Disclaimer: I don't own any, just made these poems.

Ryou Bakura:

As his dark side takes over every time

the poor boy gets involved in another crime

for his body, he will fight

just again to be pushed aside

all the time he lost

every limit crossed

when will he be free?

Jounouchi Katsuya:

His father is a drunkass

his mother leaves

taking sister and cash

behind a mask

he's hiding away

smiling bright

every day.

Seto Kaiba (Part 1):

He protects his brother

every day

his father and mother

went away

died - years back

icy bitterness up 'till his neck.

Seto Kaiba (Part 2):

His stepfather is disgusting him

and the boy wants justice

for the pain that's been caused

for the childhood

that went lost.

Malik Ishtar:

He was scared for that day

but the boy had nothing to say

and his brother went away#

his father burnt his back

creating a in his mind a crack

Isolated - all alone

his heart turned into stone.

# "went away" means "didn't help him" (Rishid couldn't help him.)

Yugi Moto:

His grandfather kidnapped

it's a miracle he hasn't snapped

and he's loyal to the promise he had kept#

yes, he's a brave boy

and he's fate's new toy.

# the promise to save his grandfather