This short contains mature content, not the fluffy fun or steamy romance frou frou that I usually do.   It's violent, dark, and offensive. You've been warned.

Author notes:  So, this one was intended to be a multi-chapter inner city Naruto High School fic co-written with Neccowafer.  It never graduated past a few pages of notes and this snippet.  The first three pages have been collecting dust on my hard drive, everything after was adding recently, then revised, so that I could archive it here.  There is a possibility that I (or we) may finish this.  I'm not sure though, our original musings are years old.  I usually don't ask for feedback, but I wouldn't mind it on this snippet.  Thanks!

Menagerie – A Collection of Naruto Shorts

By: Wicked Innuendo

Story 12 - Bad Cop (Los Konoha)

She walked home alone. It was something she always did in the twilight hour on Thursdays.  She'd leave the high school, go Itachi and Sasuke's house, pick up his school assignments for the week, take them home and complete them.  If Sasuke was in a good mood, he'd kiss her before sending her off.  Maybe that's what kept her coming back, the hope of something more.   She knew she wasn't the only one in his heart, but she was his premiera, and that fact was enough to keep her going.  Maybe after high school he'd realize her devotion and act upon it, at least that's what Itachi mentioned.  Sakura Uchiha, she liked the sound of that.

She began the mile and a half stroll home, wondering if Kakashi Hatake would walk her home today.  They're paths almost always crossed on the Thursday trek.  He recently began taking a few afternoon classes at the local community college.  They lived in the same apartment complex and their routes merged, so they'd walk home together.  She wished her parents could pick her up and drop her off, but that was an impossibility.  After all, her father is incarcerated and her mother worked a double shift at the 24 hour diner. 

Kakashi had distanced himself from the gang, even managed to stay on good terms with Los Konohas; a feat unheard of for someone who chose to excommunicate himself from the thuggish lifestyle.  Though he no longer claimed the set, he still stuck around, helping the younger generation keep their noses clean. 

As always, he would find her halfway through her walk and join her.  He'd insist on walking her home.   He'd say it wasn't safe.    She'd decline, reminding him she wasn't Los Konohas, but was under their protection, people respected and feared that.  He'd nod and walk her home just the same.

The black and white Konoha City Police Department sedan sat inconspicuously in the drive-thru of the closed down Taqueriarestaurant.  The patrol cruiser's engine hummed softly, barely audible over the top forty style music playing on the car's factory tape deck and the faint muffled voices coming from the CB radio.

"I'm a sexy bastard," Officer Mizuki grinned, winking at himself in the mirror. 

It shouldn't be much longer, he thought, opening a new package of breath mints and tossing a piece into his mouth.  He glanced at his reflection again, smiling toothily.  Four years and a few thousand dollars in orthodontist bills plus two sessions of teeth whitening gave him a stellar smile to match his dazzling chestnut eyes and his salon colored white blonde shoulder length hair.  The narcissistic officer admired his reflection, thinking on how last Monday's spray on tan session turned his manila skin to a lovely shade of copper, which in turn contrasted wonderfully with hair. 

Right on time, he mused, glancing at the dashboard clock.  He was hypnotized by the swish of switching hips and long legs that seemed to step in perfect sync to the R&B music playing on the radio. 

Sakura Haruno was one hot piece of tail, young and innocent, just waiting for the right man to come along and corrupt her.  If things went smoothly as planned, he would have her in the backseat of the squad car deciding whether to spit or swallow.  

It was a shame that she wasted her time on those damn Uchiha brothers, those little assholes were really getting out of hand.  Sure, they kept his pockets lined, but he could only look the other way so often without becoming suspicious himself.

Shifting the sedan in drive, he eased out of the driveway and into the empty street.   Swish, swish.  Dark eyes focused on the hypnotizing barely there tartan skirt.  "Ah yeah, baby you know how I like it." A glimpse of paradise, a hint of black panties, he watched Sakura stop to adjust her skirt down.

He crept up behind her, hitting the dashboard switch to turn on the squad car's flashing lights without the siren.

The cruiser's lights startled Sakura, her heart quickened; she had never been stopped before, never.  It was always the boys drawing the attention of the local authorities, never her. 

"Stay where you and put your hands on your head," the muffled voice spoke through the sedan's driver side speaker. 

The seventeen year old was a jumble of nerves, frozen like a deer caught in the headlights.  She hadn't done anything wrong, not once in her life.  Now the boys, they were a thuggish lot, but that didn't matter.  They were here familia and if the local bacon saw fit to label her guilty through association then whatever, she was down for her crew no matter what.

Sakura heard the KCPD black and white's door open and slam close, the seconds it took for the cop to walk around the back of the cruiser felt like minutes. 

His hand was on the small of her back, nudging her towards the squad car, "Hands on the hood."

