I had intended for most to the chapters of this series to be letters. However to portray the characters as I would like, then I may have to leave the letter only format. This next chapter concerns Kim and Dr. P as they face the Christmas holidays without their loved ones. This chapter is based on a picture drawn by Richard Sirois and based on an idea by my friend Maxie Goofmore. The title of the picture is Ronmantic.

Just You and me Kimmie, Chapter 6

Ron drove up to the front of the Possible residence; it was the day before Christmas Eve. It was a clear December night in Middleton. Dr. Possible had called a couple evenings before and had asked Ron a favor.

"Ronald, this is Dr. Possible, how are you doing this evening?"

"I am doing great Dr. P, how are you and Kim?" Ron answered.

"Ron, Kim is not doing well at all" Dr. P answered.

"I was going to call you, Dr. P. I have been really concerned about Kim. She doesn't seem to be feeling well."

"Yes, Ron, that is why I wanted to call and talk to you. Have you heard of the Christmas Ball?" Dr. P asked.

"Yes, Dr. P. I know before all this happened Kim wanted to go. Now, I don't know. We had actually gone to the mall and picked out a dress."

"Well, Ron could you find that dress again? I..I would like you to take Kim to that dance. She needs to get her mind off of her mom and brothers. I have already bought the tickets. I have a cash card for the mall here that I want you to use to get the dress for Kim and rent a tux for yourself."

"Dr. P, I would love to take Kim to the dance, but when do I ask her? She won't answer my calls and as for my tux don't worry about that. I have a tux that I bought sometime back so I won't need to rent one."

"Okay, but Kim's favorite restaurant is there and accepts the cards. You two can have dinner before the ball. Let me get Kim on the phone." Dr. P. said.

A few moments later, Kim's voice came on the line.

"Hey, Ron, I sorry, I have had my phone turned off. I'm sorry about not calling you back."

"It's okay, KP. It's okay. I had a feeling the upcoming holidays were making you feel a little down. I was worried about you." Ron said.

Ron could almost hear Kim smile over the phone. "Thanks Ron, I needed to hear that. What's up?"

"I was wondering if you were up to a little dancing?" he asked.

"Dancing, the only dance anytime soon is the Christmas Ball and I can't ask…." Kim started to say.

"Kim, please, let me take you to the dance. I would be honored to take you and I would really like to take you." Ron interrupted.

Ron could almost heat her smile again as she spoke "you haven't ask me to a dance in a long time. Do we need to pick out a dress?"

"I think so, how about that one we saw a couple of weeks ago, the black one with the white sash. I can pick you up about 10:30 and we can go to the mall and get it. What do you say?" Ron asked.

"Okay, Ron as long as you let me get you something to go with that tux of yours. How about a new white shirt and a red cummerbund?" Kim answered.

The Ball.

Kim was sitting at her mirror putting the final touches on her hair and makeup. Her hands were shaking just a little. "Get yourself together, Kim. You and Ron are just going out to dinner and a dance." Another little voice said 'right! A dinner at the finest restaurant in town and then you are both going to the biggest dance that Middleton holds each year and you and Ron haven't been to a dance in a couple of years.'

"Ron, is just my best friend and has been all my life."

'Right, and your heart rate just goes up for no reason when you see or hear him.'

'you break out in a cold sweat when you think something might have happened to him.'

'he has been at your side ever since mom and the tweebs were killed.'

'he has always been there good time and bad.'

As Kim was fighting the voice in her head there was a knock at her door.

"Kimmie, can I come in?" asked her father.

"Daddy, yes please." Answered Kim, this was strange to her. It had always been her mom that climbed the stairs to talk to her before she went to a dance. Her thoughts of her mom made her spirits drop just a bit. In a couple days it would be Christmas, how could she celebrate Christmas without three of the most important people in her life.

Mr. Possible came in her room carrying a small box. "Kimmie, are you about ready? Ron should be here any moment."

"Yes, daddy, I ready. Thank you for helping Ron set this up." She said.

"Me, set this up, what gave you that idea." He said with an innocent smile.

"Nice try, Dad." She said with a smile.

"Kimmie, I want you to have something tonight." Mr. Possible held out a small box that he had been holding in his hand. "This belonged to your mother. I gave it to her the first time I took her to the Middleton Ball after we were married. She wanted you to have it if anything ever happened to her."

