Animal Magnetism

By: PsychoHaired

Chapter 1: Primus Animmalia

"Let me go! It's just a sprained ankle!" Hermione struggled against Harry and Ron's grip.

"Hermione, please stay here in the hospital wing" Harry pleaded. "Your hurt and it's my fault" he looked down guiltily. Hermione had tripped over his book bag on the way down the stairs.

"Don't blame yourself Harry..." she tried to get up and winced in pain.

"Don't worry, we'll take notes for you" Ron tried to reassure her, pushing her back on the bed.

"No! Please I can walk fine you guys, I can't miss potions!" She tried to stand up again, only to wince in pain again.

"Hermione, stay!" Harry said in a final tone.

"But-!" She laid down on the hospital's bed.

"Stay" Ron pushed her down gently "I'll personally take notes for you, I promise"

Hermione's eyes widened. Last thing she needed was Ron's poor notes in potions.

"Ahh... I'll do it, don't worry about it" Harry said grabbing Ron by the arm. "Come on... last thing I need is a detention from Snape". With this they hurried towards the dungeons.


"Sorry we're late professor..." Harry said catching his breath, Ron panting behind him.

Snape eyed the pair with disgust. "Take your seat Potter, five points from Gryffindor".

Ron and Harry shuffled to their seats.

"Today, we will be making the Primus Animmalia potion, if brewed correctly" Snape eyed Neville with disgust "The drinker will temporarily turn into the animal within". He flicked his wand over the blackboard "Instructions are on the board, you have 45 minutes, then one of you shall drink the potion; you will be graded on your results"


"Are you sure it's supposed to be this color?" Harry eyed the swirling purple slop bubbling in their cauldron.

"I dunno... Hermione's not here to compare it with". He looked at their work with a bit of fear, double-checking they had done everything. "Every thing looks alright to me... who's going to drink it?" he looked back at Harry.

"What? I'm not drinking it..." he shook his head, backing away.

"I'm not drinking that either..."

"Heads or tails?" Harry took out a Knut from his pocket.


Harry threw the coin in the air and caught it. He uncovered the Knut with caution. "It's...heads!" he sighed in relief. "Sorry mate, you're going to have to drink it" Harry grinned.

Ron eyed their work with disgust "If I die, I will haunt you for the rest of eternity..." he filled a flask and downed the contents in one gulp.

Harry waited for his reaction "Well?"

"Eugh! This tastes like moldy cheese" Ron's eyes grew wide. "I think it's working!" as he said this, his face grew ginger fur and his ears got small and pointy. Ron fell to his knees as his bone structure rearranged painfully, a long furry tail growing out of the small of his back. His big hands slowly turned into tiny, clawed paws.

Harry looked down trying not to laugh.

"Well?" Ron looked up. "What am I? Am I a wolf? ...A tiger maybe?"

"You can still talk?" Harry stifled a laugh.

"Aww, Ron is so adorable!" a Hufflepuff girl squealed.

"Wow mate... never knew you were a cat person..." Harry's eyes streamed with laughter.

"Huh?" Ron looked up at

"You turned into a cat Ron..." Harry kept laughing. "Really manly animal there..."

"Well Weasley...Potter, looks like someone got lucky" Snape scowled "You get an acceptable"

"But... what about me?" Ron said jumping on the table.

"The effects will wear off momentarily; class dismissed"

"Hey! You still have your uniform!" Harry noted.

"One size fits all" Ron scowled "Stop staring at me..."


"Lets go visit Hermione, I want to see how she's doing" Harry said.

"No way! I'm still a cat!" Ron looked up indignantly.

"I think she'll find this amusing..." Harry picked Ron up.

"Hey! What are you doing? Put me down!!!" Ron struggled against Harry's grip. "Ow mate! At least hold me the correct way! Where are you taking me! Put me down!"

"I already told you, I'm going to see if Hermione's ok"

"Let me go!" Ron struggled some more as passersby looked in confusion.

"No" Harry laughed.

"Harry! I am so going to kick you when I go back to normal!"

"Bloody Hell, I'm talking to a cat..." Harry shook his head.


"Hey Hermione!" Harry entered "Is your ankle better?"

Hermione was lying on the bed reading a book.

"Yeah. I'm ready to go to dinner," She said cheerfully. "Aww, that cat is so adorable, he's even wearing a Hogwarts uniform!" She stood up. "Where's Ron?"

"He's... Argh!" Harry let go of Ron in pain. "He bit me!"

"You were holding it the wrong way!" Hermione picked him up and scratched him behind the ears.

'This feels nice' Ron thought 'Argh! What am I thinking? This is Hermione!' he felt himself blush 'well, there's one advantage of being a one sees me blush'.

"Where's Ron?" she asked looking at the door.

Ron shook his head with pleading eyes.

Harry laughed. "You're holding him"

"Ahh Harry! I told you not to tell her!" Ron yelled.

Hermione dropped him in surprise. "Ron?"

"Ouch! Hey, that hurt! Besides, it's only temporary... I should be turning back to myself in a few minutes" Ron scratched behind his ear.

"How'd this happen?" Hermione chuckled.

"We were brewing the Primus Animmalia in potions," Harry said. "Supposed to turn you into 'the animal within'" he laughed. "Who knew?"

"Anyways... let's go I'm hungry" Ron scowled ignoring Harry, for all he knew; this was entirely Harry's fault.

Hermione chuckled 'Even as a cat he's still the same'.

They walked towards the Great Hall.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Ron yelled running after Harry and Hermione. "Watch it!" he yelled at a group of giggling first years.

Hermione turned "Come here" she sighed.

Ron leaped into her arms "How much 'til I turn back?"

"Really depends on how much you drank" Hermione said thoughtfully.

"Good, I only drank a flask," Ron said relieved.

"A whole flask?" Hermione asked in shock.

"Wait, wait... that doesn't sound good..."

"You were supposed to drink a small amount Ron! You'll be stuck like this for days!"


"The Primus Animmalia is a very potent potion Ron!"

"I can't be a cat for that long!"

"Relax... It'll wear off eventually" she smiled at him.

"I'm worried about that 'eventually'" Ron sulked.

"Trust me..." she scratched him absentmindedly.

Ron scowled.

A/N- I decided to try out a Harry Potter fanfiction challenge, it said to make a Ron/Hermione called animal magnetism. I pondered on what could make this interestingly funny and this came to me. Chapter 2 is in the works... Review to see if I should continue this!