Visiting Kyoto PG-13
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

Summary: What if Keitaro actually noticed that the 'nice girl' he meets on the bullet train after failing the Todai exam was Naru and decided to stay away from her, jumping onto the first bus he can, not knowing where it will take him and what he will learn there?

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Previously, on 'Visiting Kyoto'

"H-how is he?" Shinobu asked.

+Oh, what a daring question!+ Tsuruko exclaimed in the other end. +Though I haven't had sex with him, so I can't say for sure, he does seems like a durable young fellow with lots of stamina, so he should be all right in the sack.+

Shinobu swallowed nervously and stuttered nonsensical words for nearly a full minute, before she managed to get out a somewhat semi-coherent sentence.

"T-t-t-th-t-that wa-w-wasn't wh-what I m-meant!" Shinobu protested. "I meant if he was feeling better or if he's still depressed?" Shinobu managed to say after having taken a few calming breaths of air.

+Oh! ow Sorry. Heh, heh, heh. ow He does seem ow better, though it's hard to ow tell at the moment.+ Tsuruko replied.

"W-what's that in the background? It sounds like Motoko-sempai." Shinobu asked, wondering about the pained exclamations in the background.

+Oh, manager-san is giving Motoko-han a spanking at the moment. She's been a very naughty girl.+ Tsuruko unconcernedly informed the young girl at the other end of the line, who had to struggle in order to remain conscious after that piece of incredibly shocking information. +That was why I wanted to talk with Narusegawa, to explain the situation so she wouldn't think that her girlfriend was cheating on her with manager-san or something if he starts pulling Motoko over his lap to give her a solid spanking when they get back home.+ she continued and this time Shinobu did faint.

+Maehara-san? Maehara-san? Oh well, she must have hung up.+ Tsuruko's voice floated out over the otherwise silent Hinata Sou living room, before she hung up.

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Chapter Four:

"Ow." Motoko grunted as she ever so slowly lowered herself into the warm water of the Aoyama outdoors bath, squatting down until she had water up to her throat. "Damn you, Urashima." she muttered under her breath. "Damn you, Aneue." she added a few moments later, after properly considering the situation.

Urashima had actually been badgered into it all and even Motoko had to admit that he hadn't been as pervy as she might have expected and certainly a whole lot more kind then she would have been in his position. He had kept his eyes averted at all times and the first five slaps had been so pathetic that Tsuruko had forced him to start all over again. Once she was satisfied that he'd gotten the hang of it, she'd left to make a phone call to only the Kami knew where.

Motoko didn't really care, she was only grateful that she hadn't been the one Tsuruko had decided to talk with, because their more recent conversations over the phone had done little else but embarrass the heck out of her. At least now Tsuruko wasn't doing it to her, but some other poor sap.

However, once Tsuruko was out of the immediate area, Urashima had started slapping the cushion of the chair standing next to the one he was sitting on and urged her on to make pained exclamations as he did so. She would not have done that, if she'd been in his position.

Her ass still stung though, as it had felt the effect of the first five pathetic slaps, as well as eleven decent ones after that, before Tsuruko had left them to their own devices.

"Damn you, Aneue." she repeated, though if she were to be really honest with herself, she had to admit that she could understand her big sisters point of view. She had gone against the Oath she had sworn to follow, she had been needlessly harsh against men in general and Urashima in particular and it was well within the rights of the schools Heir to punish any transgressions.

Even if it was the future Heir that made just mentioned transgressions.

But though she was perfectly capable of intellectually understanding the reasons behind what had happened, it didn't help any with her emotions regarding it all.

Which was why she occasionally emitted a spark or small bolt of angry sizzling energy that fizzed into the hot water as she contemplated various ways to castrate a certain Urashima Keitaro for laying his unworthy hands on her immaculate skin.

"In... And out... In... And out..." Tsuruko purred in a low sultry voice, which caused shivers to run down Keitaro's spine.

"In... And out..." he mumbled as he did his best to breathe as instructed, clear his mind and seek to achieve the meditative state that was the goal of this exercise Tsuruko had asked him to do.

He wasn't quite sure what the reason for that was, but she'd been a very kind and gracious host to him, so if she wanted him to meditate, then he'd meditate to the best of his ability.

Tsuruko nearly lost herself as he finally succeeded and emitted a burst of positive energy all around him, she swayed back and forth in her seat and almost felt drunk until she managed to re-centre herself and regain her focus. She took several deep breaths of air and built up as solid a barrier as she could, then remained cut off for almost half a minute, before she felt ready to move on.

"Keep it up, manager-san. In... And out..." she instructed him and gently raised her hands, putting them on either side of his head, resting her thumbs on his temples. She took one final deep breath of air, then extended two tendrils of energy from her own thumbs into his head, making contact with Urashima's highly impressive energy stores. "Keeeeeeeep it... Up..." she groaned and fought with all her might against the artificial sensations that direct contact with this nexus of positive, pleasant and warm energy brought out inside of her.

