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The day had only started and already Team Rocket had struck. Pikachu was in a rubber cage and the others were battling Team Rocket. "Cacnea use Pin Missile!" James commanded. Cacnea fired thousands of tiny Needles at Taillow making a direct hit and fainting it. Ash returned him and sent out Treecko. "Use Pound attack!" Ash yelled. Treecko jumped up and slammed its tail down on Cacnea fainting it and forcing James to return it.

"Dustox use Psybeam Seviper use Poison Tail!" Jesse commanded. Both attacks flew towards Treecko. "Mudkip use Water Gun!" Brock commanded. Mudkip shot a blast of water right at Seviper pushing it back and making Poison Tail miss. The Psybeam was still coming however and it was about to collide with Treecko. "Treecko return!" Ash yelled saving his Pokemon. The Psybeam was now heading right towards Ash and he was completely defenseless. It collided with him and he passed out on the ground. "I have to save Pikachu." That was the last thing Ash thought before everything went black.

A couple of hours later Ash woke up weakly in a Pokemon Center. He was in a hospital bed and his head was pounding. May, Brock, and Max were sitting around him asleep. "They must have brought me here after I passed out." Ash said quietly. Ash soon noticed Pikachu was still missing. "I guess Team Rocket got away though." Ash thought. Suddenly May opened her eyes and saw Ash. She ran over and hugged him tightly. "Oh Ash thank god you're ok. I....I mean we were so worried about you." May said slightly blushing at what she almost said.

Brock and Max both woke up and went over to Ash. "How are you feeling Ash?" Brock asked. "My head hurts a little but I'll be ok." Ash said weakly. "I'm glad you're ok. May was so worried about you. She stayed by you the whole time." Max said snickering at May. She blushed and bopped him over the head with her mallet. Ash also blushed at the comment. "Did you guys get Pikachu back?" Ash asked. "We had to get you back here. They got away but we got Taillow searching all over for them." Brock said reassuringly. "Thanks guys." Ash said smiling.

"Twerp!" a voice shouted. Everyone looked over to see Jesse standing beside an open window. "Get away from him." May threatened. "I knew you had low standards but attacking a trainer when he is injured? That's as low as it gets." Brock said clutching a Pokeball. "Take it easy twerps. I didn't come to fight. I think this belongs to you Ash." Jesse said pulling out the cage that had Pikachu in it. She opened it and Pikachu jumped out and ran over to Ash. "What's the catch? You never give Pokemon back, plus you called him Ash and not twerp or something." Max asked.

"I felt bad about the attack. Dustox shouldn't have attacked the twerp and I wanted to apologize. So just take Pikachu and get better." Jesse said. She hopped out the window and left. "That was weird." Brock said surprised. "Why did she give Pikachu back?" Ash asked.

Outside Jesse was walking back to the woods where James and Meowth were. "Why did I give Pikachu back?" she asked herself. "I didn't even regret it when I handed it back, and why did I call the twerp by his real name? All these feelings are rushing through me." She shrugged it off. "Probably just hungry." she said clutching her stomach as she walked back to camp.

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