This is a crossover However, the cards in this story are pokémon cards, not Clow Cards! Ash accidentally let loose the original 150 pokémon cards and now he has to capture them! This has nothing to do with my other series. Ash is 11 and hasn't started on his pokémon journey yet. He does know that he is Destiny and that he was adopted. The cards can either turn you into the said pokémon or summon the said pokémon. This is based on Card Captor Sakura, not the crappy Cardcaptors dub. I do not own CCS or Pokémon. They all belong to people who are a lot richer than me. Gary is portrayed more negatively in this fic, so fans of that character should take note now.

Title: Card Captor Ashura - Star's Ascent

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Rating: PG

Notes: I have converted to using () for Pokemon speech, ** for thoughts, and italics when Pokemon speak.

Episode 1: The rising of a new dawn

Ash was helping his mom clean out the attic, since he had some free time. His mom was outside weeding her garden. Suddenly, Ash heard a strange noise. It sounded like… snoring? He picked up the broom he had been using and crept downstairs, ready to whack the intruder, if it came to that.

Finally, he realized that the noise was coming from his late father's study. It seemed to be issuing from a blue-bound book. He opened the golden clasp on the front. Inside was a deck of cards. On the back of each was a poke ball with five streams of white light coming from it. (Like the backing on Japanese Pokémon cards.) Ash flipped over the first card. It was a Pidgeot. "Pidgeot…" Ash said, staring at it. Suddenly, a great wind blew up and scattered most of the other cards. Only three were left, mostly because he had grabbed them out of midair. Pidgeot, Bulbasaur and Eevee.

All of a sudden, something floated out of the book. Ash looked at it. It resembled a small pikachu with a pair of cute little white wings. It slowly opened its eyes and looked at Ash. "I am Pikachu, guardian of the Kanto pokémon card set." Said the pikachu. Suddenly it shrieked. "Where are all the cards?!"

"You mean these?" asked Ash, holding out Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, and Eevee.

"Yes, yes, yes!" said the little winged pikachu. "But where are the rest?"

"Well, when I opened the book, the first card on top was Pidgeot." Ash said. "When I read the name, a gust of wind suddenly appeared and blew most of the other cards away. These are the only ones left."

"What?!" shouted the pikachu. "Well, than you will have to capture them all!"

"Huh?" asked Ash. This was definitely not his day. He wondered if he was going crazy or something.

The pikachu had walked over to the book. "Repeat after me." It said. "Key that holds the contract of the seal, this is your new master. This young boy whose name is Ashura. Under the seal of contract, release!" Abruptly, a glowing golden magic circle appeared under Ash's feet. In the center was the symbol of a poke ball, surrounded by the symbols of the fifteen known elements. Then, Ash blacked out.

When Ash revived, he was clutching a golden staff tipped with a pidgeot's head with rainbow plumes.

"This is the staff that you use to activate the pokémon cards." Said Pikachu. "I am going to be your guardian. Your duty is to recapture the cards that were blown away by Pidgeot. I'm here to help you." Ash blinked. He felt like he had stumbled into the realm of fantasy, which did not seem very good for his mental state.

Suddenly, a small Pidgey appeared in his house. "It's a pokémon card!" called Pikachu.

"How can you tell?" asked Ash.

"Because, pokémon cards and 10x as powerful as regular pokémon! Quick! Attack it! Use the Pidgeot, it'll win!" Pikachu said in exasperation. "Plus, it's inside your house!" Pikachu didn't mention that she could sense pokemon cards and that the Pidgey was most certainly not normal, if Ash had not already noticed the thin band of golden feathers around its throat.

"Oh yeah. Pidgeot, go!" shouted Ash. Pidgeot shot out of the card and attacked the Pidgey, easily beating it. One had to feel a bit sorry for the Pidgey. It looked insignificant compared to the towering pidgeot. Feathers and dust filled the air, obscuring Ash's vision, but he could probably guess what was happening.

After a few minutes, the dust had mostly cleared, so Ash decided that it was time. "Return to your true form, pokémon card!" he yelled when he saw that the Pidgey looked haggard enough. The Pidgey seemed to evaporate into bands of swirling blue light, which took the shape of a small blue card, with the poke ball design on the back.

"You have to write your name on the cards you capture." Pikachu told him, handing Ash a small silver pen. "Otherwise, they won't obey you and might run away." Ash wrote his name at the bottom of the card. Then, he put it inside the book along with Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee, and Pikachu.

A few hours later, Ash was still trying to adjust to this new idea. The fact that he was supposed to be going around capturing overly powerful pokemon and turning them into little blue cards was not very appealing. However, it was also sort of fun in a strange way. He decided that it wouldn't be too bad after all.

A few hours later his mom came back in. "Are you hungry yet?" She called. "I'm making pizza for dinner!"

Ash's eyes lit up. "Yay! I love pizza!" He said, very excited. His mom was a great cook, and her pizza was enough to make anyone's mouth water, especially a very hungry eleven-year old kid. Ash smiled and began doing cartwheels.

His mom laughed. "I know you love pizza, so I'll make some extra. Maybe you can invite a friend over."

Ash's face suddenly fell. "I don't know. Gary doesn't like playing with me anymore. He says that it's too childish!" He burst out.

"Maybe Gary just wants to grow up." Delilah suggested as she rolled out the pizza dough. It was lucky they had some left over from a few days ago. She didn't have enough time to make a fresh batch yet.

Ash shrugged. He decided to watch T.V. until dinner was ready. However, when he went upstairs, he noticed that the winged pikachu was fluttering around his room.

"Hey! I have to hide you from mom!" Ash said.

"Sorry." The pikachu said. "But I'm hungry!"

"You have to eat too? But it thought…" Ash trailed off, forgetting what he was going to say.