Most people had an equal amount of positive and negative in them, giving their energy a mostly neutral base. Depending on ones mood, it might be faintly more positive or faintly more negative, but still mostly neutral. Keitaro was one of those unique individuals that weren't neutral, instead his energy was almost overbearingly positive.

She suppressed a faint shudder as she recalled Keitaro's complete opposite, that weird wandering dim-wit who had the annoying habit of turning up on the grounds from time to time. What was his name/Oh, yes. Hibiki-san./ Tsuruko recalled, shaking her head in faint ire. He truly was an odd one, popping up in the most unexpected of places without a clue as to how he'd gotten there. She'd tried to take him to see the collected Elders several times, as she suspected him of being either cursed or possessed by some minor demonic entity, but he'd always gotten lost on her before they could reach the Elders. He wasn't neutral either, instead he was a nexus of negative energy, living in a near-constant state of depression, hate and anger because of it.

Now she almost wished for his presence, however. It would have been interesting to see two such nexuses in close proximity to each other. It might also have been possible to use the two polar opposites to even things out, turning them both into neutrals. The presence of a negative nexus, should also make it easier for her to explore a positive one.

She'd done the same to Hibiki, exploring his energies with her own. But fighting off negative influences were much easier then positive ones. She'd been trained for that, her school being created for fighting demons as it was. But nobody had ever taught her to fight off positive ones. The principle of it was the same, but it was much harder to muster up the willpower to do so, as these foreign influences made one feel so much better.

But after almost a full minutes worth of internal struggle, she let out a gasp as she finally succeeded in maintaining her emotional purity and allowed herself to fully sense Keitaro's energy field for the first time.

And what she saw blew her mind.

If one were to measure energy in manageable units, most people wound up somewhere around ten or eleven. The dying, diseased or merely spiritually weak somewhere around a three at the lowest. The spiritually strong, somewhere around eighteen. Those who had been trained and were naturally strong, like Motoko or Tsuruko herself, could rate upwards the range of twenty-five to thirty units worth of internal Ki and perhaps as much external Chi gathered from their surroundings.

Keitaro blew all her expectations out of the water. She had expected him to rate around twenty or so. In reality however, he dwarfed her and Motoko put together. Tsuruko, one of the most spiritually powerful practitioners of the Shinmei Ryu for generations, had an impressive twenty-eight units worth of Ki, almost forty units worth of Chi. Motoko had been at twenty-two in Ki and Chi when she left for the Hinata Sou and might possibly rise up to as much as thirty at her physical and spiritual peak according to the more experienced Elders.

Keitaro however soared above them all when it came to Chi, somewhere in the seventy unit range, possibly even more then that. When so much energy was gathered in one single place, it became hard to tell exactly how much it really was. He was weaker when it came to Ki, a respectable fifteen units worth. Nothing to sneeze at, but there was others with more.

But Tsuruko still swallowed nervously. No matter what the source was, Ki, Chi, Chakra, Primal Energy, Quintessence or Mana, seventy plus units was incredibly impressive. Her control over her mind slipped and suddenly she felt herself being buried underneath an avalanche of positive emotions. Her resistance all but crumbled and she yanked Keitaro towards her, conquering his lips with her own, forcing her tongue into his mouth.

"Mmmfl!" he grunted into his mouth as the unexpected action broke his concentration and the influx of energy suddenly went back to more normal levels. Tsuruko whimpered in frustration as they vanished and lingered on his lips for a few seconds longer, then she regretfully pulled away and released her grip on Keitaro's head.

"Hrm. I'm sorry, manager-san. I shouldn't have done that." she apologised and bowed down low.

"It's... Ah... Its okay, Aoyama-san." he eventually managed to blurt out, slowly licking his lips and trying to regain the strangely pleasant flavour unique to Tsuruko.

"No harm, no foul, eh?" Tsuruko commented lightly, though there was a faint blush on her cheeks for a few moments. /No harm at all and certainly not foul either... Quite the opposite, in fact.../ she mused and absently ran her tongue over her own lips, before she managed to control herself and restrain those sorts of impulses. "Have you ever considered training in the Martial Arts, manager-san?" she asked him.

"I did for a while when I was younger. I gave it up a couple of years ago, however." he replied after a moments worth of consideration and another couple of seconds to regain his mental clarity after having his meditative state broken by the unexpected kiss.

"Have you considered taking it up again? You have an incredible amount of potential, manager-san." Tsuruko inquired.

"Not really, no." he replied with a tired sigh. With his studies and duties as a manager, there just wasn't time enough for those kinds of interests. "Potential?" he asked with a curious expression.

"You've heard of Ki and Chi, I assume?" Tsuruko inquired.

