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"Can you handle them?" Vash asked, looking across the desert towards a small oasis and Wolfwood took another drag on his cigarette.

"Yeah, its Legato I'm worried about," he said, looking back seeing the dust cloud heading their way, indicating someone coming.

"All right," Vash said, taking his cigarette from the startled priest and took a long drag and blowing it out and then handing it back to Wolfwood. "Just be careful," he said pulling his gun out and checking to see that it was loaded. After he saw that it was, he pulled out his sunglasses and placed them on his face and started out.

"Watch yourself Tongari," he called and Vash paused, turned slightly and smiled before turning back. Wolfwood climbed onto the hood of the jeep and waited for the dust cloud to reach him, leaning the Crosspunisher against the side, contimplating his decision.

"He'll live through this?" Vash had asked the man from the church last night.

"Yes," was the only response he received.

"And the others?" Vash asked, pulling at his coat.

"They will return to where they came from."

"What about the girls?"

"They are safe enough." Vash sighed and looked up at the man and then out at the darknes beyond the church. "Have you had a change of heart?"

"No, of course not," Vash said quickly and the man nodded.

"They will be fine Vash, it is time," with that Vash had awoken to see the suns rising.

Turning back towards where he had left his friend and the jeep, Vash sighed.

"Goodbye Nick," he said quietly and turned to resume his treck.

Nick watched the jeep pull up next to him and he looked confused at who was inside. Domonique and Kain were gone and instead, Legato sat in the driver's seat and Midvalley next to him.

"Where is he?" Legato asked coldly. Nick stared at him for a few moments before nodding towards the oasis.

"Had some crazy idea about facing his brother alone, he shot out the tire and knocked me over the head," he said indicating the blown out tire. Legato stared at him for a few moments and Nick stared back, keeping his mind blank.

"Are you with us or him?" Instead of answering, Wolfwood placed the Cross Punisher into the back and climbed in.

"What do you think?" Legato nodded and started up the jeep again, heading in the direction that Vash had taken not long ago. "Where is Domonique and Kain?" he asked after several minutes of silence.

"They paid for their failures," Legato said, looking at him in the rear-view mirror. Wolfwood nodded and looked away afraid Legato would pick up on his conflict of interest, he would eventually but he wanted to buy as much time as he could. Half way to the oasis Legato slammed on the breaks, throwing Nick and Midvalley forward.

"What's going on?" Midvalley asked and Legato just stared forward for several moments before pulling out a gun and turned it towards him. "What-" was all the other man got out before Legato shot him in the head. Wolfwood looked from Legato to Midvalley's body in horror.

"What the hell was that for!" he cried and watched as Legato's gun moved towards him. He dove out of the jeep and onto the ground, pulling the Cross Punisher with him as several shots rang out.

"Midvalley warned you Chapel," Legato called out. "You care, that will be your downfall." Unwrapping the Cross Punisher, Wolfwood stood, preparing to shoot, but he couldn't see Legato anywhere. He quickly spun around but didn't see the other man anywhere. As he turned around again, he felt something slam into him and a pressure inside his head dropped him to his knees.

He stood outside the orphanage and he had to smile, but something was wrong, there was no laughter, no children were running around and it looked like no one was there or had been there in a long time. A sinking feeling made its way into his stomach and he moved forward, dread making his steps heavy. He pushed the front door open, jumping at the loud creak that it made. He stepped inside and blanched, the walls were covered in a thick red substance and the metalic smell of blood made his stomach roll. He walked quickly to the first door on his right and opened it and stared in horror at all of the small bodies broken and still bleeding. Wolfwood stumbled back and stopped himself from touching the walls. He ran to each room, his stomach fighting to rid itself of its contents, they were all dead, and had died in a gruesome way, most of them twisted and broken. By the time he reached the chapel at the end of the building, he was shaking so bad he could barely walk. He had lost the contents of his stomach several times and his throat was sore and his stomach still rolled, threatening to let more go, though he wasn't sure what was left.

He sighed, seeing that the chapel was untouched and sat down, trying to catch his breath, as tears cascaded down his cheeks. The candles were lit and cast an eery glow on the stained glass windows. He sat there for how ong, he didn't know, and stood, not looking forward to the task ahead of him. As he stood, something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and he turned towards the front, recognizing the brown coat and boots and he tried not to run towards the body. He reached the third row from the front and looked down at the woman.

"Milly," he whispered, bending down to see if he could find a pulse and bowed his head when he didn't find one. Standing up he noticed another body in the next aisle and he stared at her, sobs trying to make their way past his throat. "Meryl." He didn't want to look for a pulse, he was hruting too bad as it was.

"What did you do?" a voice asked from behind him and he turned to see Vash standing there, holding his side as blood seeped through his fingers.

"I... I..." Wolfwood said standing up straight.

"You killed them," Vash accused harshly.

"No... I..." Wolfwood tried again.

"How could you do that, they were children!" Vash cried.

"Vash it wasn't me!"

"I can't let a monster like you live," Vash said, raising his gun and pulled the trigger and Wolfwood cried out.

Legato watched Chapel writhe on the ground, his mouth twisted in a sick smile.

Wolfwood dropped to his knees, holding his stomach, staring at Vash in shock and Vash just smiled back sadistically. Nick felt something building in the back of his mind and as the pain struck full on, a blinding light over took his vision and he screamed in pain.

Legato chuckled when the scream escaped Chapel's lips and looked towards the oasis, curious.

Wolfwood was surrounded by pain, he couldn't think of anything other than how to make it stop, but he wasn't sure how to do that. He writhed on the ground and thought he heard something, but couldn't be sure.

"Nick," he heard and he thought he recognized the voice, but again the pain over took him.

"Nick," he heard, this time it was louder and he was pretty sure he knew the voice. "Its not real Nick, let go." Nick didn't understand, not real? "Nick!"

"Vash?" Nick called back weakly.

"Yes, now open your eyes." Nick opened his eyes and noticed that the light wasn't so bright. "Thats it, Nick you have to defeat him, don't let him win." With that, Vash's presense seemed to leave.

"Vash?" he called but got no response.

Legato turned back to the man on the ground, confused as to why he had stopped screaming and noticed that his eyes were open. Legato's eyes grew wide and he reached for his gun and fired a shot but Wolfwood had moved by then. Wolfwood pushed himselft up to his feet, his legs shaking.

"Do you think you can beat me?" Legato asked mockingly and Wolfwood shook his head, trying to clear it. Legato raised his gun again and Nick dodged, the bullet barely missing him. "When I'm finished with you, I'm going to go after your orphanage, do you think they'll beg for mercy?" Wolfwood glared at the man, wishing him dead.

"You wont touch the orphanage," he said, rolling again as Legato took another shot and came up, holding a gun. "You wont hurt anyone ever again," he snarled and two shots rang out.

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