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Four Days

Four Years Later: End

He felt paralyzed. The only thing that kept him from falling was Kyle, who was holding him so tight he found it amazing he could still breathe. He tried to speak, but no words came out. He could feel Kyle shaking and wondered if he was crying. It seemed to him that he already accepted the fact that he was about to move, and so it came as a surprise to him that he cried. Slowly, he lifted his arms and returned the hug, the news finally sinking in, and he felt his own tears stinging and burning his eyes as if someone stuck needles in them.

"I don't want to go," came the shaky whisper from Kyle. "I don't want to leave you…"

Stan gulped and breathed in deeply. The occasions in which he had to make himself breathe were rare, and this was one of them. It usually happened when he was shocked. "Why?" Stan managed to say eventually, and as soon as the words left his mouth he felt a sob climbing its way up his throat.

"Mom said that there, no one will hit me for being Jewish," Kyle answered.

The sadness was replaced by anger, and Stan pushed Kyle away. "Bullshit!" he cursed, and Kyle looked at him, shocked. "It's far more dangerous there than here! Don't you watch the news?"

Kyle sighed heavily and looked away. "I know that..." he hissed through clenched teeth "but my mom apparently doesn't. This guy came to her work place some day and suggested that we move, because we're a Jewish family. Mom refused, but then she saw the marks and… decided that maybe it's for the best."

"I can't believe it!" Stan exclaimed, throwing his arms up in frustration. Kyle glared and put a finger to his lips, signaling for him to keep it down. "Your mom, who got us in a war with Canada because of some stupid movie is backing away?" as soon as the words left his mouth, Stan remembered his mother's words from that terrible yet wonderful weekend, and put his arms back down. "Sorry," he mumbled. "She must be really scared for you…"

Kyle shook his head, smiling sadly. "It's okay," he said. "I… I had a big fight with her, too. I even asked to move in with you, but she refused. It's because of me that we're moving, so it'd be stupid if I didn't come."

"Couldn't they at least let you finish school?" Stan asked, the sadness apparent in his voice.

Kyle shook his head again. "She wants to move as quickly as possible. Next week, I think. On Wednesday."

The anger returned. "What?" Stan hollered, and Kyle once again signaled for him to keep it down. "And just when were you planning on telling me about it?"

Anger and glares seemed to make a wonderful combination, for Kyle narrowed his eyes once again. "I needed some time to let it sink in, dude! I can't just… accept it, you know! This fucking country is damn far, Stan! I needed to accept it myself first, only then could I…" his voice became quieter. "I planned on telling you guys tomorrow."

Both went silent, each in their own thoughts. Stan sat on Kyle's bed and fixed his gaze on the wall in front of him. "How will it be like there?" he wondered out loud.

Kyle shrugged and sat beside him. "I truly have no idea… dad's Hebrew is pretty good, he can find a job. He could help people, who came from America, too. Mom, too, I think, won't have too much of a problem. They said that me and Ike will be sent to a school, where they teach in English."

"Dude," Stan started and shook his head slowly, still somewhat refusing to believe it. "I don't get your mom. How can she even think that someplace where you go on a bus and explode is safe?"

Kyle shrugged again and put his head on Stan's shoulder. "I have no idea… I spoke online with some people from there. They said that chances to get in a bombing are pretty low, and it depends on where you live, too…" he gulped before continuing. "But then they said… Stan, there's another problem."

Here came that breathing difficulty again. Stan wondered whatever could be worse. "W-what" he stuttered, kissing Kyle's hairs lightly.

"I'll have to join their army."

That did it. Stan sat up quickly and turned around to face a confused Kyle, gripping his shoulders like a madman. "That's crazy!" he screamed. "Why… why would they do that? It's like… going to Iraq or something!" he didn't even notice the tears, and only when he heard the terrible shaking in his voice did he realize he was crying. "Why do you have to go?" he asked quietly and bowed his head.

Soft weeping from the direction of the bed was his only reply.