"Yes." Keitaro replied, shuddering as he recalled all the times he'd been on the receiving end of Motoko's more powerful attacks. "Motoko uses Ki in her attacks, that much I know. Not much else, though."

"They're both sources of energy, very similar energy at that. Ki is the energy that your own body produces naturally. Chi, is the same sort of energy, but comes from external sources in your surroundings. Your Ki is my Chi, while my Ki is Chi to you. To Motoko, they're both Chi. Internal and external, what it is all depends on your point of view. All living things create their own Ki, which is Chi to us, some retain it long after they've died. Grass, trees, animals, everything that lives. Some other things have it too, the earth itself, the air surrounding us and some noble metals like gold and silver have faint amounts of innate energy." Tsuruko explained.

"Ki and Chi are thus basically the same, both of them are a source of energy made up from two parts. What one calls these two parts varies. Some call it Light and Dark, others refer to them as Yin and Yang, others use Physical and Spiritual and there are still other names for these two differing energies. The Shinmei Ryu teaches the lore of Yin and Yang. Your heart is a source of Yang energy, your brain supplies Yin energy and they're combined throughout your entire body into Ki." she continued, while Keitaro listened intently and tried to make sense out of what she was saying.

"Chi is created by other living organisms and is thus all around us at all times, to a greater or lesser amount. As our bodies grow older, they start to adapt to these energies and becomes a conduit of them. The more of these energies that pass through us, the more we retain. So while our own bodies don't produce Chi, there's nearly always some present in them in addition to our native Ki." Tsuruko explained and took a deep breath.

"There are many sources of energy and power in the world, Ki and Chi are merely two of them. Mana, Chakra, Quintessence and several others also exist, each with their own characteristic traits, advantages and disadvantages. Though some claim that it's all the same, merely different philosophies in how to access and use this energy. But what all of them have in common, is that they can be measured. A normal untrained human usually has somewhere between three and eighteen units worth of Ki, somewhere around the same amount of Chi. What one calls these units also differs, depending on ones training and philosophy. We in the Shinmei Ryu do not use a name for it, we merely refer to it as 'units'. Others may call those units Primal Energy Units, Thaum, Essence and several other names." Tsuruko said and fiddled with her hands for a few moments.

"I'm a very gifted person, energy-wise. I currently have a maximum potential of twenty-eight units worth of Ki, thirty-nine units worth of Chi. When Motoko left for the Hinata Sou and I last checked her levels, she had twenty-two units worth of both Ki and Chi." Tsuruko revealed and then smiled somewhat nervously. "You, manager-san, have a respectable fifteen units worth of Ki. What is amazing however, is your Chi potential. Before you, I was the most gifted Chi adept currently known to be alive with my nearly forty units worth. You have almost double that, at the very least. It's so much that I have difficulty telling exactly how much you do have, but it's at least seventy units worth of Chi that you're currently carrying inside of you."

"That on its own is impressive enough and certainly more then worth exploring by immersing yourself in the arts. However..." Tsuruko started and swallowed again, closing her eyes for a moment before she reopened them and looked Keitaro in his eyes. "However... The most impressive thing, is that you seem to be a living nexus of Chi energies. In nature, Chi flows in channels from place to place all over the planet. Like so many other things, these channels have differing names pending on region and philosophy. Ley lines, dragon lines, magic web, moon path or whatever. We refer to them as Dragon Lines. Occasionally, two or more of these lines will cross at one single point, creating an unusually high concentration of Chi in one single location. We refer to places where that have happened as a Dragons nest. You're like a living version of it, pulling and twisting energy away from nearby Dragon Lines, wrapping that energy around you in a glorious halo of energy. The amount of Chi energy inside your body is hard to measure, but it can be done, if I have assistance from some of the Elders. The amount of Chi energy constantly swirling around you however... That is such an immense amount that I wonder if it could be adequately measured even if I had the assistance of every single member of the Shinmei Ryu, both past and present."

"You, dear manager-san, could just possibly become the most powerful being on the planet, if you chose to develop your latent Chi capabilities." Tsuruko explained with a faint smile. /Or destroy a significant portion of the country, if you somehow mess up.../ she absently thought.

"Me?!" Keitaro croaked in a strained tone of voice and disbelieving expression on his face.

"You." Tsuruko agreed. "Energy can also have differing... I guess we can call it 'flavour' or 'speciality', for now. A unit of Ki energy usually consist out of equal, or very nearly equal, amounts of Yin and Yang, with little or no emotional flavour unless the source is in a very extreme emotional state. Somebody depressed, may generate much more Yin then Yang, thus leaving the Ki produced with a Yin imbalance. A Yin-heavy energy unit would be especially suitable for destructive or entropic purposes, such as an attack or weakening a structure. It could still be used for healing or creating something, but it would be harder to do so then with a balanced energy unit." she continued and looked kindly at Keitaro. "You have a slight Yang imbalance or speciality, giving you an unusually vibrant Ki. What is even more unusual, is that your Ki also has an extremely potent emotional flavour."