"Yes, I have to eat too. And would you quit addressing me as 'you'? You can call me the 'Eternal Winged Pikachu of Greatness'."

Ash sweatdropped. "That's long… can I call you Pika-chan instead?"

The Eternal Winged Pikachu of Greatness huffed, but decided not to argue. It sounded quite… cute, in a strange way. "All right." She said.

"Cool! So, do you like pizza, Pika-chan?"

"I've never tried it before. Is it good?"

Ash looked shocked. "You've never had pizza before? What about chocolate and ice cream bars? Spaghetti and meatballs? Kentucky fried chicken? White chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries? Frozen yogurt? Apple pie fresh from the oven?"

Pika-chan shook her head after each query.

"How terrible! Don't worry, I'll save you some dinner tonight!" Ash promised. And dessert, if he managed not to eat all of it, but his mom always made a ton, so it shouldn't be a problem.

For right now though, Pika-chan looked hungry, so Ash gave her a chocolate bar. It was evident that she enjoyed it.

"Yum! This is delicious!" Pika-chan said, munching happily on the chocolate bar. Ash also gave her the apple from his school lunch, which he hadn't eaten. Theoretically, since she was a pikachu hybrid, she would like apples, since normal pikachus loved them. His hypothesis was proven correct, as Pika-chan devoured the apple with much gusto.

Ash smiled. She was so cute! He had never had a pet pokemon for long before, since his mom had thrown out the puppy he had brought home, claiming it had fleas (which it had), and his Rattata had escaped after only two days. It was embarrassing, really, but now he had a pet!

He was so busy daydreaming that his mom called twice before he noticed and went downstairs for dinner.

"What's wrong, Ash? Are you sick?" His mom asked, when he only had three slices of pizza.

"I guess I'm a little tired… can I take some up to my room?"

"As long as you clean up the crumbs, it shouldn't be a problem." Delilah said, putting several pieces of pizza on his plate. "I'll cut you some chocolate cake too."

"Okay." Ash slowly made his way upstairs, balancing the two plates he was carrying, as well as the glass of orange juice Delilah had insisted that he bring, just in case he was catching a cold.

When Ash returned, Pika-chan swooped down on him. He was so surprised that the plates went flying. He managed to catch the orange juice and the pizza, but the chocolate cake was out of his reach. Ash gulped. How was he going to explain this?

Luckily, Pika-chan had dived for the cake and was now eating it with an appetite. Ash wondered just how hungry she was. Probably very hungry, since she had been cooped up in the book for a long time, judging from how old it looked.

Ash sighed and resigned himself to the fact that he probably going to get any dessert tonight. At least the pizza was still good, warm and crispy. Mmm! Ash sighed and finished off two more slices, leaving one for Pika-chan.

"Hey Pika-chan, do you want some pizza? You're still hungry, aren't you?" Ash asked, as he finally finished his portion off and took a long swig of the orange juice. He hated drinking milk with pizza, it made him nauseous; so he usually had apple juice.

Pika-chan looked up from the plastic dessert plate, which only held crumbs and bits of smeared chocolate frosting now. She nodded, still chewing. Her cheeks were smeared with brown, but she looked very happy.

Ash handed her the pizza slice and finished off the orange juice. Just then, the door opened and Ash's mom came in.

Pika-chan froze and fell to the floor, going limp, so she resembled a poke doll.

"Hi! I forgot to bring you your salad and fruit, so here it is. Its important to eat balanced meals, especially when you're sick!" His mom told him.

"Thanks, mom." Ash said, taking the green salad and plate of apple slices from her.

"You're welcome, dear. It's fresh from the garden too. So eat up!" Ash's mom left, after leaving the food on his desk. "And do remember to turn the overhead light on if you're going to read!"

"I know." Ash said. His mom could be so annoying sometimes! He ate about half of the salad and had a few apples slices, since he was already pretty full, even without dessert. Pika-chan finished the pizza.

"Did you like it?"

"Well, it was not sweet, but it was quite good." Pika-chan said.

"I'm glad. My mom makes the best pizza in the world. I saved some salad and apple slices for you too." Ash said, indicating the dishes.

Pika-chan cheered and descended onto the plates. In a few moments, they were clean, with nothing left but a few bits of salad dressing and stray apple bits.

"This food is wonderful!" Pika-chan said ecstatically.

"Okay. Well, I'll take the dishes downstairs now. I'll give you a bath, later." Ash said. He carried the dirty dishes downstairs and dropped them in the dishwasher. His mom was busy watching T.V., so she just waved. Sometimes, Ash resented that, but he knew she worked hard to keep them fed. She worked at the pokemon center in Viridian city, and had to drive there every day. But since she hadn't finished college, she didn't get paid as much as the Nurse Joys. Also, whenever she had free time, she worked on their garden, so he really couldn't blame her.

When Ash returned upstairs, he filled the tub with water and picked up Pika-chan. "Come on, now! Bath time!" He said cheerfully, before dumping the surprised guardian into the tub, following up with a generous dose of bubble bath.

Pika-chan squirmed and tried to get out, but the sides of the tub were slippery and her wings were wet, so she was unable to fly. She had to endure the scrubbing and soaping, but she had to admit that it was fun.

After Pika-chan finally escaped the tub, Ash dried her off with the spare blue towel. Then, he took a quick shower and brushed his teeth. By this time, Pika-chan was feeling tired herself, so soon both Chosen and guardian went to bed.

End part 1!

Authoress's notes: Yes, this was revised. Why? Because I need more plot and its fun! Also, as the reviewers pointed out, it's not fun if he just kills people all the time…

Chosen refers to the Card captor that the Decision maker picks.

Completed 6/29/02? Or 6/27/02? I wish my computer would tell me…