Repeating Circuit


Inuyasha held the transformed Tetsusaiga and considered his next moves carefully. The whole thing was, after all, completely dependant on mindset. Well, mindset and practice. With a deft toss he sent a fat section of log into the air and gave it the most gentle series of quick taps he could manage with the blade.

The log separated into burnable sections fairly well except for one part that he hit a little too hard, which vaporized.

A glowing streamer of light crossed his wrist. "Aw, crap," he muttered and considered just ignoring it and getting on with the job at hand.

"Inuyasha," a faint cold voice spoke. "Inuyasha, it is time."

He sighed and didn't bother to turn around as he said; "It's a little late, actually. You keep forgetting."

He tossed his log section up and swung at it but streamers of light got in his way as he took his swing and he cursed royally as the log exploded into useless splinters. 'Damn, that had been a nice one too.' He sighed and turned resignedly around.

Kikyou was there in the shadows, face pale and eyes darkly serious. Her shindamichu were weaving looping patterns about her, glowing in their own light. He looked her over.

"You forgot the feet again."

"I'm taking you to hell with me," the pale girl in the shadows answered.

He glanced longingly at his pile of logs, the result of several day's work in the depths of the forest, all stacked and ready to be split. 'Oh, well.' He leaned on his sword and waited.

"Naraku is no more and it is time to pass on." The chill voice in the shadows sounded distant and passionless.

"I ain't going nowhere with some girl with no feet," he said and waited again for her next utterance.

It was a little long in coming as the wind lifted the branches of the tree she was under and sunlight caused her image to flicker. Finally, it came, "You must come to hell with me and complete your vow."

Caught up by the delay into repeating something he had said a long time ago, he answered. "If the fates decree it." He drew a breath. "They didn't, Kikyou," he said as if he were being heard.

The woman in the shadows shifted and lifted an arm that seemed to fade off at the end without a hand. "How could…" The next words were garbled as if lost in transmission.

"You forget me," he supplied and then answered with another question. "How can you keep forgetting body parts?" He shook his head and turned back to his project. "You're really loosing it Kikyou. There's less of you every time."

The presence was fading, the words becoming fainter. "…haunt you…regret…"

"For a time, Kikyou," he murmured in an automatic response as he selected another log. "For a time," he repeated more clearly. With another toss and a deft series of taps the log separated cleanly.

Winter was coming and he had promised Kagome to have the wood done today, no ifs ands or buts about it or there'd be hell to pay. He wasn't about to let that happen.


Rod Sterling steps out from behind a tree. "Betrayal? Or the last persistent ghosts left of an old romance seen in a fading sense of regret. You decide in the sengoku Jidai."