"It's... Warmth... Determination... Compassion... Love... Kindness... Companionship... Devotion... Awe... Wonder..." Tsuruko absently mused, before she shook her head and regained the focus that had been lost as she recalled the wonderful sensation of Keitaro's energy. "It's heavily infused with all sorts of positive emotions, which you are subconsciously broadcasting to those around you. Direct contact with it, like I had earlier... Well, let's just say that it's extremely potent and leave it at that, shall we?" she suggested and couldn't prevent a faint blush from conquering her cheeks for a few moments.

Keitaro blinked and then recalled the kiss, blushing himself as he averted his gaze from Tsuruko for a few moments, finding himself unable to meet her gaze.

"If nothing else, then you should at least consider training for the sake of your future spouse." Tsuruko commented with a faint smile.

"Huh? What?" Keitaro asked with a completely bewildered expression.

"Here. I'll give you a brief demonstration." Tsuruko offered and held up her right hand. "My own Ki is perfectly balanced and with no emotional flavouring after my years of devoted practise, even if I haven't been very devout with my training in recent years. But with training, it's possible to 'taint' or 'flavour' your energy before using it. It takes a bit of time and effort, which is why it's so rarely done, but it can be immensely useful. As you don't have the training for it, you probably can't see it, but right now I'm amassing a units worth of Ki in the palm of my right hand. I'm also adding some emotional flavour to it, making it as much like the natural state of your own Ki as I'm capable of." she explained and nodded towards her hand. "Now, imagine yourself being able to emit your energy at will and touching your future wife like this." Tsuruko suggested and then reached out, putting her hand down on top of Keitaros.

Keitaro gasped and his eyes widened as he suddenly felt the sensations Tsuruko had spoken about before slowly spread out from where her hand touched his.

It was... Glorious.

His mouth dried up and his throat felt parched, beads of sweat suddenly appeared on his forehead and he suddenly wished that he had some way to hold himself down, so he wouldn't leap at Tsuruko and try to smooch the crap out of her.

"Perhaps that's enough..." Tsuruko reasoned and pulled her hand away, leaving Keitaro feeling incredibly bereft, as if somebody had suddenly torn out a significant portion of his heart and refused to return it. "Now do you see? Imagine if that was what your wife felt whenever touching you or you touching her. Imagine that sensation in a more intimate area then your hand." Tsuruko suggested and Keitaro damn well nearly climaxed right in his pants as he did just that. "You can always practise with Motoko-han." she further suggested with a faint smirk, which caused Keitaro to feel faint, completely terrified and also somewhat intrigued.

He'd never ask Motoko to do so, of course. But the imagery he got in his head as he contemplated what such a training session would actually be like, was extremely appealing. But as he knew that such wouldn't take place and what would instead happen if he suggested such to her, would be a scene of such grotesquely horrifying violence that mere words couldn't convey it, he resolved to bury that imagery as deep into his subconscious mind as he possibly could, never to think of it again.

"Speaking of Motoko-han, you will keep your promise to assist me with her discipline, won't you?" Tsuruko suddenly asked and Keitaro groaned, hoping that Tsuruko would have forgotten all about that.

"It won't work, Aoyama-san. If I ever tried that without you present, she'd have my head for it. ... And even if she wouldn't, Narusegawa would punch me all the way to the gates of hell for it. ... Then drag me right back and do it all over again." Keitaro protested, causing Tsuruko to vince in sympathy.

"Is it really all that bad, manger-san?" she asked with a caring and sad expression.

"Well, perhaps not quite as bad. ... But it certainly wouldn't be pleasant if I started trying to discipline your sister." he replied with a horrified shudder.

Tsuruko pondered that statement for nearly half a minute, then she suddenly smiled and Keitaro felt oddly nervous as he saw the passionate glimmer in her eyes.

"You're in luck, manager-san. I have quite a few vacation days saved away and used up some of them so I could have this week off to watch our ancestral home while the others are on an annual training journey. I had intended to go back to work after this week, but I guess I'm due for a little vacation. There are free rooms available at the Hinata Sou, I hope?" she said excitedly.

"Uh... Yeah." Keitaro replied hesitantly.

"Excellent. I will be renting one of them for a while. It's been far too long since I spent some time around my little sister anyway. This will also allow me to assist you, should you wish to take up your training in the arts again." she announced with a cheerful smile. "My presence will also serve to help get the others used to Motoko and matters of her discipline."

"Oh... Joy..." Keitaro muttered under his breath, wondering if it was too late to sign up for a life insurance.

A really big one.

If he croaked, he wanted his parents and Kanako to be well taken care of.

The End! ( For now... )