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"You like Ash?" May asked still in shock at what she just heard. "Yes. At first he was just an annoying twerp that I had to steal from. But as the years passed he became older and I developed feelings for him." Jesse explained. "Well I won't let you have him. Ash deserves to be with a mature woman. Not some old hag like you." May said angrily. Jesse's face fumed red with anger. "Old Hag?! I'm a beautiful young woman. Besides what would Ash see in you? You're still at the age where you play with dolls." Jesse replied.

"Old Hag!!"

"Immature twerp!!"

They would have yelled more but they didn't want to wake anybody. "Alright how about we battle for him. This spot tomorrow at noon." Jesse said. "It's a deal. Besides we always beat you losers anyway." May replied smirking. Jesse knew it was true and couldn't help but fee slightly depressed at the statement. "I will beat you!" Jesse threatened. She walked off back to her camp. May did the same.

The next morning May woke up tired. She couldn't stop thinking about Jesse liking Ash. Just the thought of them together made her want to throw up. "She may be a loser but I better get some more Pokemon to make sure I win." May walked over and saw Pikachu still asleep on top of Ash. She picked him up and took him away so they wouldn't wake Ash.

May explained the situation and Pikachu was more than happy to help. Pikachu knew about May's feelings for Ash. Plus the thought of Jesse and Ash made Pikachu uncomfortable. "Thank you Pikachu you're the best." May said smiling. She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. Pikachu blushed and hopped on May's shoulder like he would to Ash.

At the rocket camp Jesse was getting ready for the battle. She had Seviper and Wobbuffet. James had given her Cacnea because Jesse said she would train it for him. Meowth walked over to her. "Hey Jesse what are you doing with all the Pokemon?" he asked. "I guess I can tell Meowth." she thought. "Can you keep a secret?" Jesse asked. "I swear on my nine lives." Meowth stated. "Well the truth is I like the twerp." Jesse said whispering so James couldn't hear. Meowth looked at her with a look of shock and disgust. "You like Ash?" he asked. Jesse nodded. "So that's how Pikachu got back." Meowth said. "I guess deep down I've always liked him. So please don't tell James." Jesse begged. Meowth looked at Jesse. She had determination in her eyes. Jesse was willing to do anything and everything get Ash. "I'll come with you. If he means that much." Meowth said smiling. Jesse felt her eyes water slightly. No matter what her friends always stuck by her. "Come on lets go get him." she said determined.

May and Jesse arrived at the battle site at noon. Nobody else was awake so they were the only two there. "I'll beat you if I have to twerp." Jesse threatened. "I won't let you take Ash." May said angrily. Jesse was about to send out a Pokemon but Meowth jumped forward. "I'll battle first. We'll win." Meowth said ready to battle. Pikachu jumped off of May into the arena.

"I won't let you win. Jesse loves the twerp and I bet deep down he feels the same. I won't let you ruin her chance at a good relationship." Meowth promised. Pikachu was so surprised at Meowth's statement that he didn't hear May calling out attacks. "Use Slash!" Jesse commanded. Meowth jumped forward and hit Pikachu with his sharp claws. Pikachu flew back a few feet and hit the ground.

He could have gotten up but he wasn't so sure he wanted to. What Meowth said kept running through his mind. Pikachu stayed on the ground and pretended to faint. May ran over and carried Pikachu back. As she was carrying him Pikachu winked at Meowth as if to say good luck. "Thank you Pikachu." Meowth thought happily.

"Go Beautifly!" May yelled throwing her Pokeball. "Meowth come back. Go Dustox!" Jesse commanded. "Use Psybeam!" Jesse yelled. Dustox launched a colorful beam right at Beautifly. "Blow it back with Gust!" May commanded. Beautifly flapped its wings super fast and repelled the Psybeam. "Dustox get behind Beautifly and use Poison Powder!" Jesse commanded.

Dustox flew right behind Beautifly and flapped its wings. Tiny poison particles flew out and hit Beautifly damaging it. Beautifly was losing energy fast. "Use Tackle!" May yelled. Beautifly launched itself right into Dustox damaging it greatly. Beautifly fainted from the poison but Dustox got knocked out from the Tackle.

The battle continued until they were both down to one Pokemon. "Go Seviper!" Jesse yelled. "Go Torchic!" May yelled. They both released their Pokemon. "Torchic use Ember!" May commanded. Torchic launched tiny flames at Seviper. He put his tail up and harmlessly blocked the attack. "Use Poison Tail!" Jesse commanded. Seviper jumped forward at Torchic. Its tail glowed purple and hit Torchic. Torchic fell on the ground and fainted.

"I….I won?" Jesse asked in shock. They had never won before. She didn't know what to think. "I won!!" she yelled jumping up in the air yelling. "What's going on?" a voice asked. They both turned around to see Ash standing there rubbing his eyes sleepily. Jesse walked over to him smiling. She grabbed Ash pulled him close and kissed him right on the lips. Needless to say that woke Ash right up. His eyes widened in shock. What he did next surprised even him. He kissed back. After a few minutes they pulled back.

May was watching the whole scene in disgust. "Pikachu use Thunder!" May commanded. Pikachu looked up at her and used Thunder on May instead. He ran over and hopped on Ash. "Why you overgrown rat! I'm going to take you down." May threatened. She started to walk over when a blast of water hit her. She turned around to see Brock with Mudkip. "I saw the whole thing. I admit I'm not to crazy about the pairing but Ash is my friend. If he likes Jesse then I wont let you interfere." he stated.

Brock gave Ash thumbs up and Ash thanked him. "Then I'm going home. I can't stand watching this sick sight go on." May went and got Max and her stuff. She was starting to leave when Ash called her. "What is it?" May asked angrily. She turned around to see a Pokeball hit her in the face. "You forgot Torchic!" he yelled. May gave Ash a not so friendly finger signal and walked off.

Later James woke up. He came out and saw Jesse in Ash's arms kissing him. "Oh my god my nightmares are coming true! The twerp and Jesse are together!" he screamed. Jesse noticed him and explained everything. James agreed to stay friends with Jesse but decided to leave. He couldn't stand watching her with another man. Meowth stayed with them.

"Well I'm still on a journey. What do you say we go for the Heat Badge?" Ash asked. "Alright lets go!" Jesse said excited. The group left and headed off towards Lavaridge town. Who knows what challenges await them.

The End

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