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Like all nights in this dreary castle it is cold. No it is not that the outside is cold seeing that I have no feeling of hot and cold anymore. It is my heart that has frozen over. I do love Dracula still and yet and would never be able to give him up willingly. He is my life, my creator, my savior. I am his blood now. I could never leave him or stop loving him.

But he has left to try and figure out more about this monster hunter, this Van Helsing. The others seem sadder than myself about his leaving. Do not get me wrong I am sad that he has left us, but they I think are over doing it. Verona sits in her room now, only leaving to hunt occasionally. And Marishka sits with the children a little too often for my taste. She has grown sickly pale seeing that she hasn't eaten for days. I am worried about her.

I walk these halls looking for her, knowing where I will find her laying. And I am right again. There she is, she hasn't moved from her spot among her children. A dedicated mother. I smile seeing that she is asleep; her arms wound around one of the sacs. She looks so peaceful I can't help myself from walking over to her and running my fingers through her seemingly tainted blonde hair. She didn't stir, which is good. I do not wish to wake her.

I can now see why Dracula has picked her. She really is beautiful. If she were not so sickly in color at the moment she would be the most beautiful woman in the world. I myself cannot compare with her youthful charm. And Verona, she is older now but I am sure when she was young she was also of radiant beauty.

Oh, she stirs. She opens her pale yellow eyes and smiles at me. She stretches out her hand and rubs it against the pale flesh of my cheek. "Aleera." She whispers as she lays there, tired and weak yet still so beautiful.

"What is it my dear?" I question as I place my hand over hers. Her hand was softer than I had remembered it. I run my thumb over the back of her hand, letting my long manicured nail run over it but careful not to harm her in any way.

"When is Dracula coming back?" She questions with a soft sad smile on her pale face. Her lips seemed not quite as red as they used to, drained from her not feeding. Hearing her question my nail slipped, well I cannot say it slipped because I know it didn't. I cut her. I heard her cry out when my nail dug deeply into her flesh and causing the red liquid to flow. She yanks her hand away from me and holds it close to breast so that the blood stained her clothing and revealed flesh.

"I am sorry my dear, I didn't mean to." I cry out trying to sound as sorry as I possibly could. Tears were coming to my eyes. Red tears that eventually trickled down my cheeks staining them as the blood stained Marishka's chest. I hid my face from her not wanting her to see the horrible pain I was in and felt because I hurt her.

Then I heard her moving about, I figured she was getting up to leave seeing that she was probably mad at me. Dracula got mad at me if I slipped up or something of that nature. Yet I love him with all my heart and soul. And he loves me and always apologizes and I always accept. She didn't leave me though but rather wrapped her arms tightly about my being and held me close to that blood stained breast of hers.

I felt so warm in those arms of hers, as I had once felt in Dracula's. But she is not Dracula. She is a fellow bride, a sister. I can't fell this way about my sister. I continue to cry knowing that what I am feeling now is wrong.

"Shh. It is ok. You have caused no wrong. We are all anxious about Dracula coming back." Her angelic vocals ring out as she holds me ever closer to her bosom. I could hear or rather feel that she was about to break down and cry so I nodded my understanding. I wanted to make her feel better even though her comment had made me want to kill my husband. Why did she love him more than me?

When he returns I will find this out. He will pay for putting me second in my beloved's mind. Now my eyes grow heavy, as I lay warm against her. She rests me down on the cold ground near her children and she holds me close to her as her gaze travels over my body. "Do not worry," She whispers, "He will be back soon." That is all I remember before drifting off to a pleasant sleep safe in my beloveds arms.

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