but rather a… reconsideration of value; they didn't even know that he saved the best inventions for himself.

His taste for anonymity developed just as his lust for power did. A year before we met, he had finished building his headquarters on an uncharted island somewhere in the North Pacific. It took him only two months. He had had plans long before I became aware of what they were; and now as I look back I wonder if maybe he had been planning from the very start, since his adolescence… childhood even. I knew him better than anyone has ever known him, and even I was consistently confused by his behavior; but now that he is dead, I wonder if the world will ever know the real Buddy Pine.

Directly after his headquarters had been built he began to search for an assistant, preferably with… special abilities. His search brought him to restricted, branch of the government. A branch, which the government had consistently assured the public not to exist. Benjamin of course knew better, and the government knew better than to deny him access. His green eyes scanned the angry figures behind the sterile glass walls and narrowed. Benjamin sighed.

"This is the last wing Asper?" he asked his stern, but nervous-looking guide. When the young man nodded curtly, Benjamin sighed and pulled at his grey suit, which looked so severe that it accented his childish features. "I must say I'm disappointed with your selection. Perhaps I should –" the man nervously cut him off.

"We have one of our people following a promising lead. As soon as the specimen does anything… interesting, we will have her here and will notify you immediately. After a few tests of course."

"Tests, yes of course. Well, be sure and notify me. And no disappointments this time. Tests… and, be sure not to hurt her." For the first time, the guide smiled thinly and his wolfish eyes seemed to flash silver.

"Of course not."

"Wake uuuup Anzhelika!" I opened my eyes in a flash to find myself staring into those bright brown ones of one miss Angelica Hope. Sitting up and shoving her off my bed I glared around at the room cursing my fate, and looking for my luggage, all the while trying to ignore the girl's incessant yammering. She seemed intent on deliberately ruining this day.

'Stupid girl' I thought. 'Stupid, stupid girl!'

"Aww, don't be like that! Chives is going to be here any minute to make sure I woke you up."

"Chives?" I said groggily

"The gender confused butler?"

"Right. Right." I stumbled into the bathroom and examined my features. Deathly pale, dark circles under the eyes, rumpled limp hair… I can work with this. I picked up a brush and began to work through the tangles in my hair.

"So anyway, Chives came in here like a half an hour ago, and told me that we would be leaving in another half an hour and that I should wake you up. Well, I let you sleep as long as I could because you were just so tired last night after the flight, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Chives is going to be here any moment so I suggest you just…" as if twelve hours of this wasn't enough. "… and maybe a little bit of makeup, you know, so you look presentable for Ms. Mode. You know it's a shame I've never seen you looking your best. I'm sure you're ravishing." I stopped mid brush stroke.

"Ms. Mode? As in Edna Mode? We're going to see her?"

"Oh, well, yes. Didn't I mention that before?"


"oh. That's strange." I could have choked her, and I swear I would have had there not been a knock on the door right at that moment. So I had to content myself with a seething glare and stalked over to the door of the room. I looked out the peephole, and saw a person's eye, obviously examining it on the other side. I opened the door and saw Chives, startled to see no longer a peephole but a rather disgruntled looking seventeen year old.

"Ahem. Yes." Chives said, straightening her coat with tails, "are we all ready to go?" He eyed my appearance skeptically, I was wearing a short nightgown with only my nice silk robe over it.

"Uh-" I began to say, but Angelica was quicker than me.

"Yes! Yes we're all ready! Here, Anzhelika, I'll bring some Makeup and you can do it in the limo. We wouldn't want to be late or anything!"

"But!" I had no time to protest. I was being led by Angelica and before I knew what was happening was loaded into the limo. I had only woken up three and a half minutes ago.

Inside the limo was a gaggle of giggling chattering hair-flipping models. I felt like I had maybe not woken up and when they saw my apparel and hid their stupid grins behind their hands, I felt that I had walked into a terrible nightmare. I tried to apply some of the makeup and ignore all the other girls, but soon found this difficult. The jostling of the limo, combined with the catty hints of the other models made it nearly impossible to do a good job. I had only just finished applying makeup to both eyes when we pulled into the parking lot of avery fancy looking hotel.

Chives opened the door, and a flood of long legs in short skirt burst forth from the limo. Chives waited until we were all out."go in through that door to await Ms Edna Mode. I would suggest that you stand perfectly erect in a very straight line. I shall go inform her that you have arriaved and she will be here any moment." Chives bowed curtly and walked formally away.

Twenty minutes later found us all perspiring in a large spacious hall waiting for "the Big E" to show up. Chives had told us to stand perfectly erect in a straight line. We had been doing so for nearly ten minutes and were collectively beginning to get very nervous. Just as a few of the girls were beginning to look to one another for help, the doors at the far end of the hall burst open and the huge presence of a tiny woman filled the room. The girls and I noticeably straightened our backs and looked straight ahead as the woman got closer and closer. Finally she stood right in front of us. she held a long cigarette holder and took out a lighter.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" she asked slowly. It sounded like a test so none of us said anything. Her insanely huge eyes scanned each of us. "Good" she finally said as she lit her cigarette. Looking irresistibly like a drill sergeant, she began to walk in front of us, murmuring to herself. She stopped in front of one of the girls.


"Y-yes, Ma'am?" the girl looked terrified, and understandably so. She still stared straight ahead, though the woman was standing directly below her.

"Are you prepared to show this line of art to the very best of your abilities?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"What was that?

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Are you sure you think you are ready?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Are you sure!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

Edna Mode smiled showing her enormous teeth and nodded at the girl.

"Very well then." At the very end of the line, I stood shaking in my fuzzy slippers. Dreading when she would arrive at the end of the line and see my inappropriate attire. This was not how I envisioned this trip. Edna continued down the line, snapping at girls as she saw fit.

"You! Stop looking so sour! You! Straighten up! You! Eat something! Feh! I introduce to this dimension the most fantastic expressive art the world has seen and this is what I have to show it on!" closer and closer she came. I tried desperately to hide myself somewhat behind Angelica. But inevitably Edna arrived at the end of the line and saw me in all my sleepy glory.

"What's THIS?" she cried. I opened my mouth to try and salvage my dignity, offer an explanation perhaps but was cut off. "You! What is your name?" I squared my head looked straight foreword and answered in as clear a voice as I could muster.

"Anzhelika Veruna. Ma'am." There was a moment of heart stopping silence. All the other girls looked on in fear, thanking their lucky stars that it wasn't them and I merely stood tall trying not to look at the woman below me. Finally she said,

"I like your style." I looked at her in surprise.

"Th-thank you!"

"Yes, it takes a certain kind of person to follow her impulses. As I always say, when you repress you depress, but to impress, you must express! Aha!" She laughed showing her huge teeth and her bespectacled eyes looked as enormous as records. "Yes. Veruna? Was it?" I nodded. "Good. Let us walk, I so much to inform you of Darling." The other girls watched in numb disbelief as I was led down the hall and out the double doors with E. Mode at my side. I could hardly believe it myself. But here I was, walking next to Edna Mode in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.

"… You really remind me of all of my… exceptional clients of past days. You know, those were the daysofall of my best works. Yes you really remind me. In fact, I do believe I have seen you before." She dropped her voice to an oddly suspicious sounding tone "have you ever been on a fold out cover of Vogue?" After a few moments I realized that it was a direct question.

"Oh, no. Never."

"Never?" I shook my head. Edna Mode seemed put out for an entire millisecond then shrugged. "Well, that is easily remedied. I like you Lika, there is something so very... super about you."