Kim took the box and opened it.

"Oh, Daddy, I couldn't" she said for inside the box was an emerald mounted on a silver brooch and hanging from a thick velvet black ribbon.

"Please Kimmie, she loved you so much and would want you to be happy. She also cared for Ron so much. She was never happier when you and Ron were doing something together." Her father said.

He took the ribbon in his hand and opening it placed it around Kim's neck and stood back. He took in a breath. "Oh Kimmie, your mom would have been so happy."

Kim struggled to keep the tears back as the doorbell rang.

"That will be Ron, I go get the door. You wait a few minutes then make your entrance."

"Ok, daddy." She said and Mr. Possible went down the stairs.

Ron reached for the doorbell again when he heard the doorknob rattle and the door opened. Mr. Possible stood inside the door and waved Ron into the house. "Come on in Ronald, you know Kim she has to make her grand entrance."

"Thanks Dr. P." Ron said as he entered the home and walked on into the living room.

"Won't you have a seat, Ronald. I must say that you look quite snappy tonight." Mr. Possible said.

"No thank you, Dr. Possible, I'll wait and thank you. Kim picked out the shirt and cummerbund."

There was a small cough behind Ron and he turned to face Kim. She was wearing the gown they had picked out earlier in the day being an ankle length black gown with a single strap over her right shoulder. The gown had a white sash around her trim waist forming a "v" in front. She was wearing black slippers on her feet. Kim was the necklace that her father had given her.

"KP, when you look like that you are going to have to remind me to breathe when I look at you." Ron said quietly.

Kim blushed lightly and raised her eyes to look at Ron. He had filled out nicely in the past few months and looked wonderful in the black tux he was wearing. The red cummerbund made the outfit perfect.

"You ready" he asked. She nodded and moved across the floor to take his hand.

"See you, later Daddy, I'll be home by midnight." She said.

"Kimmie, the dance isn't over till 1:00 so just be back as soon as you can." Mr. Possible said.

"Thanks, Daddy." She said as she moved out the door.

The Ball.

Kim and Ron arrived at the Ball at about 8:00 pm. The ball was held at the museum and arboretum. They entered the main hall and stopped in wonder at the site. The convention room of the museum had been transformed into a wonderland. Kim caught her breath as she took in the sight. This was her first major ball. As they entered the room several in the room noticed them and nodded their heads in approval. Kim held tight to Ron's arm and they made their way out into the room. The mayor of Middleton approached them.

"Kimberly, Ronald. It is so good to see you. It is wonderful to see Middleton's most famous residents coming to the Ball." He said shaking Ron's hand and bowing to Kim.

"Kim, I am so sorry for your loss." He said taking her hand. Kim nodded and said "Thank you, Mr. Mayor"

"Kim, would you like to dance?" asked Ron.

"Yes, please" she said taking Ron's arm.

The two teens moved out onto the floor. A slow song was playing and Ron took Kim into his arms. Kim wrapped her arms around his chest and laid her head on his shoulder. They danced into the night. They didn't realize that a times the other dancers gave them extra room and privacy out of respect and admiration for the two of them.

Kim seemed to be enjoying herself until a slow Christmas ballad started and she stopped. Ron could tell from the look on her face that the song was bringing back memories. Tear streamed down her face. He knew that he needed to get her out of the room.

Where are you Christmas

Why can't I find you

Why have you gone away

Where is the laughter

You used to bring me

Why can't I hear music play

My world is changing

I'm rearranging

Does that mean Christmas changes too

Where are you Christmas

Do you remember

The one you used to know

I'm not the same one

See what time's done

Is that why you have let me go

Ron led Kim to the greenhouse. There by the light of a full moon was a rock bench. He led Kim to the bench and sat down.

"Kim, are you OK?" he asked.

Kim raised her face and he to look at her friend. In her eyes Ron could see pain that he had yet to understand. "Ron, my mom, the tweebs, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I miss them so much. I mean the tweebs, pulled a prank on me that day, and I got really mad. Mom came and stopped me and we had a fight. A bad one. I was mad that she was protecting them. She was angry that I wouldn't calm down. I said some things to her and Tim and Jim. Then I ran out of the house. I never got to say I was sorry."