"Don't touch me, I request a female officer."  The teen knew her rights; she was street savvy and made a point to know about basics, though more for the boys' sake than her own.

"That wasn't a request," he pushed her on the hood; she nearly stumbled in the high heeled boots she wore, "Sorry sugar, today you get me."

He removed the black handled Billy club from his utility belt, using it push her feet into a wider stance, trailing the stick up her leg.  He took a step back to admire his prize. 

It was time to pay the piper, Officer Mizuki thought in anticipation. 

His hands were everywhere, frisking everyone pocket, tracing up her body, beginning at her boots, up her thigh and under her too short pleated skirt.  Thick fingers traced the elastic of her panties and Sakura shuddered in revulsion.

She raised a knee to stomp her a pointy heel into his instep, but he swatted her foot with the wooden baton.

She grimaced as he pushed his body onto hers, his front on her back, pinning her to the sedan hood, her cheek against dusty metal.  "That wasn't very nice, was it?"  He breathed heavily along the shell of her ear.

Mizuki grabbed her upper arm swinging her around onto the sidewalk.  Sakura protested, wrenching her arm away.

"Badge number, 6324, Officer Mizuki," She spat at him, memorizing badge and face.  "Pervert pig, I know you.  You dirty cop.  And I bet you know who I am, Uchiha won't be happy about this."

Sakura was pissed.  How dare he?!  She quickly knelt to pick up the backpack from the cracked asphalt, preparing to leave.

"Did I say you could go?" He snatched the backpack before she could heft it onto her shoulder.  He opened the pocket zipper first, sifting through lip gloss, some pens, and a few loose bills.  Mizuki slipped the small Ziploc bag of white powder in her bag, that he had been palming and pulled it out the backpack as if just discovering it.

"What's this?" He asked, cocking his head to the side, his mouth forming an exaggerated 'O'.  He held the bag up, it swayed between his fingers.

"You put that there." She accused him, glaring at him.

"Did I?  Your word against mine, sugar." He smiled cockily.

He opened the back door of the squad car, "Get in.  You're going downtown."

"You can't do this." She protested, taking a step back.

"See this here?" He pointed to his badge, "It gives me the authority to do pretty much as I please.  That means, "he paused for dramatic effect, "I can do whatever I want."

He forcefully shoved her into the squad's vinyl back seat, laughing at each obscenity she screamed at him.

Officer Mizuki drove around the block, returning to park in an empty lot of the shut down taquiera

He made sure no one was looking, before he opened the front door to get out of the car and into the backseat with the pink haired young woman.  He slid into the seat beside her, keeping his door ajar.  The look in eyes was predatory; she matched it with her own defiant stare, balling her fists in her lap.

"I'm giving you the chance to change my mind." He slid along the dark seat closer to her.

"No, not happening.  Take me to the station."  She scooted away from him, as close as she could to the opposite door.  She tried the handle, hoping it would open, knowing it wouldn't.

"You did it with the brothers, Itachi's told me about that sweet mouth of yours."  Mizuki leered at her, eyes lingering on her glossy pink lips.

"You're lying, Itachi would never say that!  I'm not like that.  We don't…" she stammered, searching for the words, without naming the acts.  "I don't do that with them!"

Mizuki's hand shot out and grabbed a handful of pastel hair.  He pulled her to him.  Sakura scratched, kicked, and hit at him.  He clamped his mouth over hers, forcing his tongue down her throat, drinking in her curses.  He pulled back when she bit his lip; his mouth smeared pink from her melon berry gloss.

"You know what I want you to do with that pretty mouth of yours, sugar.  Don't make me spell it out for you."

Kakashi stood under the streetlight waiting for his neighbor, usually it was her waiting here for him, but this time Sakura was late.  She was only five; maybe ten minutes late, he didn't know why he was stressing her absence so badly.  Maybe she and Sasuke finally hit it off.  He quickly dismissed the idea.  No, she would've called.  They'd grown up together in same apartment complex and if anything, Sakura was responsible.  He reached his hand into his pocket, pulling out his cell phone, making sure he hadn't missed her call.  Nothing.  She always walked the same route from the Uchiha's to her place.  He decided to back track her route, hoping everything was alright.

The unease in his stomach wasn't settling.  All the street lights were on and he still hadn't seen a trace of her.  Why didn't that damn Itachi get her a cell phone?  Hell, or even make sure she had a ride home.  Self centered bastard!  He hoped Sakura was alright as the unease in his stomach grew.

He flipped open his cell phone, dialing for the Uchiha house.  The line rang three times, before the elder Uchiha brother picked up, "Yes."

"It's Kakashi.  Sakura there?" He asked, his eye scanning the street for the familiar pink head.

"She left already," Itachi coolly stated.

