Used to be called "The Deal" but I was having problems, if I can't get this to load again, I'm going to try and find another place to put it (I have an idea) but wish me luck :).

Vash had followed the trail of blood to this building and was not surprised to see it was a church. He pushed the door open jumping slightly when it creaked loudly.

"Wolfwood?" he called and stopped when he saw the figure leaning against the large cross, not moving. Vash quickly picked up his pace and moved towards the man.

"Nick?" he asked again, reaching the other man. There was no response from the Nicholas D Wolfwood and Vash was worried. He reached out a hand to touch the other man and was horrified at the coldness of the body. Vash sat down quickly, his legs giving out on him as he stared at his friend. Tears came to his eyes, not tears of sadness but of anger. He jumped to his feet and turned to the cross at the back of the building.

"Why?!" he screamed at the man hanging there. "Why him?! He was a good man! Why him?! He wasn't supposed to die this way!!" he cried. He turned, looking for something to throw, when he couldn't find anything, Vash slumped to the floor, leaning against a pew, tears streaming down his face a sob escaping his lips.

"What would you have done?" a voice said from behind him. Vash jumped to his feet and turned around to see a man standing in the shadows.

"I would have saved him, I would have been there for him," Vash said, wiping his tears.

"There was nothing you could have done had you been here," the man replied.

"He would not have died alone," Vash whispered, thinking of one of his own greatest fears. There was silence as Vash felt the other man scrutinizing him.

"You would give your life for his." It was a statement not a question.

"Yes," Vash said quietly. The man stared for another long minute then nodded his head.

"Done," with that Vash saw a bright light and then nothing.