"Why is it taking so long?" A black haired boy asked exasperatedly as he paced around on the gray floor, occasionally lifting his head to look at the screen above, and then returning to pacing about, angrier than before.

"Relax," a blond said. "They only landed like… two minutes ago. Should be at least half an hour before they'll come out."

An angry huff was heard from the third person, an overweight boy with brown hair. "Stupid Jew, making us wait like that…"

The black haired boy turned to face him, glaring. "Cartman," he started"why did you come?"

Eric Cartman smiled, though his smile didn't hold any happiness or joy in it. "Why, to see you two fags getting together again, of course."

"Stupid fatass…"

"I still can't believe his parents allowed him to come back for university," Kenny said, breaking the two's fight before it got any worse. "When he left four years ago, it seemed like he was going to be stuck there forever."

Stan smiled widely, drifting off to dreamland. "Yeah…" he said, his eyes glazing over. Yet, after about four seconds of dreaming, the frown returned to his face and he resumed his pacing.

The minutes passed slowly, and by every second, which passed and Kyle didn't come Stan became angrier.

"Hey look!" Kenny exclaimed and pointed. "I think it's him!"

Stan looked up immediately and a smile spread on his handsome face. He forgot about his two friends that came with him and ran, engulfing Kyle in a tight hug. Kyle laughed and returned it. Oh, how he missed that laugh…

"Nice to see you, dude," the Jew said, and Stan could hear the smile in his voice.

"You too," Stan replied.

"Aw, isn't that cute Kenny? Look at the two fags…" Cartman smirked.

"Missed you, too, fatass," Kyle said jokingly, still not letting go of Stan.

"You had fun with the rest of the stupid Jews?"

"Lots. No fatasses around."

"I hate you."

"Why, thank you."

"Will you two cut it out?" Stan asked, finally letting go of his friend. "Kyle, you have everything?"

The red head nodded. "Sure, let's go."

The reunion party had been great. Kyle told them all about the four years, which he spent overseas. Sure, he kept in touch with Stan and told him a lot, but it was always more fun to hear him saying that when he was in the same room with them.

At about three in the morning everyone left, and only Kyle and Stan were left in Stan's apartment.

After they cleaned the chips and plastic cups from the floor, they placed themselves on the old couch, their feet high on the coffee-table.

"I see you had fun over there," Stan said, leaning on Kyle slightly.

Kyle chuckled. "It wasn't that bad… the first year was terrible. All I wanted to do was to come back and be with you. But… I learned the language and it became easier. Too bad I had to draft, though, but luckily, because of all the operations I had, they didn't put me with the fighting units. Sat in an office all day, like a job from nine to five. But I made a lot of friends, and I got over at what happened back then. Of course, some professional help was needed, but still…"

Stan laughed. "It's been lonely here, really… I've missed you so much." Even thought the position was somewhat uncomfortable, he hugged his returning friend tightly. "There wasn't a day I didn't think of you."

Kyle rubbed Stan's back, smiling. "Same here," he said. "But we can make up for that lost time now that I'm back."

Stan nodded and breathed in deeply, absorbing the aroma he missed so much.

"You know," Kyle continued. "I had a lot of time to think over there, and I realized some things about myself, and about us…" a short pause. "I had to study hard to know the language, and I came upon this one sentence, which describes my realization perfectly. One of the first sentences I learned over there. I actually knew it from before, but I never used it, so I forgot. But know… every night I told myself what I'm going to say to you when I'll come back, and so I never forgot it again."

Stan lifted his head to look at him, smiling. "Oh yeah? What sentence is that?"

Kyle smiled and inched his face closer. "Ani ohev otcha" he said, and before Stan had a chance to ask for the meaning, Kyle closed the distance quickly and kissed him.

When it was over, Stan already forgot about the whole thing. After all, why should he care about some stupid words from a weird language? Kyle was back, and that was all that mattered to him.

Words were meaningless that night.


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