"With Sasuke?" Kakashi hoped, holding his breath for Itachi's reply.

"No.  Alone."

He exhaled.  Damn it!  "Where's Sasuke?" He was having a bad feeling about this. 

"He has company."  Kakashi could hear the sound of shuffling paper in the background. 

"You sure his company's not Sakura?"

"Ino's too…loud to be mistaken for Sakura.  Call me back after you find her Kakashi."  Itachi hung up, abruptly ending the phone call.

He jogged down the street, back tracking her route, searching for any sign of Sakura.  He passed a strip mall and a burger stand.  He paused at a traffic light; the time it took for it to change seemed like forever.   He increased his pace to a light lope.  A balding man eye him as flipped over the closed sign to a pawn shop, a couple walked into the tattoo shop beside it.

The muffled voices of a man and a woman arguing near the closed restaurant drew Kakashi's attention.  He forced himself to slow his steps when all he wanted to do was run full out and make sure that it wasn't Sakura in trouble.  He walked closer; his heart skipped a beat when he saw the telltale pink hair in the backseat of the police car.  He could identify her angry voice now, alongside that dirty cop Mizuki's.  

"I said no!  What part of that don't you understand?"  She flicked the safety off on Mizuki's department issue .45 automatic, the gun's muzzle pushed into the bad cop's groin. 

"Wha..what are you doing?" He cautiously lifted his hands in the air, emotions of confusion changing to anger played over his face.  He never felt her take the piece from his holster.

"Shut up," she screamed, though her internal monologue was more creative, I'm shooting off your prick, Officer Eunuch.  Do I have to spell it out for you?

"C'mon baby, don't be like that," His eyes darted from the gun to the girl and back again, " I wasn't going to.."

"No, no!  Just shut your face hole," her hands trembled, she could her shock turn to anger, tears were beginning to form in her eyes.  "You think this is a joke?  You put your dirty hands on me.   You don't get to touch me.  You.."

"Sakura."  Kakashi's calm voice spoke her name.    

"..don't get to touch me," she continued, her voice breaking.

"Sakura, I'm going to open this door and let you out."  Kakashi's voice remained the epitome of cool.  He wasn't sure if she had heard him.  She neither turned to look at him or acknowledge him any other way.

Slowly, he opened the cruiser's door.  Without missing a beat, Sakura slid out of the back seat and Kakashi immediately closed the door, locking the police officer in the backseat of his own squad car.  Sakura kept the gun pointed on Mizuki the entire time.

"Sakura give me the gun."  His words remained quiet; he gently put his hand on her shoulder.

"No, he has to pay for what he almost did." 

He could hear the hesitation in her words.  Kakashi pulled her into him.  Her head nestled under his chin.  Sakura relinquished the weapon without any further argument.  He stroked her hair, murmuring promises that everything was alright now and how he'd never allow this to happen to her ever again.  He could feel her tears through his shirt.  With each tear her body seemed to release some of its tension. 

"'s alright now," he continued cooing.  "Stay right here."

"I'll take my weapon back now, Kakashi," Mizuki smarted.

Kakashi walked around to the opposite side of the cruiser, the gun pointed at him the entire time and pushed the other door completely closed.  

"You're making a mistake," he growled, pounding on the window.  "I know about you Hatake.  What's this?  Strike two or three?  You're just a street punk.  You're nothing. I hope you think that little bitch was worth it as you enjoy you're five by five jail cell."

Kakashi shook his head in disbelief.  This was close too close.  If he hadn't stumbled into the equation, he sighed not wanting to think about the alternate ways this could have played out.  He ignored Mizuki and pulled his Katana, cell phone, from his pocket.  The Uchihas needed to fix this mess; this was beyond his clean up capabilities. 

Itachi answered the phone on the second ring, "I take it that you've found her, Kakashi."  His tone was passive. 

"I have." 

The phone call to Itachi was quick.  He told the Los Konohas leader what had happened and Itachi said he'd be there personally to handle the situation.

"Wipe the gun down and leave it on the front seat, Kakashi.  Take her home.  I want you both gone before I arrive."  And that was that, Itachi ended the phone call.

"Sakura, we need to leave now."  Kakashi walked towards her, picking up her backpack. 

Sakura ignored him and stepped closer the vehicle.  She went nearer to the squad car, leaning close to the glass.  "No.  You're the one that made the mistake.   I know my place in Los Konohas.  I know my value to the Uchihas.  I may be premiera to neither, but I'm not without worth.  I also know that they don't share well with others.  I know that even though I do not claim the set, they claim me and I know that they would take great offense to what you tried to do to me.  They have a reputation to keep, you know.  I don't think they'll take your insult lightly.  You're stupid."

Sakura took Kakashi's outstretched hand, "Alright, let's go."