Ron reached to touch her chin and moved his hand to caress her face. She closed her eyes and pressed her face into his touch. Glistening tears fell across her cheeks as she struggled to contain her emotions.

"Kim, I have no idea of what to say. Your mom, Tim and Jim were very special people. I can't say that time will ease the pain because I don't know. I cannot imagine what you are feeling. Yours was the closest family I have ever known, and I felt humbled and honored when all of you included me. Now, so much of that is gone. You have memories Kim, but memories can fade in time and they aren't like having them here. KP, I know that you will never forget them. Keep them in your heart, hold them in your memories and cherish them. They would forgive you, but you have to forgive yourself."

Ron reached out with a trembling hand and placed it on her heart.


Kim raised her face to look at him. In all the years that they had known each other, Ron had never called her by her full first name.

"Remember them and honor them in your heart. Let them live through you. Keep the things they loved and things they did in your heart. Live your life honoring their hopes and ambitions. As you let them live through you, they will never be apart from you. They will be closer to you that they ever have been. Maybe that way it will be as if they never left, because they didn't. They didn't leave. They still live in your heart." Ron pressed his hand over her heart and raising his hand again, caressed the side of her head. "and they still live in your memories. You know that you will see them again."

Kim looked over at her blond haired friend. It was warm in the greenhouse and he had taken off his coat and tie. Where in the world she thought did Ron learn to say things like he just did. She gazed into his eyes and saw a love that she had never seen before and pain of concern for a friend. She blushed and lowered her eyes. Her hands reached out and took his. She felt his right hand move up her back and caressed the nape of her neck. She leaned back into his touch and smiled. "Thanks Ron, somehow, you seem know what to do or say."

"Anything for you KP." Ron whispered.

"Ron, can you do something for me." She asked leaning against him.

"Sure, what do you need?" he answered.

"The hospital has a program for the kids that have to stay in the hospital during Christmas. Mom, Tim and Jim helped with that a lot. Could…would you help me if I went to help out" she asked.

"Kim, I would love to help you." Ron said. "Just let me know when and where."

Kim giggled a little "Think you could be Santa Claus?"

Ron laughed "Well, it would take a lot of padding but sure!"

Kim giggled a little more and leaned back to really get a good look at her friend. He sat and stared back with questioning eyes. "Feeling better, KP?"

"Yes" she said. "Where did you learn to say stuff like that? That is stuff I thought only preachers and counselors would know."

Ron smiled "When it comes to taking care of my KP, I could be capable of a lot of things."

Kim leaned back a little "YOUR KP?!" looking at him with a questioning look.

Ron blushed then paled a little. "Sorry, I didn't mean.."

Kim smiled back at her friend "Ron, I don't mind it at all, in fact, I like it." She leaned over and gave him a little kiss. "for the person who takes such good care of me, I like it a lot."

"You ready to go back to the dance?" he asked.

"Yes" Kim said smiling wonderfully. "But first, we need to get your coat and tie back on, and your shirt straightened out. Then we need to get my lipstick off of you. I sure some tongues would be wagging if the two of us walked back in there with my lipstick all over your face."

Ron smiled as he put he coat and tie back on and Kim wiped the lipstick off. "I'm sure Bonnie would be in of the grapevine, KP, and the two of us would never hear the end of it."

Kim took Ron's arm again and they walked together back into the ballroom. The same song that had caused her so much grief was playing again, but this time as Ron took her into his arms, she realized that she had not lost Christmas. Christmas was still in her heart. As long as she remembered her loved ones, Christmas would always be there. The Spirit of Christmas had his arms wrapped around her and Christmas was love. She placed her head on Ron's shoulder and melted into him as listened words of the song and smiled.

Christmas is here

Everywhere, oh

Christmas is here

If you care, oh...

If there is love in your heart and your mind

You will feel like Christmas all the time

I feel you Christmas

I know I've found you

You never fade away

The joy of Christmas

Stays here in silence

Fills each and every heart with love

Where are you Christmas

Fills your heart with love

Kim and Ron danced into the night, never leaving each other. Ron enjoying seeing Kim happy again. Kim realizing that although she had lost so much, yet if she remembered her love for her family they were not truly lost. She also realized that she had gained something else. A greater respect for her friend, and a growing love.

The song is "Where are you Christmas" by Faith Hill. It was part of the movie "The Grinch".